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The best house of lottery winners. You’ll be jealous when you see it!

January 2016, the American public game Powerball announced a draw with an enormous prize pool. It was the largest lottery pool in America and one of the biggest lottery pools in the world. A lot of people participated in that fabulous draw, including celebrities. For example, Kim Kardashian asked her Twitter subscribers if they had bought a ticket as she had done.

Of course, Kim Kardashian didn’t win that fabulous Powerball prize. It was actually split between two married couples and a young man. Each party was paid approximately $ 530.000.000 before all payments and taxes. All of them are ordinary people who never had impressive incomes. One of the winning parties were John and Lisa Robinson. They hacked the Powerball winning combination (4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and 10) and won a monstrous amount of money. Thanks to Powerball, several generations of the Robinson family won’t ever worry about how to make money to make a living.

Who are John and Lisa Robinson?

John and Lisa Robinson who took part in the draw with the largest lottery pool in history are an ordinary American family. Previously, they lived in a simple panel house — you can find many of such houses throughout America. The house wasn’t the worst option: its market value was $ 150.000. However, the winners didn’t like it too much. Of all the merits, Lisa distinguishes only decent neighbors.

Generally speaking, the Robinsons were never too poor. They had four cars: two Hondas to go to work and two pickup trucks. John was fond of fishing and didn’t want to spoil good cars with bad roads, that’s why he bought trucks in addition to other family automobiles. All those cars were beat-up and even a bit rusty.

Despite the age, the Robinsons weren’t retired: Lisa was an administrator of the medical center. As for John, who was an auto mechanic by profession, he worked in the marshalling department at a parts factory. The Powerball winner had to work 12-hour shifts over and over again, which greatly influenced his health.

Of course, the Robinsons wished to retire, but circumstances didn’t allow them to do that: for example, shortly before winning the lottery, the couple made a thorough renovation in the house, then, less than a week later the water heater went bad and a strong leakage of water occurred, so that the house had to be restored again.

Robinsons are generous people. For Christmas, they always bought toys and clothes for children. Friends and relatives said that Lisa and John were simple-minded, modest, hardworking and down-to-earth people. They didn’t like excessive attention, but they always came to the rescue and extended a helping hand.

Life after winning the lottery. The House!

On the eve of the sensational Powerball draw, which was held on 13 January 2016, Lisa phoned her husband and asked him to buy a lottery ticket. John responded that he was leaving work and wasn’t feeling well, but Lisa was insistent, so the man had to stop by the supermarket, where he bought 4 lottery tickets.

The Robinsons didn’t apply for the prize for several months. They just wanted to think about their future without hype and panic. It was psychologically difficult for them to accept the fact that they were enormously rich.

At the ceremony of awarding lottery winners, Lisa and John told the reporters that they weren’t going to change the way of their life. The Robinsons were sure that they would continue living in their old house and even going to work, but (as most lottery winners do) six months later the Robinsons decided to change their mind.

Lisa and John retired and bought a luxurious mansion for almost $ 10 million. A huge house with a pier, a personal cinema and a gym is located in a secluded area. The mansion on the shore of a beautiful lake is surrounded by a dense forest. The whole land around the new house belongs to the Robinsons.

Liza and John agreed to a photo session of their new home. You, too, can admire the photos of the winners’ home. This house is really awesome!

Watch out for the Powerball news. Perhaps, the lottery will repeat its record and distribute one more largest ever lottery pool in the world. It will be fantastic!

The lottery winners John and Lisa Robinson agreed to show us their new house. It’s gorgeous! The house is surrounded by forest, meadows and lakes. There is a personal gym, a cinema and a billiard room in it.

Powerball winners: Tennessee couple reveals their jackpot-winning ticket on TODAY Show

Amid nationwide Powerball hysteria over the biggest jackpot in U.S. history, a Tennessee family has come forward with a ticket that is one of the three winners from Wednesday’s colossal $1.6 billion Powerball drawing. The winning lottery ticket was verified by NBC News.

John Robinson and his wife Lisa bought four tickets at Naifeh’s Food Mart, a grocery store one block from their home in Munford, Tennessee, at 6:56 p.m. on Wednesday night. Robinson, a father of two, said he bought the four tickets as he always does to represent the four members of their family, with the computer choosing the winning numbers of 04, 08, 19, 27, 34 and Powerball 10.

Powerball winners?! Tennessee couple claims they won the jackpot

“Actually, (I was) a little scared because I didn’t know exactly what do to,” John said in an exclusive interview on TODAY Friday. “I knew that I wanted to get an accountant. I knew that I wanted to get a lawyer and try to follow the procedures that they tell you to follow.”

The prize is roughly $533 million before taxes, and $327.8 million if they choose the lump-sum payment.

“Now I’ll be nervous because everybody knows,” John said.

The couple sent copies of the ticket to NBC News, which has done a background check on them and worked to independently verify their ticket as the winner.

The law in Tennessee stipulates that the winner has to come in person with the ticket in their hand and identification of the person who bought it. The couple verified the ticket with lottery officials after appearing on TODAY.

Lisa, who works in a dermatologist’s office, said she still plans on working despite the potential life-changing winnings.

“I’ll be there Monday,” Lisa said after calling her supervisor to tell her to tune in to TODAY.

Powerball jackpot winners remain a mystery, dozens claim $1 million prizes

John, who works at a maintenance distribution center, has kept the ticket on him since Lisa woke him up at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday to say the numbers on one of their tickets were a match for the winning numbers.

“Actually I was on way home from work, and she had called me and said, ‘Are you going to stop and get a couple lottery tickets?” John said. “I really didn’t feel like stopping that night, but I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll stop.’ I came home, and I wasn’t feeling good, and I handed the tickets to her and said, ‘I’m going to go lay down.”’

Lisa wrote the numbers down, watched the drawing and triple-checked the numbers before startling John awake with the news. The chances of winning were 1 in 292.2 million, and there were 635,103,137 total tickets sold.

“We were up all night,” Lisa said. “We didn’t get any sleep.”

The family then reached out to a friend for financial advice and was put in touch with Joe Townsend, an estate planning and tax attorney in Memphis who had the idea for them to reveal themselves on TODAY.

“I think the American public wants to hear from them, and even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to let the public know that they’re the winners,” Townsend said on TODAY.

Townsend, who is a big TODAY fan, had his daughter, Eileen, reach out to the show to see if the couple could make the announcement on Friday. The Robinsons had only told only their son, daughter, two brothers and mother-in-law about their potential windfall before Friday. They said they plan on staying in Munford in their current home.

John and Lisa Robinson bought four tickets at Naifeh's Food Mart, a grocery store one block from their home in Munford, Tennessee.