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Playspot App Review – Is It Legit?

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Welcome to my Playspot App review, another App that I recently checked out and downloaded via the Google Play store.

Actually, I only joined it because it was recommended on another App I was playing at the time, called Lucky Go.

They actually offered a certain amount of tokens to sign up with this other App and this is a pretty common way to get extra coins/tokens & points on reward apps.

I was offered $5 worth of coins to sign up with Playspot, but unfortunately their payout threshold is $20/£20…..

So, a long way to go to get to that!

So, What Is Playspott App About & How Do You Join?

Playspot is legit app where you can earn rewards for completing certain tasks and playing games.

in fact, their tag line is, “make money from playing games.”

But are you really “making money,” just from playing games? What does this mean?

What this really means is that you can earn virtual coins by downloading certain apps and playing games to a certain level.

Eventually you can exchange these points for rewards, like gift cards – but it will usually take a long time.

Then you will have to reach a payout threshold before you’re eligible to cash out at all.

In the case of Playspot, the payout threshold is high at $20/£20.

However, you can get the $5 worth of points for signing up, if you sign up via Lucky Go, like I did.

I imagine the offer will pop up just like it did for me, after playing a couple of games.

Want to make money from cashback, offers, playing games & more? This is one of my recommendations.

My First Impressions Of Playspot:

My first impressions were not so great!

Unlike Lucky Go, which has a really easy to navigate and attractive dashboard, there wasn’t much here.

There was a main homepage feed, where you could scroll down and check out various games and apps you could download and play for coins.

But I found several things frustrating.

There were hardly any instructions that I could see.

One App said I needed to download it and complete all simple levels to earn amount.

But when I went into the App, I didn’t see what these “simple,” levels were.

Another App said you would earn coins for every level completed….. But it didn’t say how MANY coins!

Surely I should choose an App to download based on HOW MUCH it is going to pay me for the time I put into it.

Another thing I didn’t like, was just a lack of information or guidance.

There was nothing showing where things were, or how to get started and the graphics were dull and uninteresting.

All in all, it just felt a bit empty and nothing about it made me want to hang around.

Different Levels – Different Rewards?

Before you reach 9000 coins, you are ranked as a junior.

After you reach 9000 coins, you are then levelled up to “PRO,” and this means you’re able to earn more coins and new games appear.

Although, it doesn’t explain HOW much more you can really earn. I’m not far off 9000 coins, so I guess I will find out.

How Else Can You Earn?

  • Connect your account via Facebook, (earn 200 coins).
  • Watch videos, (just means to watch an Ad – earn 200 coins).
  • Complete paid/trial offers – things like downloading more Apps, joining certain websites and doing trial offers for coins ranging from around 200 coins, to 13K+ coins.

You can earn the most coins by doing offers, but some of these may require you to make a deposit, or give your credit card details.

With trial offers, you need to be careful to cancel it before you’re charged and need to carefully read the T&Cs to know when this is.

If you’re a forgetful person, I wouldn’t bother with trial offers!

That’s pretty much the gist of what is on offer…

I need around another 14000 coins right now to cashout and although I’m not loving this, I may just stick with it until I can cash out!

If I get there, I will post about it here.

What Do Other People Say About Playspot?

Well, considering what I felt about this App and my own experience, I was surprised to see such a high ranking.

Over 200k votes and a 4.3 star ranking overall!

The review below suggests that actually making coins from downloading games and playing them is incredibly slow.

He suggests doing the offers, as that’s how you make the most money.

The guy below realised quickly too, that the best way to make money is to not just do the games – do the paid offers.

As many of the paid offers ALSO involve you downloading a game and playing it, but in this instance you will get more points than just playing the game on the main dashboard.

The man in the review below managed to cash out a $50 gift card, which is a good achievement.

Is Playspot Worth It? Will I Keep PlaySpot Installed?

I don’t think this is the most exciting App I’ve ever seen – but I do feel inclined to try and stick with it, until I can cash out.

Having looked at the options, I think looking at doing some offers is the way to go.

I will avoid the paid offers, (even though they pay the most in coins) and go for some of the freebie ones, such as where you need to download Apps.

After that, I will probably move on to something with a bit more going for it!

Want To Make Money Long-Term? Apps Won’t Help!

One of the main reasons that people look for these type of Apps in the first place, is because they’re looking for a way to make a little extra money on the side, doing something that they enjoy.

Something that is easy and will pass the time.

Generally, something low effort that can fit into their lives.

The problem is, they often don’t realise initially the amount of time they will have to spend on these apps just to make the minimum threshold.

Which could be as low as $10 or $20 in some cases — so, the rewards don’t end being worth the time and energy invested.

Several years back I started to look into things I could start doing, that may generate me some income over time.

I didn’t mind putting in plenty of work right now for free, if it could pay off for me in the future!

I tried to generate different streams of income – some which I talk about over here.

However, right now, I still make the most online via affiliate marketing and paid advertising and this comes down to having a website or blog!

