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Florida (FL) lottery Latest Results

Latest Results


  • 04
  • 11
  • 14
  • 18
  • 42
  • 49
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  • 03

These are the latest Florida (FL) lottery results drawn Wednesday, October 07. The highlighted (darker background) numbers are the ones from our best prediction. Click/tap the numbers above to find out the interesting story of the Florida (FL) lottery numbers.

The next results are scheduled for 26 November 2020 @ 03:00 UTC


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Facts about these latest results

  1. Based on the Florida (FL) lottery results history, here are the numbers that have been drawn the most after these latest results.
    • Each of the numbers 51, 12 and 27 were drawn 3 times after 04
    • Numbers 16 and 12 were each drawn 4 times after 11
    • Number 32 was drawn 4 times after 14
    • Number 18 was drawn 6 times after 18
    • Each of the numbers 34, 37, 38, 32, 17, 02, 06, 42, 30, 50, 43 and 51 were drawn 3 times after 42
    • Number 38 was drawn 4 times after 49

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  2. Number 8 is a due number because it was not drawn after any of the numbers in these latest results.
  3. Florida (FL) lottery number 51 is one of the hot numbers at this point. (unchanged)
  4. While 8 is one of the cold numbers. (unchanged)
  5. And one of the most overdue numbers is 1. (unchanged)

Note: The above is based on the latest 100 results.

The latest Florida (FL) lottery results drawn on Wednesday, October 07 2020 have been posted. Some of them are 【04, 11, 14…】 Step in to see the missing ones.

Fla lottery predictions

Florida’s “Powerball” lottery draw is a pick 5 game with a pool of 69 numbers and one bonus number offering a 1 in 25 chance of a prize.

Analyse ball appearances of each ticket position
Interactive graphs and detailed breakdown of each balls history.

All number sets have a normal distribution, without scrutinizing the ND it’s almost impossible to correctly analyse a draw.
LSA creates detailed interactive graphs and reports on the draw numbers distributions.

LSA can layer the distributions of all 5 numbers
You can easily see which numbers are the better picks.

Hot, warm and cold is very subjective so we allowed the user to set hot and cold limits to suit requirments.
Detailed information is provided in the report and the interactive graph.

One of many reports in LSA, this one displays the draws past since each number appeared in specific ticket positions.

Knows whats due out with this easy to understand interactive graph and detailed report.

The importance of the normal distribution in statistics cannot be emphasized enough.
This report shows the total times each ball will appear in each ticket position in the entire draw.
Using this information allows you to choose the best numbers.

Another one of LSA’s many reports, this report shows the probability of a numbers falling in each ticket position.
Invaluable to constructing tickets.

LSA provides an advanced yet simple to use prediction engine.
Here LSA uses past draw data to construct a best fit and configurable projection line continuing on to a plus one draw prediction.

LSA can use regression analysis to project one draw in the future.
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