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New York Win 4

New York Win 4 draws are held twice every day, and you just need to pick four numbers from 0 to 9 to take part. You can select your own numbers or ask for a Quick Pick if you would prefer a random selection, then choose from a variety of different play types to try and win cash prizes.

A winning four-digit number is drawn at random when the game takes place, and you win prizes depending on the play type you selected.

How to Win NY Win 4

Straight: If you play a straight, you need to match the order of the winning numbers exactly. If the winning order is 1234, for example, you only win if you have picked 1234.

Box: In box play, you can win by matching the winning numbers in any order. There are four different types of box play, depending on which numbers you want to choose. The odds of winning and the prizes available are based on which type of box you select.

  • 4-Way Box – The number you pick has three identical digits, e.g. 1112.
  • 6-Way Box – The number you pick has two identical pairs, e.g. 3344.
  • 12-Way Box – The number you pick has two identical digits, e.g. 1123.
  • 24-Way Box – The number you pick has four unique digits, e.g. 1234.

Straight/Box: By playing a straight/box, you are playing both types at the same time. If you match the winning numbers exactly, you win with both plays. If you match the winning numbers, but not in the correct order, you win the box prize only.

Combination: In combination play, you select a set of numbers and all of the different straight combinations will be entered. You can play a 4-way, 6-way, 12-way or 24-way combination. The difference to playing in a box is that you have to pay more for a combination but the prizes available are far greater.

Pair Play: Instead of selecting four numbers, just pick a two-digit number and specify whether you want to try and match the front pair or the back pair of the winning line. If you pick 12 as the Front Pair, for example, you win if the first two winning numbers are 12 and it does not matter which numbers follow.

New York Win 4 is drawn twice a day, first at midday and then secondly in the evening. This page tells you how to play both NY Win 4 games.

New York Lotto Prizes

New York Lotto jackpots begin at US$2 million but regularly rise well above that due to rollovers. There are five New York Lotto winning prize tiers in total.

New York Lotto Prize Tiers and Winning Odds

Players pay US$1 for two lines, choosing six numbers from 1 to 59 and winning the jackpot by matching them all. A Bonus Ball is also drawn on the night and increases the prize when matched by someone who has also matched five main numbers.

Here are the prize tiers and the chances of winning for each:

Numbers Matched Odds of winning (each line) Odds for a US$1 play (2 lines)
Six 1 in 45,057,474.00 1 in 22,528,737.00
Five + Bonus 1 in 7,509,579.00 1 in 3,754,789.50
Five 1 in 144,414.98 1 in 72,207.49
Four 1 in 2,179.85 1 in 1,089.92
Three 1 in 96.17 1 in 48.08

Ticket holders are awarded US$1 for matching three numbers, with the other prize payouts dependent on ticket sales and the number of winning players within that tier. If the jackpot is not won then it will roll over, often reaching eight figures before it is won. In addition, the second-tier prize will also roll over if not won in a particular draw. The odds for winning any New York Lotto prize are 1 in 46.02.

In July 2007, Degli Martinez of Queens in New York City was awarded a record US$65 million jackpot a year after the date of the draw in which he won. Martinez possessed the jackpot receipt but had lost the winning ticket, meaning that the payout was not as straightforward as usual. The case was investigated by the police and when the one year deadline for collecting the winnings passed without anyone else coming forward, he was awarded his prize.

New York Lotto prizes and odds of winning. Find out how much you can win in New York Lotto matching three main numbers or any other combination.