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Lucky Numbers in India

Did you ever visit a high-rise building in India and notice that floor number 13 does not exist? Ever wondered why?

In India, numerology plays a crucial role in everyday life of people. From choosing license plate numbers to buying a real estate property with a particular number – Indians give importance to lucky and unlucky numbers. While the numbers may be universal, they vary based on religion, culture, and beliefs. What might be an unlucky number in India may be a lucky number in the west. Language, history, ethics, and religion shape up the way people look at every number. And, everyone has a different number which evokes a sense of happiness or wariness.
Let’s take a look at lucky numbers in India, what makes them lucky, their history and significance.

The positivity surrounding number 7

In numerology, every number has its significance, but no number can match the spirituality of number seven for Indians. As per Hindu scriptures, there are 15 planets, and Earth is in the middle (seven planets above and seven planets below). Furthermore, in India, people begin any auspicious activity reciting the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ which mentions the seven worlds. The country believes that during spiritual practice sessions, seven energies awake. Even Mother Goddess, Durga took seven different forms while fighting one of the demons. Also, in the Upanishads, there are a total of 7 shakti’s in our subtle energies. The number is auspicious even in marriages because couples walk together seven steps around the sacred fire for solemnizing the marriage.

Where else is it lucky? – The number is considered lucky in the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, and westernized countries.

Where is it unlucky? – Thailand, Vietnam, China and all countries with heavy Chinese influence. In these countries, the seventh month or July is the month of the ghost. It’s the month where most people pay respects to the dead ones.

The mystical number 9

Be it the auspicious Navaratri festival or the navagrahs, number nine is one of the most significant aspects for Indians. For many Indians, number nine holds vital importance while buying property, registering vehicles, and purchasing jewelry. According to the Hindu culture, nine is ruled by planet Mars which provides movement, power, and energy. Interestingly, for many Indians, number nine holds personal importance, and fooling around with the number is like playing with their sentiments. Also, in real estate, the number has a special advantage because apartments on the ninth floor are lucky, and apartment numbers adding up to nine usually get booked or sold faster than the others. Furthermore, if you go down to South India, a prominent businessman has car number plates, which add to nine, or 999 or 9999.

Where else is it lucky? – The number is considered lucky in Norway and China. In China, the number is auspicious because it’s the number of the emperor.

Where is it unlucky? – The number is unlucky in Japan because it’s synonymous to sufferings.

Divine blessing of number 8

For Indians, the number 8 is related to planet Saturn and is symbolic of patience, responsibility, experience and stability. House numbers totaling eight are perfect for those seeking prosperity and wealth. People suddenly can expect financial gains or raise when staying in an apartment where the number is eight or totals up to 8. However, many people consider it as an ill-omen because of its relation to Shani.

Where else is it lucky? – Vietnam, Japan, China, and all other countries with Japanese and Chinese influence because the number represents wealth.

Unlucky Numbers – Why to avoid them?

After knowing the lucky numbers in India, it’s time to know about the history and the reason why these numbers are unlucky.

The not so friendly number 3

A famous Hindi proverb ‘Teen Tigaada Kaam Bigaada’ says that anything three things or people will only spoil the work. In the Hind culture, the number is unfortunate and inauspicious. Even in real estate, the figure holds no significance. A house number totaling to 3 results in financial and legal troubles. Furthermore, living in a home with number 3 will remove flexibility from life and make it monotonous. Also, it’s believed that deaths come in threes. Though there is no scientific evidence, the number can bring bad omen

Where is it lucky? – Italy, USA, and Sweden

Where is it unlucky? – Japan and Vietnam, because it’s believed if a photograph of 3 people is clicked, the person standing in the middle will die.

The world-famous number 13

The hysteria surrounding number 13 has become so widespread that in India, where according to Hinduism, the number is lucky, people consider it unlucky. Indians also suffer from the sickness called triskaidekaphobia – fear of number 13. It’s believed to be the number of Rahu who brings bad luck. The number can bring delays and mishaps in life. Even when you buy a property in India, many buildings skip the number to avoid any unnecessary problems. In India, people fear 13th falling on a Friday because brings bad luck

Where is it lucky? – Italy

Where is it unlucky? – China, USA, Sweden, UK, and other western influence countries

The problem with number 26

Another number which the country fears is 26. Even numbers 2 (moon) and 6 (Venus) are strong enemies. And, together, they have brought many catastrophic disasters in the country. Gujarat earthquake, which shook the entire country, occurred on 26th January 2001, the disastrous Tsunami took place on 26th December 2004, and the attack on world-famous Mumbai Taj Hotel took place on 26th November 2008.

Let’s take a look at lucky numbers in India, what makes them lucky, their history and significance.

What’s your lucky number?

Ever wondered if you have picked ���the right partner���? Will your mate really be completely compatible with you?

Numerology is an effective way to determine the compatibility-quotient between partners. It can even help you address problems in an existing relationship. All numbers possess certain characteristics and are friendly or unfriendly with other numbers.
And the best way to determine your compatibility with another individual is to compare your Life lesson or Destiny Numbers. If your Life lesson numbers are not in harmony, some degree of compromise is necessary for both individuals to maintain a comfort zone and sense of general happiness. So check out your Life lesson number and consequent personality traits.
How to determine your Life lesson number
The life lesson number affects everything from our personal preferences to our overall life paths. It is quite easy to determine your life lesson number. Write down your birthday in the following format: month + date + year (all 4 digits). If your birthday is on October 9, 1982, then write down 10 + 09 + 1982. Now reduce the year to 2 digits by adding 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20. Next add this number with other two digits, 10 + 09 + 20 = 39. Reduce the 39 by adding 3+9 = 12. Then finally reduce to a single digit number by adding 1+2 = 3. So in this case the Life lesson number is 3.

