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01.00 pm 72 61 50
12.30 pm 24 35 46
12.00 pm 91 82 73
11.30 am 14 25 36
11.00 am 40 51 62
10.30 am 03 24 11
10.00 am 43 52 61

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01.00 pm 72 61 50 26-11-2020

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Today Results Draw Time GOODLUCK Jaipur GOODLUCK Kolkata GOODLUCK Chandigarh 01.00 pm 72 61 50 12.30 pm 24 35 46 12.00 pm 91 82 73 11.30 am

Lottery Good Luck Charms

Although superstition is a belief in actions or events that can change your luck, good luck charms are physical objects or representations that can also bend good luck your way.

Many people carry good luck charms with them all day every day, others use charms when they need a boost of good luck. For good luck in winning the lottery, here are some good luck charms you can try to see if they work for you.

Lucky Coins

Lucky coins are one of the most carried good luck charms used to increase one’s good fortune.

It can be the old “See a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck,” to a special coin given to you by a family member or friend or one special coin you found in your change.

One belief is that if you find a penny on the ground, it has been purposely left for someone to find by a fairy or pixie to send some good luck to that person. So if you see a coin on the ground, pick it up, make a wish on it, then run to a retailer and buy a ticket or two.

Four Leaf Clover

Four leaf clovers have been regarded as lucky for centuries.

Although there are numerous explanations as to the reason for this, the most obvious one is that three leaf clovers are extremely common and four leaf clovers are not as common. So to find a four leaf within a group of three leaf is symbolic of the rarity of the object.

Many people who find four leaf clovers keep them in their wallets or at home to hopefully bring luck in all they do, including playing the lottery.


If you have ever heard of troll dolls, you know how magical and lucky they are supposed to be.

Slot machine players put these little trolls on their machines to bring luck with each spin. Bingo players set them above or on top of their cards to ensure their numbers are the ones that are called.

Simply attach the troll doll to your keychain and rub it on each lottery ticket you buy to “bless” the ticket with the troll doll’s luck and increase your chances of winning.

Rabbit Foot

And of course we can’t leave out the good old rabbit’s foot.

Beginning with the Celtics, who believed that rabbits burrowed down so far underground that they were able to talk to the spirits in the underworld, the rabbit’s foot has been believed to carry an amazing amount of luck to a person who keeps it on them.

Although a bit morbid in actuality, if this is something that you believe in, then take a rabbit’s foot with you when you buy your tickets.

Who knows? You could be hippity-hopping out of the lottery office with a cheque in your hand.

There are many other lucky charms that you can try.

Fuzzy Dice

For instance, some people consider fuzzy dice lucky. Or any dice for that matter. Put them on your rear-view mirror, carry them in your pocket or purse, rub those little cubes as you choose your numbers and buy your tickets.

Number 7 & 8

The number seven in most cultures, and the number eight in China, are believed to be the luckiest numbers there are.

You can choose numbers that all have the number seven or eight in them. You can buy your tickets on the seventh day of the week. Buy seven or eight tickets from the seventh or eighth lottery retailer you visit, from the seventh or eighth cash line.

As long as you incorporate seven or eight somehow in your lottery play, it is believed you will have good luck.


The proverbial horseshoe is said to bring luck, but do you hang it right side up to keep all the luck in, or upside down for the luck to flow to you?


Wearing a picture or image of a rainbow is said to bring luck to the wearer when buying tickets. Then again, you could run to the end of it and grab the pot of gold for yourself without having to buy a ticket.

Although there is no scientific evidence that shows good luck charms can actually bring you good luck, many people believe in them. And of course there is no harm to using a good luck charm to try to influence the universe to let your numbers come up.

So next time you buy your lottery tickets, try one or more of these charms and see if it brings good luck to you.

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Lottery Good Luck Charms come in all shapes and sizes here is a list of ones you can try.