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Disney’s new ‘Wishes Come True Blue’ collection benefiting Make-A-Wish foundation

Clothing line available online and in select Disney parks

ORLANDO, Fla – Disney parks unveiled Thursday the first-ever color clothing collection that will benefit and expand its efforts to help the non-profit group Make-A-Wish.

Leaders said the “Wishes Come True Blue” color collection was inspired by the Make-A-Wish foundation and will celebrate the more than 40 year partnership between Disney and the non-profit. Every purchase from now until World Wish Day 2021, April 29, Disney will donate 25 percent of the purchase price to Make-A-Wish.

The foundation has been granting wishes to children with critical illnesses in nearly 50 countries.

Disney recently said it has helped grant more than 140,000 wishes with 8,000 of those wishes happening at Walt Disney World. Last week, Disney officials announced the pre-order sale of a new Walt Disney World 50th anniversary license plates for Florida residents that will also benefit the organization.

The stunning blue collection features hats, spirit jerseys, croc shoes, mini backpacks, dog jerseys, pins and an all-new cloth face mask and adjustable children’s Mickey Mouse ear headband. Disney said on its blog that in honor of the release, the company is donating 10,000 cloth face masks to Make-A-Wish.

Disney is launching different styles of the collection for its parks in Disneyland, Hong Kong, Paris and Hawaii’s Aulani Resort & Spa.

The collection is available now in select Disney parks and at

Click here if you would like to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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Disney’s new ‘Wishes Come True Blue’ collection benefiting Make-A-Wish foundation


A Wish Come True, Inc.

A Wish Come True has expanded resources to our families in need of additional support. Our Mission is Granting wishes AND providing resources to families with a child struggling with a life threatening illness living in RI and Southeastern MA.

We are excited to have the second group of parents selected to begin their 6-week Parents Be Well journey next week. A special thank you to Catherine DeOrsey, Integrative Health Solutions and Christine Raffa at Raffa Yoga for helping us to build this amazing resource for our families. You may be wondering why expand our services. Please see below how impactful the program is.

“Day One of the Be Well Program I felt nervous, anxious, shy, excited. I had no idea what to expect. I was hesitant if this program could even work for me. I was not even sure if I would be able to do yoga, learn to relax, or be able to open up to new people. I took a chance, and it was a blessing for me; a god-send. I met some amazing people who understood what it was like to take care of a medically fragile child. I learned some great tools on how to relax, take time to myself, take time to breathe, and most of all, to Let It Go. I learned to not dwell on what happened in the past when my son fell ill. There is nothing I can do to change that. I was always constantly on the go, taking absolutely no time to myself. I put everyone else first. I made sure everyone else was happy before my own happiness. This program has helped me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can now manage my stress and get my emotions out. And when i’m finished crying, I get right back up and tell myself “I Am Safe. I Am Okay. I Got This”. This group was a safe place for me to talk freely;Without being judged. Each class discussed new topics that were extremely helpful in everyday life. The Yoga portion was an added benefit that helped me focus on my breathing, calm my nerves, and relax my mind. As a mother of a child who has several medical needs, my life is non-stop. I worry, I cry, I stress. And I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Be Well!”

“Being part of the BeWell cohort for A Wish Come True moms has truly been an amazing experience. The impact it has had on each and every one of us through this very first session is simply incredible and I am so blessed and honored to have been chosen to participate. Day 1, we did not know what to expect, we didn’t know one another. We were all dragging our feet to get there, hesitant to talk to one another. Through the weeks the support system grew. We raced for that time to be together and grow together. We realized we all had so much in common and although we share different stories we can all relate in the way we feel raising children with life threatening illnesses. Each week we learned a little more on what it means to “BeWell” and take time for us. Afterall, our focus is always on the needs of our children we often forget about our own wellness and sanity, or even forget that we exist at all. We learned that to be there for our families and for our families to be well, that starts with us. Each week, we really touched on and were introduced to different topics like “letting go”, “nutrition”, etc. and learned to realize how much does encompass us in truly feeling good about ourselves. Even something as simple as relaxing, didn’t exist in our lives. We learned through yoga and urban sweat that relaxation is critical and essential. As a mom of two kiddos with Tuberous Sclerosis I’ve battled anxiety and depression. My mind has always spun in circles with constant fear and worry. I never imagined even for a day I would learn how to “turn off” that anxiety. Relaxation methods we learned are truly a life saver. Breathing techniques, mindfulness, and healthy living are so important in everyday life. Although we will still continue to be a support group for one another after this program is over, I am confident each and every one of us has left a new person, a new mom, a new wife, and a new friend. We can share our experience and all we have learned. And I know we all have implemented BeWell strategies and the BeWell lifestyle to our own lives in more than one way. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.”

“I didn’t realize how much I needed Be Well until I had it. I was dealing with a lot and didn’t think I would have the time or the energy to commit to the program. As the weeks went on I made it a priority to make each week. Be Well made me realize that I couldn’t take care of my family if I didn’t take care of myself. I now know how to Let Things Go. I know how to control my breath when I’m feeling anxious so that it doesn’t get the best of me. Every time I realize that I haven’t taken the time to do something that makes me happy that’s for me I remember that “I have to put on my oxygen mask before helping others.” I met a wonderful group of women whose stories have touched my heart and I look forward to seeing them all grow in their health journey.”

“My daughter, Madison, was born with Cri du chat syndrome (or 5p minus) and is missing a piece of her 5th chromosome. She had a wish granted by Wish Come True on 2014 and we spent an incredible week at Give the Kids the World and Disney World. I couldn’t have been more grateful to Wish Come True for doing this for us. Fast forward to 2020 and Maddy is 14 now, and has been also diagnosed with a heart condition and a possible seizure disorder. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but I felt that I was barely surviving before so adding homeschooling and a complete upheaval of Madison schedule, I was really struggling. There was a Sunday afternoon that Madison was swimming and really happy, and it was a gorgeous day, and I was at the pool crying my eyes out because I didn’t know how I could continue with all of the stress. I had received an email from Nicole about the Be Well group and that day I responded and signed up. I knew I needed to do something. From the first week the group I knew this was what I needed; From the fantastic women in the support group, to the wellness talks and the yoga! Oh the yoga was wonderful. It was so healing to be able to sit with these women and share our lives without judgement and have real understanding about what is happening in our lives. I am so grateful to have been able to be part of the group and made real connections and relationships. I know that I am at the beginning of my journey in dealing with anxiety and stress but this group has given me the support, the tools, and the time to be able to take care of myself which helps me be a better parent. I hope that more parents of children with life-threating diseases are able to be a part of something like this in the future.”

If you are a wish parent and you are interested in joining cohort 3 or you are in need of additional resources please contact [email protected]

A special thank you to Digital Federal Credit Union for investing in the start up of this program!

2020: A Wish Come True has expanded resources to our families in need of additional support. Our Mission is Granting wishes AND providing resources to…