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Facebook is not only a place where you can chat with your friends, look at cat videos, and ghost people you used to go to school with. There’s in fact countless bingo and slots apps available to add to your profile. These apps let you play your favourite games, meet new FB friends and shunt Farmville aside. The placement of these apps on Facebook is a bit of conundrum. On one hand Facebook list these apps but on another they close down business pages owned by bingo brands.

One thing you won’t find on Facebook are pay to play gambling apps. In 2012 the first pay to play game for real cash prizes was launched – Bingo Friendzy – in association with Jackpotjoy. This was followed by 888’s version called Bingo Appy. Although these platforms were hosted on Facebook, players logged in via the hosting brand. For example Jackpotjoy players could use their login to wager on Friendzy.

Despite the usual concerns raised by the media over gambling and the presence of real money bingo on Facebook neither service took off and both were rapidly closed down. We think they failed because neither offered anything that players couldn’t find on other brands. In addition mobile bingo was starting to develop so a Facebook app was an unnecessary extension.

Play For Fun Facebook Bingo Games

Search for “bingo” under apps on Facebook and you’ll find a variety of options. For example, Bingo Blitz. This was developed by Buffalo Studios, this app now has over 1million subscribers. They’ve made almost 20,000 reviews too. According to the blurb players can “play Bingo in any room to collect ingredients and bake their way to delicious wins. Each pastry you bake brings you sweet rewards.”

There are plenty of other bingo apps to look at including Bingo Bash, Bingo Showdown, Bingo Pop and Bingo Holiday. Although these games are free in some cases to get further in some of the apps you do need to buy credits. Facebook requires social game developers to process payments through Facebook Credits, so it’ll be interesting to see how that effects some of the less popular games.

Bingo & Facebook

The popularity of some of the free play games is astonishing, but it’s important to remember that online bingo isn’t allowed in The USA. USA gaming laws prohibit online gambling. Whether, by playing through Facebook that law is circumvented we don’t know (if money is being paid, then perhaps yes?). What it does show though that there is a desire for the game of bingo, at least in some form. In essence online bingo sites are their own social network – players chat, see their profiles etc – so it’s a shame that many have to turn to Facebook to enjoy their pastime.

What we do know is that bingo and Facebook are uncomfortable bed fellows. In 2018 our business pages for Loquax Bingo and Play Bingo were closed down because we didn’t have permission from Facebook to advertise gambling products. To get permission you had to jump through hoops which Facebook didn’t make easy to jump through. Whether Facebook will eventually look towards closing free apps offering bingo and slots remains to be seen.

From Social To Real Money

Furthermore many of the Facebook games – which also run on Amazon, Android and Apple platforms – are very child appealing. Given that The UKGC have clamped down on real bingo brands running games that may appeal to children, it’s intriguing that these apps are left untouched. Ultimately though, the experiment that mixed Facebook with real money bingo failed and it’s only an option if you want to play for fun and free (and resist paying for extra credits).

Whilst Bingo Friendzy may have failed, there have been some social success stories – at least to a point. Wonder Bingo for example started life as a social game. It developed into an online bingo brand but after an initial good start, struggled to survive. The biggest success story howver is Slingo. It’s hard to imagine that this slots/bingo app started life on social media. It was acquired by Gaming Realms and there are now multiple versions of the game across popular bingo and slot brands.

Facebook is not only a place where you can chat with your friends and find out what people you used to go to school now look like. There’s countless bingo apps available to add to your profile.

Facebook launches first real-money gambling app, ‘Bingo Friendzy’

Facebook has launched its first real-money gambling app, “Bingo Friendzy,” in partnership with UK games developer Gamesys.

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Bingo Friendzy screen

Facebook has made a bold move into the online gambling space, allowing UK developer Gamesys to launch the platform’s first real-money gaming app. Dubbed Bingo Friendzy, the app offers users a selection of bingo and slots games, allowing them to pay directly with cash rather than mediating their purchases through Facebook’s Credits system. Like many online gambling outfits, Bingo Friendzy is registered in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, and is restricted to players who are over 18 and resident in the UK.

Crucially, the app’s signup system is entirely separate from Facebook’s own — new users are required to enter email and physical address details rather than logging straight in with their Facebook accounts. While activity from Bingo Friendzy games is published to users’ timelines, posts are restricted from appearing in the feeds of under-18 and non-UK users. “Young people are far more likely to see an ad Bingo on the TV or in a betting shop window as they walk to school that they are on Facebook,” a source tells TechCrunch.

Facebook has made a bold move into the online gambling space, allowing UK developer Gamesys to launch the platform's first real-money gaming app. Dubbed Bingo Friendzy, the app offers users a…