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Mr. Daniel E. Pick , Attorney

Daniel E. Pick

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Divorce & Family Law Family Law Children’s Rights Criminal Wills

2601 Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque 87111 US

Divorce & Family Law Real Estate Estate

2440 Louisiana Blvd. NE Albuquerque 87110 US

Divorce & Family Law Estate Wills & Probate Paternity Child Custody

1200 Pennsylvania St NE Albuquerque 87110 US

Criminal Civil & Human Rights Felony Accident & Injury

Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque 87101 US

Employment Workers’ Compensation Personal Injury Car Accident

2727 San Pedro Drive NE Albuquerque 87110 US

Employment Workers’ Compensation Personal Injury Car Accident

2727 San Pedro Dr Ne Albuquerque 87110 US

Immigration Credit & Debt Consumer Rights

1330 San Pedro Drive Albuquerque 87110 US

Accident & Injury Employment Civil & Human Rights Police Misconduct Whistleblower

4420 Prospect Ave. NE Albuquerque 87110 US

Accident & Injury Wrongful Death Personal Injury Car Accident

6739 Academy Rd NE Albuquerque 87109 US




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Update Date: 2020-07-15

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Daniel E. Pick is an attorney in Albuquerque, NM. Practice in General Practice, Estate Planning, Gift Taxation, Corporate, Tax. –

Laflin, Pick & Heer, P.A.

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  • Taxation
  • Estate Planning
  • Employee Benefits

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Corporate Law, Business/Corporations, Estate Planning/Taxation/Probate/Wills, Health

Employee Benefits/ERISA, Tax, Closely Held Business, Business/Corporations, Estate Planning/Taxation/Probate/Wills, Heal .

Bankruptcy, Business, Charitable Giving, Corporations, Environmental, Estate Planning, Estate and Gift Tax, Federal Inco .

Peer Reviews

4.4/5.0 Review for Mr. Daniel Pick by a Managing Partner on 05/07/12 in Estate Planning

2.2/5.0 Review for Mr. Daniel Pick by a Government Counsel on 04/19/12 in Administrative Law

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