how to get my walmart win number

How to get my walmart win number

Your WIN—or, Walmart Identification Number—is a key part of your job at Walmart. Here’s how to find it, and where you can use it.

What’s a WIN?

Your WIN is a unique identification code that’s assigned to you when you start working at Walmart. It is part of the equation needed to securely identify you as an associate for certain employment-related transactions. Walmart uses WINs instead of social security numbers whenever possible to help protect your personal information from being compromised. Additional authentication methods, such as a password, are always used in combination with your WIN if sensitive information is being accessed.

Find Your WIN:

If you’re already logged in on the Walmart network, simply click here to find your WIN.

How to find your WIN

WalmartOne Login

November 19, 2020

WalmartOne Login .

How do I contact the WalmartOne Associate Help Line and log in safely to the Website?

WalmartOne Login – Where do I log In?

With a WalmartOne Associate profile, Walmart employee can view work schedules, past paystubs, Walmart benefits, new job openings, and more.

In order to log in, new employees will have to register a profile at the website first, using the WIN number (Walmart Identification Number), the date when that employee was hired.

Please note that the login credentials are not the same as the credentials that employees use at work (Walmart Wire).

The WIN number is shown on payystubs and when you scan your badge. The number starts with 41 and the numbers following 41 is your WIN number.

Where do I register for a WalmartOne Associate profile?

You can register here.

Where do I log in to my WalmartOne Associate profile?

The offical WalmartOne login page will look like this screenshot. The correct url is

If you are experiencing login problems, that view you Step-By-Step Walmartone Login guide here.

What is the WalmartOne 1-800 Phone Number?

The WalmartOne Associate HR phone number is: 1-800-421-1362.

This is the number to call if you, as a Walmart Associate, have problems signing in or if you have forgotten your login password or User ID.

What is the Walmart “Call in Sick” Phone Number?

The Walmart “Call In Sick” Number is: 1-800-775-5944

The Walmart Associates Information Line is for employees to report an absence or a tardy.

You will be asked for your Walmart Identification Number (WIN), your birthday, your store number.

You will given a confirmation number that you need to give to your manager. Your call will then be transferred to your store, so that you can speak with a manager.

Please share your experiences with the WalmartOne Associate website in the comment section.

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Getting REAL TIRED of fighting to get my scheduled hours. Now come on it should not take 20 times to try and login to the account. Stop trying to update the system so much and leave it alone. All I want is when you first changed to this new system I was able to pop it off. No problem now I have to fight tooth and nail and there is no reason for it. Signed an upset associate tired of trying to get my schedule online because of negligence on your end. Shame on you.

I’ve been trying to get into to review my schedule since 1:00 am this morning. What’s the deal?

WalmartOne is working fine at our end. Try logging in from another computer, phone or with the WM1 app. Or, try using another internet browser.

I have tried 3 different computers, 2 different phones and and several different browsers. Guess what? NONE of that makes a bit of difference! And when I try to start over, it tells me I already have an account!

Try downloading the WM1 app, the My Walmart Schedule app, or the WallySchedule app (Lite) to your mobile phone. The app seems to work sometimes when the website doesn’t.
Make sure that your Username and Passwords are entered correctly, they are case-sensitive.
Try to clear your browser’s history and cache.
If you are former employee, you will net be able to log in.
If you still cannot get in, call the HR departmet on 1-800-421-1362.


When are the associates going to be able to check their schedules? It’d been two days. Schedules are supposed to be up and we are to be able to check them by Saturday mornings. If we gave points for this like Walmart does on attendance you would have pointed out.

I am a new associate at a Walmart in Canada… Can I access walmartone in Canada and register so I can review my schedule etc.?

You can access the Walmart Wire on the computers that you did Pathways training on, and the ones you clock in and out on. Basically, If you’re from Canada , the only way you could access Walmart WIRE is from the computer of the store.

However, yes you can register for and access the WALMARTONE portal from your home in Canada. To access Warlmartone fro Canada, visit: www.

To log in as an Walmart Associate, make sure that you are on the Associate’s page and then enter your WIN, Last Name and Date of Birth.

If you are a new associate you will have to wait 2 weeks before the system saves you’re info in WalmartOne.

I have been tryin to login for 3 house wrong password or wrong user ID WHAT,wrong with this site ,why can’t they fix it

I wont to login to My Walmart Work Scheducle A Associate

my winn number 221780264

recovery of my my work scheducle

I use to get my associate work in login schedule at how do i get it now?

please answer mei have my pfofile

i have used my login for a long it dont seem to work.

my walmart one want load

I have to redue my register because my password won’t reset, very frustrating i can’t get on at home.

I worked a Walmart from 1/23/18 – 3/29/18 in the Garden Center. Of course the job required lifting merchandise onto the shelves for restocking new and for normal zoning – and nothing was too heavy or too cumbersome to lift. But once I got home I could barely move and on four separate occasions I was simply unable to get out of bed the next morning to report to work so I was terminated for “excessive absenteeism” and I’m devastated. I was told I am eligible for rehire which is also indicated on the exit interview form so I’m trying to re-apply for re-hire but I cannot enter the online application. Has not enough time lapsed? If more time is required for actual re-hire, may I at least complete the online application and work toward being re-hired, even if the actual re-hire must be delayed for more time to lapse? Would appreciate some “official” advice on this. Thank you.

WalmartOne Login and Registration. Sign in to the associate employee portal to manage work schedules and paystubs. Walmart1 Help Line and "Call in Sick" 1-800 phone numbers