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Lottery Checker Spreadsheet

Lottery ticket checking can become a tedious chore, but if you don’t play you won’t win. Now there is an easier way to check those numbers to see if you won the million dollars. Simply use the Lottery Checker Spreadsheet to make your life simpler. This template offers users a faster way to finding winning tickets. If you can type and are computer savvy, this will be the best find yet.

The Lottery Checker Spreadsheet is good for any lottery up to six numbers. As long as you provide the same amount of numbers your ticket lists and you enter the winning numbers with the same amount, the calculations will come out correctly.

How to Use the Lottery Checker Spreadsheet

  • On the left hand side, you will enter your five numbers plus your special number if you have one. If you are playing the pick three or four or five lottery, you can enter these in the spaces as well.
  • In the top middle space you will enter the winning numbers, and make sure you don’t mistype.
  • The Lottery Checker Spreadsheet will then recognize whether or not your numbers match the winning numbers you typed and populate on the right hand side how many you matched or did not match and whether you matched the special number.

Tips for Using the Lottery Checker Spreadsheet

  • When you enter your numbers, make sure you are keying in the correct digits. You may become frustrated if you believe you had more winning numbers than calculated because you keyed in an incorrect digit.
  • If you want to monitor your numbers whether they hit a lot or hardly ever, this tracking spreadsheet will assist you in picking your next numbers. You can also see whether a number comes up more often than any other number.
  • If you are a lottery enthusiast, this spreadsheet can be a great way to calculate odds, keep particularly close to the special number, as this is usually the number that wins you the huge jackpot.

Playing the lottery has never been easier. Downloading the Lottery Checker Spreadsheet is as easy as buying the lottery ticket.

You can check your lottery numbers using this lottery checker spreadsheet. Get a Lottery Checker Spreadsheet for free here.

Lottery Simulator Excel Sheet

Everyone has entertained the dream of winning the lottery – some go as far as to actually spend real currency on a lotto ticket. But what are odds that purchase was worth it? Statistically, it was most likely one of your most worthless purchases ever. To understand the futility of the lottery, download the Lottery Simulator Excel Sheet and see just how much fake currency you can flitter away before realizing what an elaborate scam the lottery is.

How to use the Lottery Simulator Excel Sheet

Download the simulator and open it in Excel. The simulator is already assembled for you to use, and is modeled off the real statistical chances of the actual lottery. At the top, enter in six numbers under “Your Lottery Ticket”. The numbers should be between 1 and 49.

Once you have created your mock lottery ticket, go to the bottom and look at the “Winnings” area. Cell H21 represents the jackpot you are gambling for. Change it to 3, 4, 5, or 6 matching numbers to change your odds from really unlikely to almost entirely improbable.

Now to spin the proverbial wheel. Click “Bet $1” and watch as the numbers under “This Weeks Draw” change. The “Matching Numbers” row will show you if you have any matching numbers. If you have 3 matching numbers and are betting on the lowest tier, you have won $9 in pretend currency (if you have only bet $1). As you continue betting, the “Betting Costs” section will update with how much you’ve spent overall.

Download the Lottery Simulator Excel Sheet and see just how improbable winning the lottery truly is. Easy and fun to use program.