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Almost Free: The 10 Best Steam Games You Can Get For $1 (Or Less)

There are tons of quality games on Steam that are almost free! For less than $1 players can pick up all of these puzzle, platformer and shooter games.

Is your wallet feeling a little too light to buy a new game? Steam has you covered with these games that are all under a dollar. They don’t suck either. These games are highly rated and may be more than most expect for just about three quarters.

Games are known for being expensive, especially on consoles. However, PC gamers can spot these little gems. They may not have the best graphics or narrative, but they are entertaining none-the-less for their mechanics, puzzles, and gameplay. Here are ten well-reviewed games you can buy on Steam for under a dollar.

10 Mountain

Released in 2014, Mountain boasts itself as a game where nothing matters. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a lot of players have called this more of an “experience” than a game you play. It is a game that helps de-stress and self-reflect. If you want something action-packed, look elsewhere. The few negative reviews call this game more of an interactive screensaver than an actual game. It’s not for everyone, but it is definitely a hidden gem for just under a dollar.

9 Reveal The Deep

This game comes from 2015 and takes the player to the wreck of a 19th-century steamship. It’s an exploration story where you figure out the story of the ship and its passengers as you navigate the various levels. It’s not a horror game, but the deep-sea setting is a little chilling (especially if you play with your lights out). For such a cheap game, this title has great atmosphere, sound design, and puzzles.

The cons listed by players include a somewhat dissatisfying ending and the game can be beaten in an hour and a half. Even with those cons though, the price makes it quite the bargain.

8 Zenge

This one is for the puzzle-lovers who need a relaxing game. It has gorgeous art and music, with no points to gain, tutorials, or in-game shops. It is simply just you and the puzzles. There is also over 70 puzzles to solve! That makes each puzzle basically cost one cent.

Apparently there is a story, but it’s mostly left up to the players’ interpretation. You play as someone named Eon, who is stuck between the worlds of space and time.

7 Timberman

Now this is one addicting game. It’s also pretty cute, with different characters to choose from and unlock ranging from Santa Claus to a bear. It is easy to play, but a challenge to master if you want to make it to the leaderboards. There are also a variety of environments to chop trees in. The gameplay is quite like an arcade game, as you simply chop wood and avoid branches.

If you are a button masher sort of gamer, this title definitely offers an outlet for rapidly smashing buttons.

6 Bit Blaster XL

This game is a bit of a throwback for anyone who was hanging out in arcades in the 80s. Basically, it is a retro-style space shooter.

Like Timberman, this is an addictive game. The mechanics are simple and the goal is to replace your previous best score. Players who left positive reviews noted hoping that this game gets a sequel. They have even mentioned that despite getting all the achievements, they still play this title just for the enjoyment of it. Even expensive games don’t always have that kind of loyalty from its players.

5 Oik

If you love physics puzzles, then this is the title for you.

Released in 2017, this game has over 60 levels, more than 200 achievements to hunt, and gives the player some relaxing to accompany their gameplay experience. If you ever played the game Zup!, then know that Oik appears to take a lot of inspiration from that game.

4 Blood And Bacon

This multiplayer game has been made popular by Youtube game streamer stars like Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, and Markiplier. It is a shooter multiplayer where up to six (heavily armed) players fight their way through undead livestock. It can be quite bloody and gross, but that’s what happens when you fight zombie-pigs.

The game has a lot of personality too like you can fight a boss named “Princess Blubbergut.”

3 Orbt XL

This simple to play game is another addictive title. A lot of players actually use this game as something to play while they wait for a match in a multiplayer game to queue up.

Like others on this list, this is quite like a score-chasing arcade game. Some find Orbt XL to be too easy, but its still quite entertaining for its price.

2 Ubermosh

This game has a nice cyberpunk aesthetic, but the real fun is in the gameplay. You cut bullets with a sword! It’s the sort of game that gives you a shot of adrenaline within a couple of minutes. Each time you play, a new level is created and you need to beat your best score in 90 seconds. The background music is great, and the gameplay, while simple, can be challenging.

1 Bad Rats: The Rats’ Revenge

This physics puzzle game is a story where rats get revenge on cats. It is filled with bloody cartoon violence and has 44 different maps.

Many players have mentioned getting this game, thinking it will be terrible, but actually got addicted to it. However, if you read the reviews, it is a little hard to tell who is serious and who is just joking about loving the game.

There are tons of quality games on Steam that are almost free! For less than $1 players can pick up all of these puzzle, platformer and shooter games.