how to play jackpot ball game

500 Game

The object is to catch the frisbee enough times to become the thrower.

One scout starts as the thrower and the other scouts gather around the throwing distance from the thrower.
The thrower yells out, “100” or “200” or any amount the thrower wants the throw to be worth. Then, throw the frisbee towards the group of scouts.
Whoever catches the frisbee gains the stated points.
The first person to reach 500 becomes the thrower.


  • When a new thrower is up, everyone starts over at zero or keeps their current tally, whatever is decided at the start of the game.
  • Dead or Alive – two values can be assigned to a throw, such as “100 dead 400 alive”. If someone catches it in the air, they get the ‘alive’ value. If it hits the ground first, they get the ‘dead’ value. Values like “200 dead -400 alive” are legal.
  • If using a bouncy ball, standard values can be assigned such as 200 in the air, 100 after 1 bounce, 50 after 2 bounces, or 25 for all others.
  • Grab Bag – if the thrower yells “Grab Bag” for a throw, then the scouts have no idea what the value is. It may be 500 or -10,000. This one is usually specifically ruled against at the start of a game.
  • Jackpot – whoever catches this throw is automatically the next thrower. Usually used by someone who has been up a long time or needs to leave.

500 Game for All scouts

Jackpot! a Football Game.

Introduction: Jackpot! a Football Game.

This game is played with a football, some friends, and a wide open place.

Step 1: Materials

Some Friends
Here are some things to say:

Step 2: Rules

Now, assign one person as the quarterback. Everyone else will be a receiver. The quartetback will throw the ball a t the receivers and they attempt to catch it. The QB just shouts one of the things below when he/she throws the ball. The point of this game is to be the first one to get 5,000 points.

Any random point value

Jackpot (Automatic Win)

Bomb (Makes receiver who touches ball lose 1 of 3 lives)

Bankrupt (Lose all points)

IceBall (Stay frozen for 1 throw)

FireBall (Lose 1 of 3 Lives)

Mystery Box (right when receiver is about to catch the ball, say anything above)

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Jackpot! a Football Game.: This game is played with a football, some friends, and a wide open place.