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Winner Of $447 Million Powerball Jackpot Steps Forward — Sort Of

MENIFEE ( — The winner of last month’s $447 million Powerball jackpot has finally come forward.

The jackpot was one of the biggest in lottery history. The ticket was sold in Menifee.

CBS 2’s Tina Patel found out details about the lucky winner Wednesday. She said the winner has made his presence known, but for now, keeping his identity under wraps.

When residents of Menifee found out the winning ticket was sold there, everyone had one question.

Was the winner single?

Jokes aside, the California Lottery Office isn’t saying much about Jeff Lindsay or his family.

Officials said he chose not to take a winner photo. They did say he originally bought some scratchers and with the money he won, he purchased 10 Powerball tickets for $20.

There is one Jeffrey Lindsay listed in Menifee but no one was home when Patel knocked on his door.

“It’s kind of been funny, because I haven’t seen him in a while. so I don’t know if it’s him or not him,” said neighbor Gary Entrekin.

Neighbors who know the Jeff who lives at that address has been a member of the community for years and owns a local business.

If he is the big winner, his neighbors said he is most deserving.

“They are just a very nice, down to Earth family,” said one woman.

“When my husband passed away, he was very good to my children,” said Alanna Noyes, “So I think he’s a really swell guy.”

Lindsay hasn’t returned to the store where the winning ticket was purchased — at least the owners of the store don’t think he’s been in.

And some Lottery players find it hard to believe the actual winner isn’t shouting from every roof top.

“I would not be quiet, I would be so loud, I’d be on TV saying hey everybody, I won,” said Shawn Bell.

But others get the point of being quiet and laying low.

“I would do the same thing. because you don’t want everyone ringing your doorbell a hundred times. Oh, no,” said Doug Woodley.

Lindsay did tell lottery officials that his family has met with financial and legal advisers.

He released a statement saying, “Once things calm down, we plan on working closely with our team of advisers to determine how to properly manage and invest this newfound wealth to ensure that we can support our family and causes that are important to us for many generations to come.”

When residents of Menifee found out the winning ticket was sold there, everyone had one question.