leslie keno married

Are the Keno brothers ill?

Likewise, where are the Keno brothers?

The Kenos were born identical twin sons to Norma and Ronald Keno who were both themselves antiques dealers in Herkimer County, New York, and grew up in Mohawk, New York. Leigh was born 13 minutes before his brother.

Also, are the Keno brothers married? Leslie and Leigh have an older brother, Mitchell Keno, who also works in the family business as an art appraiser. Leigh is not married, but he jointly raised his son, Brandon Keno (aged 22, as of 2019).

Then, are the Keno brothers still alive?

The Keno brothers volunteer their services to “Antiques Roadshow,” and while their appearances have raised their profiles, they are also completely unpaid. The twins are appearing in the season currently airing, and are part of the filming for next season, said Ms. Bemko, the producer.

Are Antique Roadshow estimates accurate?

It should be noted that “appraisal” isn’t an entirely accurate description of what goes on at the Roadshow. According to their website, the price estimates offered by volunteers, though often referred to as “appraisals” on-air, are actually “verbal approximations of value…

Leigh and Leslie Keno, American antique appraisers,. The Keno Brothers, ‘Antiques Roadshow’ appraisers, branch out with furniture line that has a . Aug 22, 2016. In an episode titled “The Sickness,” survivalists succumb to an illness.