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Florida(FL) Pick 3 Evening Prizes and Odds

Florida Cash 3 is one of the easiest games to play in Florida Lottery. You can play and win the same day in Florida Cash 3. You can play straight and win $500 immediately or increase you odds of winning by playing box style. There are plenty of different playing styles in Florida Cash 3 which makes it very enjoyable and challenging at the same time. There is a good chance for every player to win if he/she makes the right choice.

Get a Florida Cash 3 playslip from an authorized Florida Lottery retailer. They are not that hard to find. The playslip will contain 5 game panels which are good for 5 games. You will able to play 5 games on a single playslip. On you playslip:

  1. Choose the wager amount, either 50 cents or $1.
  2. Select your playing style. You can play straight, box, straight/box, 1-OFF, front pair or back pair. Ask for a Florida Cash 3 brochure from the retailer to find more about these playstyles.
  3. There will be 3 columns on the playslip each containing numbers from 0 to 9. Choose one digit from the columns to create your 3 digit lucky number. Choose the first 2 if you for front pair, and the last 2 for back pair.
  4. You should select MID if you want to play midday drawings at 1.30 pm. You can select EVE for evening drawings at 7.57 pm. Select both these options if you want to play them both.
  5. You can select Advance Play to play the same numbers for consecutive draws. You can play for 14 consecutive days using the same numbers and playing style. Mark the number of days in the days section.
  6. After filling up your playslip, give it back to the retailer to get your ticket. This ticket cannot be cancelled so make sure it is free from any errors before you leave the retailer.
  7. You can check the official website to see if you are a winner. You can watch the drawings live as well on your local lottery TV station or go to a Florida Lottery retailer for the latest results.

All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of your being enlisted. You can claim a prize even with Advance Play option on. You will be issued a continuation ticket for you remaining draws.

Florida(FL) Pick 3 Evening Prizes and Odds lists all the prize levels and the odds of winning for each prize tiers.