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Bhutan Jackpot Result

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Bhutan Lottery 11:55 AM Today – Morning Result

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4 PM Today – Day Result

8 PM Today Evening Result

Bhutan State Lottery Schemes

Bhutan kuil Result
Bhutan Rosa Results
Bhutan Apple Result
Bhutan Rasi Result,
Bhutan Kumaran Result
Bhutan Nalaram Result

В M.R.P and Timing

Here the region of Bhutan day by day refreshing Bodoland Lottery Updates . Presently the region of Bhutan lotteries division all Lottery ticket MRP 2.00, rupees just and lottery draw timing is 3:00 PM o’clock transferring timing is 4:00 PM. To 5:30 PM. On the official site of the Royal administration of Bhutan state lottery.

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Jackpot Today Result

A lottery is a form of gambling, which involves drawing the numbers randomly to find out the winner. So, winners get selected through a draw. Though, it maintains the people’s desire to win. The government of a few states permits the selling and buying of lotteries like Bhutan, Nagaland, and Kerala, Mizoram, and Maharashtra. So, there are quite a few websites that post the Jackpot Today Result online, daily. Results get posted almost after every hour. And, also some fake websites too. The real websites are run by the government only so that no one can fall into the trap of fraud.


In Bhutan, the state government permits the selling and buying of lotteries tickets. Ministry of finance in Bhutan takes charge of the Directorate of the lottery. This whole Bhutan jackpot result thing started in 1987.

Using this, they generate funds for a variety of national schemes and activities. This is the best way to create non-tax revenue and citizens of Bhutan to contribute to the development of the state in this manner. The main and the official lottery in Bhutan are run by Bhutan Lottery Limited (BLL).

They follow four lotteries scheme Thuensum Scratch, Thuensum quick cash and Fortnightly scheme or, Special Raydrup Bumper. They also run a monthly lottery scheme, Phuensum Dharam. In both the Thuensum scheme, they announce 7-8 winners. And, in Fortnightly scheme and unique raydrup bumper, they advertise 6 winners. They draw the results in front of the participants and also, publish on their sites. Any foreigner can easily participate in these lotteries scheme. But to claim the prize, they have to visit Bhutan for that. Their procedure of drawing is so simple. In addition to the BLL, other websites also run lottery schemes. Like Lotto result and lottery result. There are so many sites.

Lottery result runs small lotteries under Bhutan jackpot result including, Bhutan Singam, Bhutan Kuil and Bhutan Rosa, Bhutan Dear and Bhutan Thangam, Bhutan Nallaneram and Bhutan Kumaran or, Bhutan Vishnu. They post a file on their website announcing all the winners, from the first lottery winner to the small prize winner. Every first prize winners get 10,000 /-, second prize winners get 7,000/- and third prize winner gets 3500/-. Winners list goes on till the seventh prize winners. They get 50/-.

First jackpot of the day

They posts result online. The first jackpot of the day draws at 11:55 am. And, it will continue till 8:00 pm., almost three to four jackpots draws in a single day. After their morning ritual daily, they start preparing for their next jackpot result, which draws at 4:00 pm. They draw two lotteries in the afternoon. And, draw one lottery in the evening. You can quickly check your results on any website.

Lotto result runs lotteries scheme under the name of Kanchenjunga like Kanchenjunga Glamour, Kanchenjunga Queen and Kanchenjunga Peacock. They might have stopped running these lottery schemes.

Few other sites are somewhat related to the BLL. These are external websites run by different people –,,,,, and Bhutan These sites confuse others who are new to this lottery thing and live in foreign countries. These sites lessen the traffic of the real website. Before buying the tickets, check the site properly.

How to check Jackpot Today Results

To check the result either you have to present on the draw day or wait till it gets posted on the site. Firstly, they pick up any random number to select the winner. Then, the CEO of BLL confirms the number and declares it as the winning number. After all the signing procedure, they upload the result on their site. And, within the 30 days, winners have to claim the cash prize. Criminals are not allowed to participate in the lottery.


In India, only a few states have permitted to sell and buy lottery tickets. Only in 9 states, lotteries are legal including, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Kerala, besides Bodoland Territorial Council. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, lotteries have been entirely banned by the state government.