If you’d like to learn how to do the same, there is some free training here that explains how it works.

That just about concludes my Playspot review for today — so, what’s your experience been like with Playspot, or any other Apps?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments :).

Another day, another rewards app and this time it’s Playspot. Check out exactly how I feel about it & how much money you can make, by reading the article .

Is The PlaySpot UK App Legit Or A Time Waster?

These reward apps on the app stores are seemingly becoming more popular.

Today I will be bringing you a review of one that has been doing well recently named PlaySpot UK.

PlaySpot is an app that pays you to play games on your phone, and for your time, you can get cash or gift cards.

It has been popping within the PlayStore for a while now, and with it being number 1 and also racking over five million in total downloads, I thought I’d check it out.

However, there seems to be a lot of people asking whether or not they pay.

So today, I will be telling you whether or not PlaySpot is legit and whether they are worth the time for you along with it.

Table of Contents

PlaySpot UK Review Summary

  • Owner:
  • What Are They?: Making Money App
  • Cost: Free
  • Verdict: Scam
  • Recommended: No

Getting Started With PlaySpot

I’ve used a number of these kinds of apps, and this one was again straightforward to set up.

It required me to download the app.

That can be done by locating it within the Google Play Store and pressing the install button.

After that, all you have to do is launch it, and that is it as far as it goes when setting up.

With some MMO apps that I have previously tried, you are required to make an account; however, that part isn’t needed here.

How Does The App Work?

How it works is for each time you download an app and play it for a set time, you will earn coins.

The payout ranges and depends on the app, as some do have higher payouts than others.

If you’re wondering why this is, it is because companies have different budgets when it comes to promoting their apps.

So the ones that give you the most coins are also those that paying PlaySpot UK to feature the app.

As you accumulate these coins by playing games, you will be able to use the currency to cash out for prizes, which I will talk about later in the review.

My Experience With PlaySpot UK

I know some of you will want to see what you can get from using this app, so for this review, I tried them out myself.

Along with downloading the app, I also installed the featured game ‘Cookie Jelly.’

Because it was featured, I was offered ‘very high payouts,’ so I thought I would test this to see if this was the case.

I launched the app and started to play the app for a few minutes before a PlaySpot notification popped up.

It said my balance was updated, and for those two minutes playing, I was given 20 points.

I then went on to complete level 2 of the game and was awarded an additional 20 coins. So it does seem that coins are given on game progress, not time spent as compared with other apps out there.

Additional Ways To Earn

As well as playing games, there are other ways you can earn coins on the app.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard, you will see different icons.

There is a task option where you can do offers with PlaySpots partners.

With this, you can get up to 20000 points for each completion; however, do note that some do require a purchase, so be careful.

You can also get paid to watch videos which will give you ten coins per watch.

The only problem with these is you will be sent notifications saying there is a new video available.

I’ve had quite a few since downloading the app, so unless you disable notifications, then you will get spammed with a number of them.

Other than that, you can get coins for following them on their social media. These are one time credits that payout 100-200 coins; this is for Facebook and Instagram.

What Rewards Are On Offer?

This is where some people might turn away as in order to receive a payout; you will need to accumulate a lot of points first.

The minimum threshold is currently at £50 and requires you to earn 47,500 to convert to a reward.

There are three options when it comes to the amount of money being £50, £100 and £200.

You also have the four and only reward options consisting of PayPal, Amazon, Bank Transfer, and Google Play.

Why I Am A Fan

1. Available For Everyone

What I like is that anyone can make money as its easily accessible to everyone.

The app is free to join, and playing games is something most people enjoy doing.

2. 5000 Points For Joining

While it is a good incentive, the bonus of 5000 points won’t do much for you. However, it’s nice to have something to get you going.

The problem and I will talk about it in a second is you still need to make 42,000 points in order to get paid.

With that said, not every making money opportunity will give you free currency.

3. Are You A Gamer? Get The Best Of Both Worlds

I’m an advocate for opportunities out there that make you money where you wouldn’t think of before.

What I mean by that is there are millions playing these games, so if you are going too, then you while well download PlaySpot.

It’s similar to cashback opportunities.

Why I’m Not A Fan

1. There Is A Lot Of Ads

Now on to the points that I don’t like about PlaySpot UK and that is there are far too many ads for my liking.

It is an almost constant showing of advertisements while using the app, as you can imagine for a lot of the community and me. This is frustrating.

I know ads are the business models free apps like this one rely on to make money; however, it does seem like overload at times.

2. High Minimum Threshold

I’ve referenced similar opportunities in this review a few times, but one thing which isn’t identical is the threshold.

With others I have seen them paying people from £0.50 to play games but having to earn £50 is way too much in my opinion.

As you read earlier, I played a supposedly high paying game; however, I only got 20 points for completing levels.

This means if you are to make any money with this app, you must grind a lot of time towards it.