People with Life lesson number 1
Consider that if your Life lesson number is 1 then the combination of 1 with another 1 will be a dynamic combination. But this can be a bit misleading as both of you will have leadership energy leading to arguments.
Combination of 1 and 2 is natural and highly compatible. Both partners will understand each other and will help enhance each other���s qualities.
Combination of 1 and 3 is a likely match with great potential. Trust, support, physical affection and emotional security characterise this combination. It is a good combination for husband and wife or boss and secretary.
Combination of 1 and 4 is an excellent business combination. If the professional relationship graduates to a personal one, you have fair chances of succeeding.
Combination of 1 and 5 is the perfect combination as far as compatibility between partners is considered.
Combination of 1 and 6 Life lesson number is risky unless the person with 1 as his or her Life lesson number is willing to compromise.
Combination of 1 and 7 works best in a spiritual or metaphysical relationship. So if you want to bond on the spiritual front then go ahead with this combination.
Combination of 1 and 8 is again a strong business combination, but it can be very competitive.
Now the last combination with 1 is 9 is considered to be a powerful combination with unlimited potential. This is a good platonic match that often results in a life long friendship.

Sexual activities: Every Life lesson number has some energy or the other associated with it. And the energy can be used to your benefit. You can channel your 1 energy to being on the top. Make sure you experience the other end of the 1 spectrum by allowing your partner to dominate. Red colour will channalise your energy and gives you ultimate gratification during sex.

People with Life lesson number 2
Consider that if your Life lesson number is 2, then the combination of 2 with another 2 doesn’t function well in any kind of relationship – business or romance. In this type of combination partners suffer from an identity crisis as both tend to view the other as an extension of the self.
Combination of 2 with 3 is a great for social life, but only if you have a steady head and don���t mind if your partner enjoys greater popularity.
Combination of 4 and 2 will bring out the best in each other.
Combination of 2 and 5 is risky as these two numbers are incompatible. They will inevitably battle over their inability to reach a mutual decision about a certain project or a goal. This combination is especially negative when it comes to business or love partnerships.
Looking for a housewife or homely girl? 2 and 6 combination can provide you that. This combination will render great work in charity and domestic affairs.
Combination of 2 and 7 creates a harmonious relationship.
Combination of 2 and 8 is good for business relationships, but it is unlikely to guarantee the same results on the personal front. Combination of 2 and 9 is perfect. These two enjoy a common love of culture, history and love to sparkle together in a crowd.

Sexual activities: Show your partner your willingness to please them by displaying your body through dance and self-pleasure for their eyes only. On the other side, playfully refuse your lover’s advances from time to time and learn to enjoy the power that comes with teasing. This will not only increase positive energy, but will also improve your sexual relationship.

People with Life lesson number 5
A combination of 5 and 5 will be a major challenge and it is unlikely that this combination will be as successful as other combinations. But don���t give up, with efforts, this combination can provide favourable results.
Combination of 5 and 6 is stimulating yet comfortable.
A 5 and 7 combo will require a lot of respect and suppression of energetic tendencies. It means that this combination is successful only if the partners respect each other���s decisions. Combination of 5 and 8 is also risky and may or may not provide favourable results.
A combo of 5 and 9 is a winning combination, but it won’t be easy.
Sexual activities: You can achieve perfect sexual bliss by using art of foreplay that includes oral and anal fun, role playing, and other ���non-standard��� activities. To channalise energy associated with this number, ladies should wear blue underclothes and makeup.

People with Life lesson number 6
If your life lesson is a 6, then 6 and 6 combination is perfect in every sense. Couples will share great beauty, love and domestic tranquility.
Combination of 6 and 7 is likely to be difficult.
Combination of 6 and 8 has strong possibilities for success in the home and work spheres. A 6 and 9 combo is good for business partnership as well as for friendship, but will not give good results in a personal relationship.

Sexual activities: Being kissed and licked all over your body as well as massages and digital exploration will suit you just fine. Ladies should wear indigo, dark blue, and black to channalise the energy associated with Life lesson number 6.

People with Life lesson number 7
Be aware that if your Life lesson number is 7, then a 7 and 7 combination is peaceful, but unsuccessful on the financial front. Combination of 7 and 8 is good on the business front, but needs compromises to make it successful in the personal territory. A 7 and 9 combo is the perfect combination.

Sexual activities: To channalise your energy you need to explore things such as tantra and techniques allowing for a more meditative sexual experience. For ladies, violet and purple colour can improve their sex life.

People with Life lesson number 8
If your Life lesson number is 8, then another 8 is the perfect partner and this combination will achieve success in every aspect of life.
A 8 and 9 will be a good combination if you are friends, business partners or professional colleagues, but it would not provide that much success if you are seeing the other person as a life partner.

Sexual activities: Games that allow you to safely explore power relationships will work wonders for your sex life. Learn to enjoy romantic displays. For ladies, the colour pink will help you balance out your sexual urges and will also help to channalise the energy in the right direction.

People with Life lesson number 9
Combination of 9 with another 9 is destiny. These twin numbers often share a deep and abiding soul connection that can last a lifetime. This combination is highly recommended for business partners, creative partners and marriage partners. These two stick so close however that they are most likely to boast all three relationships in one.

Sexual activities: Anything that allows for mutual selfless pleasure is suggested. Ladies should try brown, bronze and chocolate colours in makeup and lingerie.

Ever wondered if you have picked ‘the right partner’? Numerology is an effective way to determine the compatibility-quotient between partners.