georgia mobile number

Georgia mobile number

Local Georgia phone numbers can give your small business a multi-city feel or your big business a local feel. Grasshopper has local numbers for many states and cities including Georgia, that can be used with our virtual phone system. Forward calls to any number you would like and enjoy all of the great features we offer; Call forwarding, unlimited extensions, custom greetings and more. Get a Georgia phone number from Grasshopper today and get connected!

Do you have all Georgia area codes available?

We offer local numbers in many markets throughout the US. You can check for specific availability in Georgia on our site, or give us a call and we can try and help you locate the number you are looking for.

Can I transfer my Georgia telephone number to Grasshopper?

The local Georgia number you wish to transfer must be within our coverage area. Please check your existing local Georgia numbers for coverage and make sure that your local numbers are eligible for transfer before proceeding.

Should I have a Georgia number or a toll free number?

The great thing about Grasshopper is it allows you to have both a local and toll free number with our plans. However, if you are simply looking to make your small business sound bigger, an 800 number is probably what you want. If you are a large company looking to attain a local feel, a Georgia telephone number is what you want.

Do I own the Georgia phone number or does Grasshopper?

Get a local Georgia number for your business. Grasshopper can provide you a Georgia phone number including 229, 404, 470, 478, 678, 706, 762, 770 and 912 area codes.

Georgia mobile number

The first phase begins with new area codes for fixed/wireline numbers activated on 1 March 2011, running permissively until 3 April 2011.

The second phase standardised area codes to three digits on 2 June 2011. ‘2’ will be prepended to the subscriber number portions of fixed/wireline numbers (but not to the area code portion). ‘5’ will be prepended to area codes of mobile/wireless numbers while their subscriber numbers remain unchanged. Fixed numbers based on wireless networks will have ‘7’ prepended to their area codes, e.g. +995 90 xxxxxx becomes +995 790 xxxxxx.

The third phase formally changes the trunk prefix from ‘8’ to ‘0’ and the international prefix from ‘8-10′ to ’00’. Existing short codes of 0xxx format are to migrate to 1xxx form. New 10xx format carrier access codes are also expected.

[note 1] – documents were unclear whether the last 5 or last 4 digits of the subscriber were maintained in the Phase 1 transition in March-April 2011

[note 2] – documents were inconsistent on whether this was changing to +995 570 or +995 770; this may depend on whether the numbers represent a “fixed wireless” service, in which case the latter case would apply (‘7’ prepended to area code)

(report courtesy Sergiu Rosenzweig)

November 2009 – numbering plan update

International calling notes

Georgian carrier United Telecom uses both 00 and 8-16 as international calling prefixes.

(based on tip courtesy Risto Nykänen)

August 2008 – new Geocell mobile numbers

1 June 2008 – Magti Fix

October 2005 – new +995 95 range for Geocell mobile

September 2005 – new +995 95 range for Magticom mobile

Within Georgia, +995 95 corresponds to 895 domestic prefix (incorporating trunk prefix ‘8’). +995 99 corresponds to 899 domestic prefix.

Other mobile carriers indicated:

20 February 2004 – auction for international access codes

20 August 1995 – new area codes

On 15 April 1995, new area codes were introduced by removing the initial ’88’ from the USSR-era area code. A number in Tbilisi was originally +7 8832 xxxxxx under the USSR system, which became +995 8832 xxxxxx upon introduction of country code +995, then +995 32 xxxxxx in the 1995 renumbering.

There was a permissive mode where both old and new numbering could be used until 20 August 1995.

Source: Telecom Georgia announcement (21 November 1995, via ITU).

1994 – introduction of country code +995; withdraw from former USSR +7

Other Information

(Area code/subscriber number digits courtesy Glenn Knickerbocker) Magti GSM is a mobile carrier.

Georgia mobile number The first phase begins with new area codes for fixed/wireline numbers activated on 1 March 2011, running permissively until 3 April 2011. The second phase standardised