lotto wheels pick 6

Lotto wheels pick 6

Free Lottery Wheels That Work

Wheel Rank

The probability of hitting combinations in the correct position on the tickets.

The wheel rank is calculated from every possible combination within the draw which makes it the best possible way to subjectively rank wheels.

So the higher the wheel rank the higher probability of the balls falling in the correct ticket positions.

Tickets – Pool

The number of tickets and the pool of numbers used in the wheel.

Ways to win

The number of different winning combinations covered.


Balanced wheels contain the same number of each ball.


The wheel template, assign each number a new value then replace each number in the wheel with the new numbers.

Combinations covered

All 15 numbers are used four times each within each wheel

3 Ball combos covered = 200 out of 200 possible 3 ball combos to fit in 10 tickets 100%

4 Ball combos covered = 150 out of 150 possible 4 ball combos to fit in 10 tickets 100%

5 Ball combos covered = 60 out of 60 possible 5 ball combos to fit in 10 tickets 100%

6 Ball combos covered = 10 out of 10 possible 6 ball combos to fit in 10 tickets 100%

Total ways to win = 420 out of a possible 420 different winning combinations that can fit in 10 tickets.

Free Lottery Wheels That Work, find free Pick 6, 10 ticket lottery wheels, no charge from the makers of the Lottery Statistic Analyser