5000 dollar vacation for two

13 Best Budget-Friendly Family Resorts for 2020

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Everybody loves a bargain and naturally, every parent’s definition of a budget-friendly family resort or hotel is going to differ. However, many of us can agree that when you’re planning a trip with children, certain amenities cannot be sacrificed, no matter how enticing the rate.

When it comes to bang for your buck, these properties deliver. They offer great values when compared to others in their destinations, as well as rates and amenities for both children and adults that are comparable or superior to nearby competitors.

Check out our list of the best budget-friendly family resorts.

There is nothing better than taking a vacation on the cheap. Affordable and fun, choose one of these budget-friendly family resorts—all located near major destinations and attractions—to cut down on costs.

That luxury vacation of your dreams will cost more than you think

Everyone who loves to travel has their own list of can’t-miss, once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Whether they’re bucket-list worthy destinations like the whitewashed homes of Santorini over the turquoise Aegean or do-before-you-die expeditions like summiting Mount Everest, they are extraordinary experiences that promise to change your life.

According to the travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor, however, crossing these items off the bucket list can be an expensive venture.

A trip to the top of Everest, for example, routinely costs upwards of $45,000. There’s the price of alpine equipment and oxygen tanks, and the cost of hiring a Sherpa. Add in training, food, and flights to Nepal, and it’s easy to see how a two-month journey can get expensive quickly. And while the Himalayan peak is not be on TripAdvisor’s TripIndex, but it gives you an idea of how quickly these things can add up.

On average, the cost of the top 10 most popular life-changing adventures is about $5,000 for two travelers. By factoring in an upscale hotel stay, round-trip airfare, taxi rides, a day tour, and meals, TripAdvisor and research firm Kantar TNS were able to identify an approximate price tag for every vacation.

“Those on a tighter budget can book a [trip to] Angkor Wat or the Grand Canyon for about $3,000,” said TripAdvisor’s senior director of communications Brooke Ferencsik.

Fortunately, these “once-in-a-lifetime” trips, for many visitors, are really just that: a one-time cost, for a transformative, unforgettable experience you can carry with you until your savings account recovers.

Lavish trips to places like Greece, Cambodia, and the Galapagos will set you back thousands of dollars.