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Florida Lotto with XTRA News and Payout for Saturday, November 21st, 2020

While there was no jackpot winner Saturday evening, some players still walked away with large winnings. 14 third prize winning tickets were sold across the nation. These included 10 tickets that matched four white ball numbers as well as the Powerball and won $10,000.

Additional winners Saturday night included 345 tickets that matched 4 white ball numbers and won $100. 83 additional players not only matched 4 white ball, but additionally bought the Power Play option, double the prizes to a total win of $200 each! 755 tickets matched three of the five lotto numbers, plus the Powerball number. These tickets are also each worth $100. There were 199 tickets matched 3+1 with Power Play option, doubled the prizes to win a total win of $200 each.

With 9 different prize levels, the Saturday night’s drawing created 672,429 winning tickets nationwide with a total amount of $0 prizes.

America’s favorite Powerball lottery is played in 42 states, D.C. and the US Virgin Islands. Powerball drawings occur every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time. The overall odds of winning is about 1 to 32. The odds of winning Powerball grand prize are 1 to 292,201,338. The minimum Powerball jackpot is $40,000,000. The annuity option is paid in 30 yearly increment installments. Winners can select one time lump sum cash payout instead.

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About Florida Powerball

This is a game that is played in a number of other states and as with other games that are offered by the Florida Lottery, the Florida Powerball profits are transferred to the Trust Fund to help benefit the state’s education.

It costs $2 to play the Florida Powerball but if you play the Power Play it is $3 per play. The jackpots in this game can get pretty steep and the record highest jackpot was $587.5 million and this was shared by two people. One who lived in Missouri and the other person lived in Arizona. This was won on November 28, 2012.

As far as setting the jackpot for the Florida Powerball, the MUSL sets the advertised jackpot. The jackpots get calculated based on the sales for the drawing, any funds that may have rolled over from a previous drawing, as well as current interest rates for investments long-term. For every $2 that is spent on a ticket, about 32% is allocated to the prize pool.

As far as Power Play, this is an additional feature that is added on to the Florida Powerball game and offers players the chance to win as much as $2 million. When a ticket is purchased, you can add another $1 to play the Power Play and this allows you a chance to win as much as 4 times the non-jackpot prize. If you can match 5 numbers, that is $2 million!

How to play Florida Powerball?

Claiming Your Prize

You want to claim your prize at a Florida lottery retailer or a district office within 180 days. However, for faster redemption of your prize, you can fill out the back of the ticket and take it to any authorized dealer for verification and validation. This is the only way to claim a prize.

If you win less than $600, you can claim your prize at any authorized Florida Powerball location. The headquarters are located in Tallahassee. Having winnings of less than $600 isn’t going to require you to fill out a Claim Form unless you get directed to.

For prizes ranging from $600-$250,000 you need to go to the headquarters located in Tallahassee or at a Florida Powerball district office. For any prize that is greater than $250,000 you will need to go to the headquarters.

If you are claiming your prize by mail and have a prize of $250,000 or less, you can mail your ticket to the Florida Lottery. You need to send in a copy of your ID as well for prizes of $600 or more. You will need to fill out a Claim Form and send in the copy of your ID and the ticket.

You need to postmark your envelope on the 60th day at least for scratch-off games and for the Florida Powerball winnings you need to have it sent and postmarked before the 180th day.

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Florida Lotto tickets — $1 since 1988 — just doubled in price and players aren’t happy

“All you need is a dollar and a dream.”

Florida Lotto players can forget that slogan. The price to dream just doubled to $2, and many people aren’t happy about it.

“It’s a real good scheme they got going there,” grumbled longtime player William “Bill” Price of North Miami after finding out about the price hike that took effect Oct. 8. “It looks like they’re just coming up with money-generating stuff.”

If you’re not a regular player, you might not have noticed that Florida Lottery’s original six-number Lotto game still exists amidst a bewildering pile of drawings like Powerball, Mega Millions, Picks 2 through 5, Fast Play, Jackpot Triple Play, Cash 4 Life, and no less than 99 different scratch-off games priced up to $30.