And while it will be nice to get a big payout, you will waste a lot of time on it.

If they could make it lower even if that’s £5 or £10.

So that more users can get paid, then that would be an improvement.

But this aspect does let them down.

3. ‘There Was An Error, Try Again Later.’

Nothing concerns me more than an app not paying out. As you have just read, that is the same message a number of users are getting when attempting to get paid.

I don’t want to recommend a company that can’t be consistent with there payouts.

It seems that there is a slight chance that if you stay around long enough to reach the threshold, you may not be rewarded.

While doing my research, I read through many reviews by there users, here’s two I came across, one negative and one positive.

As you can see, one didn’t get paid despite being told they would be sent one.

The other one was given there PayPal reward seamlessly.

Having read others, it seems that there are a lot of reviews where people have and haven’t got their money, so if you are going to try out PlaySpot, I advise you to be cautious with them.

So Is PlaySpot UK Legitimate?

While they have an average rating of 4.3 on Google Play and have plenty of payment proofs around the internet, I still think its a tough call to label them legit.

For me to say they are legit and then one of you join them not to get paid like some of them would be wrong of me.

So I am going to label them a scam as there are better opportunities that have not only a better payout system but also a good support team.

Is There A Better Way To Earn Money?

Since playing games is an easy action to complete, you can see why you are only getting paid cents for your time.

That’s good enough for me, and I’m sure that is the case for some of you.

The only reason I would recommend them is if you are going to be playing the games anyway, that makes sense.

However, if the desired outcome is a second income, then I wouldn’t bother wasting your time.

Instead, I would like to give you a list of apps and sites that pay you to complete easy tasks online.

This involves doing things like watching videos, browsing the web, surveys, and a lot more.

I made a few hundred pounds last year making the most of the services so I couldn’t recommend them more.

Signing Off

I hope you enjoyed reading the PlaySpot UK review.

Do you think they are legit or a scam?

Had an experience with them you would share?

Let me know with a comment down below, its always useful to hear what you guys here about making money opportunities 🙂

Until next time,

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PlaySpots latest nemesis

It’s absolutely a scam.

When you start out, the games seem to reward you decently. Soon, the coins awarded drop down until you can be playing for 15 minutes and be rewarded a single coin (value £0.001, or 1/10 of 1p). This is what happens to everyone. The closer you get to hitting a payout, the slower it gets. And I mean s-l-o-w. You’ll probably never get to payout threshold if you rely on earning coins from games.

If you hit the videos instead, they take them off you. The option mysteriously disappears from the app. I checked this one out and found other people complaining of the same. I guess I earned 10 coins (1p) too many!

If you take up an offer it quite often involves buying something (mostly unwanted or pretty rubbish), putting money down in a gambling type website (like a bingo deposit), or filling in a very dodgy survey/questionnaire which often asks or very personal information like your address and date of birth, and at the very least asking for your email so you can be spammed. At worst, collecting information which could put your personal security at risk online.

So, you’re left with the offers which involve getting to levels or completing missions once you download a game. Which seems okay at first…

I did this. I clicked on an offer to download Monopoly Slots. I was told that in order to get my coins (and therefore my £20 payout) I had to reach level 150 within 21 days. I bust a gut, determined not to let this app go without getting a payout for all the damned dodgy videos and adverts I had been subjected to! On day 17 of the Monopoly challenge I was just three levels away from the magic 150. I looked in on my offers, looking forward to my coins… It said “offer expired”. Words fail me. I couldn’t believe their dishonesty even then. I downloaded an app tracker to prove the date I’d downloaded the game. I quickly went back and reached level 150, then I screenshot my user page with level reached to prove it. Then I opened a ticket, sent them my proof, and appealed to them to sort out the problem.
The reply I got back was as follows:

Thank you for contacting us!

According to our system and/or the details you forwarded, you did not meet the required actions of the offer.

Install Monopoly Slots & Become A Millionaire Reach level 150 & Get your reward!! *Offer is valid for new users only!! **Offer is Valid For 21 Days After Installation!

For this reason, our partner has not credited you.”

And for that reason, I would tell everyone not to touch this app. I actually think that it’s so dishonest that Google needs to stop its availability on the app store. These people are parasites, they steal your time. They bombard you with adverts for more free money apps. They tempt you to gamble, spend money, give up personal details. Then they deny you your earnings.

If you want to earn, there’s legitimate ways with honest apps or websites. Even survey sites (who don’t ask for identifying information unlike the PlaySpot offers).

Ignore the “positive” reviews on Google Play store. Take a look at trustpilot. Go to PlaySpots Facebook page and notice the lack of visitor posts. Then walk on. Your time is yours, it’s precious, and it’s not free to parasites like them.

It’s seriously not a good app to download or use.

Seems playspot is a scam as when giving PayPal details it comes back saying something is wrong come back later

Are you looking to find out whether or not PlaySpot UK is legit or a waste your time. Let me save your time by answering your questions here in this review.