Kl Jackpot Result

In Kerala, they follow seven weekly lotteries schemes including, Pratheeksha, Dhanasree, Win-Win, Akshaya, Bhagyanidhi, Karunya, and Pournami lotteries. Also, the state government organizes four Festival lotteries too including, Onam, Vishu, Christmas, and Dusshera. They also organize two seasonal bumper draws includes, including the monsoon and summer bumper. They run six bumper lotteries along with the seven weekly lotteries. Kl jackpot result is posted on the official site of the Kerala lotteries. They run the main jackpot/lottery system in Kerala and Jackpot Today Result.

To fetch the money, one has to keep the lottery ticket safely. If the winning cash is below Rs. 5000, then anyone can claim the money from any local store or vendor. But, if the winning cash is above Rs. 5000, to get the money, the winners have to submit the ticket to the district lottery office within 30 days. And, winning cash above 1 lakh Rs. can be claimed by the Director of state lotteries, after submitting the documents, ids and all.

All the ticket holders are advised to cross-check the number with the winning number published in the Kerala government gazette. And, after the draw, all the ticket holders are also encouraged to submit the ticket to the Kerala Lottery Department. Not only this, but ticket holders are also encouraged to sign their ticket and write their address on the back of the ticket to prevent others from claiming the prize on their behalf. 30% tax will be deducted from the amount of the winning cash is above Rs. 10,000.

The idea was given by the finance minister of Kerala; Late Shri P.K. Kunju Sahib. Kerala is one of the famous and biggest hubs of the lottery. People have made some money by winning these lotteries.

Kerala Jackpot

Few other small associations also run lotteries like Kerala jackpot, Kerala lottery today, jackpot India and Kl jackpot result. Jackpot follows five schemes like Lotto draw, Jackpot draw, and Lucky draw, Queen Draw and Star draw. The very first lottery of the day draws at 10:30 in the morning. And it will continue till 7:30 pm. The total number of 7 lotteries draws in a day. Not only this, but there are a lot of sites available with their schemes and timings. Their winning prize doesn’t exceed 10,000 Rs.

In other states, the government of ministry runs the lotteries scheme. Like in Nagaland, the Government of Nagaland is the one who runs the real lotteries scheme, Nagaland State Lotteries. Their schemes are not that fancy like Kerala jackpot. They follow a proper schedule. They draw two lotteries in a day, one in the morning and, another in the evening.

Even, Sikkim has its site for the lottery. The site is known as Sikkim lotteries. And, the same goes for the Mizoram. But, they all don’t follow the fancy schemes as Kerala does.

Finance department of Maharashtra

The finance department of Maharashtra started the lottery to prevent people from involving themselves in any fake gambling. They conduct every week except Sundays. And, they follow different schemes at the time of the festivals.

In all the states, the finance department of respective states runs the lottery, to ensure that citizens don’t involve in any fake gambling.

These lotteries scheme benefits a lot of people. Along with the natives, governments are also benefitted with these lotteries. Lotteries scheme helps the government to generate non-tax revenue, which helps in the development of the state. It has become the main reason for the cash flow in some states.

There are lots of fake sites that want to generate profit only. Sometimes it is difficult to find out the real jackpot site. It is better to research the site before buying the ticket and making a fool of you.

Today’s jackpot question

The real today’s jackpot question would be which site is the real one and which isn’t. If you buy a ticket from the actual site, then the chances of winning the lottery would be even. To purchase a real lottery ticket, contact your district lottery officer.

To find out the jackpot today result, you have to visit the site and wait till they post the results on their sites. Generally, the result gets displayed within a few minutes after the draw. The lottery has helped a lot of people. It helped in finding someone’s business, funding the fees of school and so many things. And, it made a lot of people millionaires. It also helps the government to raise the fund for the activities. Anyone can easily participate in all this except criminals. Instead of gambling, participate in this lottery, which is started by the government.

There are some other lotteries sites like Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euro Millions, etc. There are also so many trustworthy sites and are not fraud. You can invest in them as well.

You can also participate in these jackpots. Take the information from your near district lottery officer. And, purchase the original lottery ticket. Beware of the fraud lotteries.

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