lottery ticket scratch off tool

It was June 2012 when I got my “Ahah” moment.

On the way home that evening I stopped by a hardware store and picked up a battery operated engraver pen to put my name on my dremel tool and some scratch-off lottery tickets from my favorite local convenient store. So while using one of the dremel tips to scratch off my ticket , I notice there was no messy shaving on the table. So installed a bit into the battery operated engraver and “wahlaa” the AutoLottoScratchR proto-type was made.

Then very next day I went to pick up my girlfriend at the nail salon, and someone noticed me using it to scratch off the scratch off ticket and bought it from me!

That’s when I knew I had something huge, but I didn’t know how to get help bringing it to life.

A week later I ran into a guy named Cowboy, who worked collecting pallets from behind the global manufacturer Axis Sourcing Group. After using the AutoLottoScratchR pen on his lottery ticket, Cowboy was impressed and shared the company business information with me – I called and left a message

We have great traction and media behind us

AutoLottoScratchR just reached a huge milestone in this endeavor Checkout our publication

Our main buyers are the customers, retailers, lotteries and c-stores who sell scratch-off tickets.

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