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La Loteria Nacional: Buying The Tickets Print

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La Sirena Print

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La Corona Print

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1 – 72 of 111 la loteria art for sale

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La loteria art

Every culture has its idioms and icons -certain words and images that transcend the literal and reside in the psyches of the people. This installation entitled “La Lotería: An Exploration of México” explores some of the ubiquitous images of Mexico by using the format of La Lotería, a popular Mexican game of chance. This artwork has drawn upon Mexican traditions, historical figures, gastronomy, and popular culture, translating them into images familiar and recognizable to those who have experienced this distinctive culture. The purpose of this installation is to inspire interest, understanding, and dialog between the people of the United States and Mexico.

I wanted to show people in the US how sophisticated and rich the culture of Mexico is, in a fun and interesting way by using the format of the much loved Mexican game of chance called “Lotería.” There are 54 cards in a Loteria deck -hence the total number of 54 small paintings in this installation. I wanted to paint images, impressions, and ideologies that would tell of my experiences of the Mexican culture in a fun and objective way.

Though I have been traveling, and living in Mexico off and on for over 20 years, this installation was conceived while I was living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mx. in 1995 – 1997. I spent 1 year in research on the historical and social importance of this game, and 1 year in production.

Many images within this installation depict icons of humor, irony, and faith found throughout Mexico which are concepts that are often employed to deal with the harsh realities of life. These concepts allow many people living in Mexico to maintain sanity in a context, that at times, seem controlled by the irrational.

Many Americans at the time, only knew of the stereotypical persona of someone from Mexico as a day-laborer, housekeeper, or child care provider, and I wanted to help change and broaden that perception. Fortunately, the NEA and the Arizona Commission on the Arts agreed to my proposal in 2000 and gave me a grant to research and fund this project in order to bring more awareness to the American people about our neighbors South o the border.

This work resulted in having an official ¨Nuevo Lotería¨ game published by Don Clemente Gallo, who also sponsored the tour of the artwork to various Museums and Cultural Centers in Mexico. The royalties I earned from Gallo, I donated to FAI Save the Children Foundation, Mexico. Then with the help of the AZ Commission on the Arts it toured in the US for approx. 10 years. If you are interested in exhibiting this work please feel free to contact me. Also I had the fortune to collaborate with the famous Latin-America writer Ilan Stavans publishing a book titled “Loteria” by UA Press.

See all 54 Loteria paintings in this installation BY Teresa Villegas titled "La Lotería: An Exploration of Mexico" This installation comes from an appreciation for the beauty and heartfelt magic that only Mexico and its people can offer. ]]>