Introduced in April 1988 as the Department of the Lottery’s flagship game, the now-twice-weekly drawing cost $1 per chance for 32 years even as the state tacked on higher-cost options and surrounded it with ever-more complex and expensive ways to kiss one’s cash goodbye.

The cost to play the multistate Powerball game jumped to $2 in 2012 while the other multistate game Mega Millions followed suit in 2017. But those price increases led to much-bigger jackpots.

The Lotto jackpots did not double along with the ticket prices. However, the amount of money added to “rollover” jackpots — the ones that grow when no one wins — increased from about $500,000 before the price hike to $1 million now.

For example, after no one won the $2.5 million jackpot on Sept. 12, it became a $3 million jackpot on Sept. 16. The first jackpot after the price increase — $7 million on Oct. 10 — became an $8 million jackpot on Oct. 14.

In an email statement, Keri Nucatola, the lottery department’s director of communications, hailed the changes as improvements for players. “While Florida Lotto is an established brand with a loyal player base, the game has had very few changes over its 30+ year history. The game was in need of a refresh to give players new and more ways to win, bigger prizes, and better odds,” the statement said.

But William Price isn’t buying that. He noticed immediately that prize amounts declined for non-jackpot, partial-match payouts for players spending $2 now compared to those who previously bought a $1 ticket and spent another $1 for what used to be called the “Xtra” option.

Before the price increase, it worked like this: You spent $1 for the machine at your favorite retail store to print a basic Lotto ticket. After the drawing, if you matched three of five numbers, you’d win $5. If you hit four numbers, you’d win $70. If you hit five numbers, you’d win $5,000.

If you spent the additional $1 for the “Xtra” option, that ticket would be imprinted with a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X, chosen by the machine. A 2X multiplier would turn that $5,000 into $10,000. A 3X multiplier would turn that $5,000 into $15,000 and so on.

If you hit four of the six numbers, the 2X multiplier would turn that $70 prize into $140, while the 3X multiplier would turn it into $210.

Any of the multipliers would turn the prize for hitting three numbers from $5 into $25.

Lotto machines were programmed to generate 2X multipliers most commonly, while 5X multipliers were rarest.

Now, a player spending that same $2 for a ticket will automatically get a multiplier. The “Xtra” option is now standard.

But the prize amounts that get multiplied were decreased, resulting in lower multiplied payouts.

That $15,000 prize for hitting five numbers with a 3X multiplier is now $9,000. The $140 prize for hitting four numbers with a 2X multiplier is now $100.

Even the minimum $25 prize for hitting three numbers with any multiplier is now gone. Hitting three numbers with a 2X multiplier now pays just $10. You’ll need a 5X multiplier to get that same $25 now. Price said he used to win $25 every few months. Those days are gone. he said.

Despite the lottery’s statement about better odds, a player’s odds of hitting any of the number combinations remain unchanged because those are baked in mathematically. Players still have the same 1 in 23 million chance to hit six numbers. Odds of hitting five numbers are still 1 in 81,410. Odds of hitting four numbers are still 1 in 1,416.

“They tout that it’s better odds,” Price said. “How does that come out to better odds?”

Still, the new $2 format adds a new 10X multiplier. And players get an option to spend a third dollar for what’s called a “Double Play” drawing. That means the six numbers that turned out to be losers in the main Lotto drawing are entered again into a second chance drawing for a $250,000 jackpot. Multiplier prizes for matching three to five numbers are slightly higher than for the main Lotto drawing.

Yet players must spend three times the old ticket price to have that second chance to win.

On the Florida Lottery’s social media pages, players complained that during the first weekend of the price increase, store clerks were automatically charging $3 a ticket and failing to ask whether customers wanted to spend the third dollar. They figured that would subside once stores become more accustomed to the changes.

Sharon Sharp was one of the players surprised last weekend when her store clerk charged $30, automatically including the Double Play option, for the same 10 tickets she bought the week before for $10. She paid it without complaint because she didn’t want to hold up the other customers in line, she said.

The Florida Lottery says it doubled the price of its twice-weekly Lotto drawing to give players better odds and more chances to win. Players say that's a bunch of malarkey.