lottery ticket roof scene

Lottery Ticket

On this hot and steamy

fourth of July weekend.

. independence is all about the money.

Every grocery store, liquor store,

. has long lines out its doors.

. as people wait to purchase their

what they’d do with all that money.

l would give half the money to charity.

l would get drunk as hell.

l’d probably feed the whole world.

Enjoy life, you know.

l’d put it in my pocket.

l’m gonna go ski diving.

Hello, hello, hello. This is Mutt.

What would you buy for yourself?

An all-white Versace suit.

Would you break up with your girlfriend?

l’d do the same thing l’m doing now.

-You wouldn’t change a thing?

-l’m sorry, Mom. l wanna shop.

So would you split the money fifty-fifty?

Probably a mail-order bride.

-l would paint for the rest of my life.

-l would lose my mind.

”Oh, my gosh! l won! Yay!”

ls that a home-cooked meal?

lf you don’t come in here

like you got sense.

. l’m gonna knock some into you.

My bad, Miss Carson. l didn’t mean

to slam that door like that.

He’s in his room.

What you been using,

cocoa butter and Jesus?

there’s a dude that live down the street.

you’re single, sexy and saved.

Get out my face, boy.

l’m gonna take this to Kevin.

Now, who got more swag than me?

You ain’t got no swag.

-Man, look at you.

-This is so good.

Why you always come over,

eating all my food?

Why you so stingy?

Be nice. Come on, l’m your best friend.

You need to eat, man.

Gotta buff up a little bit.

Don’t put it on my bed, man.

-Ooh. So many smuts outside.

-What you talking about, ”smuts”?

Dip-offs, scrapes, women.

And they’re wearing booty shorts

up to here, looking bad.

That’s why l gotta look fly.

Which brings me to my next point.

Let me rock these.

l can’t look like this?

It’s 10,000 degrees outside.

Look at me, man. Look how l look.

l look like a homeless thug.

All right, l see how it is.

l’m telling your grandmama you stingy.

-Grown man – Man, be quiet.

Thanks for breakfast, Miss Carson.

Appreciate it. Appreciate it.

Hey, get out the way.

All right, Grandmama.

l love you. l’m out.

You’re not gonna eat your breakfast?

Oh, but you have time

to iron your shoestrings?

l hope the little girls

Don’t worry, Kevin ain’t getting no pu

-l mean, Kevin doesn’t have a girlfriend.

He doesn’t let these Jezebels

You know the one l’d like

to see you with, huh?

Oh, she’s a bright girl

and she goes to church.

Grandma, look, we are just friends,

all right? That’s it.

Now, wait a minute, here.

l want you to play my number for me

on the way home, okay?

And don’t let nobody copy them

either. All right?

-Those are my numbers.

l dreamt them up last night.

They’re out of the Holy Scripture.

You know something? Last night l dreamt

that l was waiting on the number 11 bus.

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Submitted on August 05, 2018

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I’m broke, nigga! I’m broke


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Lottery Ticket – Roof Scene

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