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W elcome to my Classic Rock n Roll Web Site! This site started out on June 30, 2000. Here you can vote in different Rock Polls, read and write Reviews of Rock Albums, read Bios on many Classic Rockers, plus check out all kinds of Rock Lists. So enjoy your stay and when you part, bookmark this site and come back for more new stuff later, as this place always is expanding!

(Before we get started, what is Classic Rock and what is covered on this site?)

Vote for your favorite Band, Solo Artist, Rock Duo and favorite Male and Female Vocialist!

One of our popular On-Going Poll Questions is:

This Week’s first Rock Poll question is: What’s the best cello heard in a rock song?

This Week’s Video Rock Poll question is: Rate The Monkees’ Video for “Last Train To Clarksville” (Click here for the video)

Reviews from some of rock’s great classic albums, including song listings and album personnel. Plus, add your own reviews of any classic rock albums and read reviews from other rock fans

Short bios on different bands and solo artists.


MISHEARD LYRICS – List of rock songs with misheard lyrics.
DOUBLE MEANING LYRICS – List of rock songs with double meaning lyrics ( aka: double entendre songs)
NO SENCE LYRICS – List of rock songs with lyrics that make no sense.
NAME DROPPING LYRCS – Songs that have lyrics which name drop
BEST LYRICS – Here are some of my favorite lyrics found in rock songs
Top Ten 1 – Lists includes best Vocalists, Guitarists, Drummers, Keyboardists, Songwriters and more.
Top Ten 2 , Top Ten 5 & Top Ten 13 – Lists Classic Rock Fan’s favorite Songs from individual Bands and Artists.
Top Ten 3 , Top Ten 4 , Top Ten 6, Top Ten 7, Top Ten List 9, Top Ten 11 & Top Ten 14 – Lists more Top Ten favorites picked from fans.
VS 1 (List Page 8), VS 2 (List Page 10) & VS 3 (List Page 15) – Lists Top Rock Songs, artists, genres, etc. going up one on one against each other!
Top Video Ratings & Standings – Page 12 – Lists favorite Rock Videos voted on by fans.
Top Ten 16 – Our latest List Page includes the most underrated member from each rock band and all of the newest Rock Poll lists.

List of rock’s overall best songs

Rock top ten lists, album reviews with personnel info, vote for your favorite rock bands and artists, rock bios, favorite lyrics and more!