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Sat 28 Nov 2020

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For most people, playing lottery games is fun. There are, however, a small percentage of people who have gambling problems. While lotteries rarely cause problem gambling, we want to remind you that does not guarantee that predictions made by or’s registered users in the Advanced Predictions, Users Predictions or Wisdom of Crowd sections are 100% accurate. Predictions are made by using pure Mathematical and Statistical methods and algorithms.

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Illinois (IL) lottery Latest Results

Latest Results


  • 03
  • 19
  • 25
  • 35
  • 39
  • 52
  • +
  • 18

These are the latest Illinois (IL) lottery results drawn Monday, November 23. The highlighted (darker background) numbers are the ones from our best prediction. Click/tap the numbers above to find out the interesting story of the Illinois (IL) lottery numbers.

The next results are scheduled for 27 November 2020 @ 02:22 UTC


Use QuickPred to generate a random set of Illinois (IL) lottery results predicted for 26 November 2020

Facts about these latest results

  1. Based on the Illinois (IL) lottery results history, here are the numbers that have been drawn the most after these latest results.
    • Number 47 was drawn 6 times after 03
    • Number 06 was drawn 4 times after 19
    • Number 13 was drawn 4 times after 25
    • Each of the numbers 05, 26 and 20 were drawn 3 times after 35
    • Numbers 44 and 14 were each drawn 4 times after 39
    • Numbers 26 and 12 were each drawn 3 times after 52

    Check out the other following numbers

  2. Number 37 is a due number because it was not drawn after any of the numbers in these latest results.
  3. Illinois (IL) lottery number 22 is one of the hot numbers at this point. (unchanged)
  4. While 18 is one of the cold numbers. (unchanged)
  5. And one of the most overdue numbers is 37. (unchanged)

Note: The above is based on the latest 100 results.

The latest Illinois (IL) lottery results drawn on Monday, November 23 2020 have been posted. Some of them are 【03, 19, 25…】 Step in to see the missing ones.