lucky day app not working

Lucky day app not working

Please.. Free credits enter LUCKY CODE: ZBA2NBG . I have seen several complaints of users earning close to the cashout amount rather quickly than being stuck at that amount for a long time.
These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thanks for nothing I guess. Very unfortunate but sounds about right from the story of others.

She waited 2 weeks.

Just can’t seem to get that last 50 cents, I do hear that is very common. They seem to contact people on social media telling them they won and then ask for personal info. Communication is key to all things.
This is a farce.

I would recommend not using the app. We would be happy to review what has given you a bad feeling about Lucky Day. What do I do? The first time you walk into our office you’re already a valued member of a team that makes a daily effort to improve and achieve. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below! So you’re saying it’s ‘easy money’ when you wait a whole month just to get 10.50?? If you look at recent winners, you will see people that have won mostly 50-59$ over the past week. We may process your personal information to: (1) identify and evaluate you for employment positions; (2) determine and validate your qualifications for employment; (3) conduct background checks including checking references, qualifications, right to work and criminal records checks (to the extent permitted by law); (4) create an employment record if you are a successful candidate; (5) conduct equal opportunities and diversity monitoring (if permitted by applicable law); (6) send you notifications about new positions (if requested); (7) provide you with user support for our website/portal if necessary; (8) maintain the security of our premises if you attend an interview at our offices; and (9) otherwise communicate with you.

The app has mysteriously stopped working ever since I made enough coins to cash out on a cash prize. To me, it looks like you’ll be spending a lot of time in this app if you want a chance to win big. I have been playing Lucky day for over 6 months now I have never had any problem getting the money or my rewards however I did have a issue of a long wait waiting for a gift card so I recommend waiting until you can get the PayPal $10 or the PayPal gift card. If I won 1 million dollars, why should I pay $209 to get the money. Here’re the ways to earn tokens. It’s going to take many weeks if not months to win enough to reach the cashout amount; again they have to earn money so viewing ads is going to be required for you to continue to earn. It’s a good app for small gifts and gift cards, but I doubt I will ever receive money via paypal. [])). Feel free to email us at [email protected] so we can help directly. In the mean time, come join our party on Instagram! Making $9 with this app is great, but you won’t get paid a cent until you earn over $10! Gift cards are a form of payment too. If you received a confirmation email you can try but again make sure not to pay anything to get that money. If enough people complain they might take action but always take BBB ratings with a grain of salt because businesses can pay. Trusting one another is the only way in which we will succeed. I thought it was real but not now because why would they charge you that much if you’re the winner!? There could have been an issue with what email you provided, but they will be able to solve your problem through their email. I also have $8.50 cash and seem like I will never reach $10. Please note, that after every few scratchers you’ll have to watch a video ad before you can do more. There’re a few ways to earn actual cash inside the Lucky Day app; Cash is what you need to cash out via PayPal once you earn $10.

Brak, Can’t we report to the Better Business Bureau or the FBI or someone and report the scam? How did Chris contact you? The guy said they had no such documents and were not required to have or provide such ducumentation.The only thing required was that I pay $150.00 claim check to the bank that would cut the check in order for me to receive and cash the check. Please review your choice regarding cookies on this site. They just randomly hand out small amounts of money and collect all ad revenue for themselves. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Seems like anything through this companies Instagram is a scam.

The easiest way to start winning is collecting tokens and redeeming them in the Redeem Rewards section. I played the one with sushi which is a large Amount got three and just went to next card what now. 2016 ခုနှစ်တွင် စတင်တည်ထောင်ခဲ့ပါတယ်။ Nope, not going to happen on this app. As I said in the review, it’s not a complete scam, but there’re 100% issues that you’ll have to work through. Been playing for months and stuck on $8 bucks. If you ask me don’t download if you think you will be a winner only download if you have nothing else to do but play for fun. Let me make it clear that you can not exchange tokens for cash; they are two separate currencies. If you want to earn money on your phone by viewing ads, several other apps will do that, and they guarantee that you’ll earn. For this company to pay you, they have to be earning money somehow. After every few scratchers, they will prompt you to watch a video ad that’s 15-30 seconds long. My mother used this app and supposedly won over 1,200 dollars. Going to quit playing really time consuming and for all my time all I have is a really clean screen. I checked my order history and everything was there and it showed it was “sending”. Lucky Day Entertainment is a technology company building rewards-based games. I’d recommend not using this app if some people still are. They enable us to award our winners with cash and other fantastic prizes! Send us a love note and let’s get together to chat about all things wedding and all things you.

We want our employees to play a significant role in building a company – there’s tremendous room for personal and professional growth at Lucky Day.”. The people that tell you how great and wonderful this paying app is are ALL paid actors, they are paid to give you a line of BS, you know it and so do I. I like it because it is good activity for arthritis in the fingers, by using the scratch offs, it is a great way gain flexible therapy that is almost painless and takes only 5 minutes a day.

This app is poorly made and does not own up to their coding mistakes and pay out when a user wins.

For this earring holder we start with top quality maple that we have custom milled into a frame moulding designed especially for a wall-mounted earring organizer. Is this a scam because I’ve never seen prices that have gone up so high.

I have tried ur app twice, I never won any money, I was up to 9.75 for a long time, then when I got close to 10 million, the game wouldn’t let me play anymore!

Lucky day app not working Please.. Free credits enter LUCKY CODE: ZBA2NBG . I have seen several complaints of users earning close to the cashout amount rather quickly than being stuck at that

Lucky Day App Review: Legit Or A Scam?

A lot of people dream of becoming rich, not needing to work or having to worry about money at all. It’s a dream that almost everyone has.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to or willing to put in the work to achieve that dream of becoming rich and instead rely on games of chance for their riches.

This is the reason why gambling games such as lottery, sweepstakes, scratch cards, and so on are very popular. These games provide a chance to become instant millionaires if they are lucky enough to win.

Imagine, spending only a couple of dollars for a chance to win millions if the numbers or cards you pick contains the winning combinations.

In reality, though, the chances of winning in these games are slim to none. The probability of you getting struck by lightning is actually higher than you guessing the winning combination or getting the winning card.

But this doesn’t stop people from spending money and trying their luck. Now for this review, we’ll look at an app called Lucky Day.

It’s a gambling game app which gives you a chance to win cash or tokens for playing popular gambling games, like lotto, scratch cards, and sweepstakes.

The beauty of this app is that you can play these games for free, so there’s no risk or loss on your part. It’s hard to tell how much you can make with this app, though, since it will depend purely on luck.

But is the Lucky Day app really a legit opportunity or is it just another scam?

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It Seems Like A Legit Opportunity

Lucky Day is a gambling game app where you can play games like lotto, scratch cards, and more to win cash or tokens.

You can withdraw your cash once it reaches the minimum amount needed to make a withdrawal. Tokens can be redeemed for various rewards that the app offers.

From what I’ve seen, it seems Lucky Day is a legitimate app. It is legit in a way that it does allow you to play scratch card games, lottery, and sweepstakes.

If you are lucky, you can really win either tokens or cash from these games. However, the app does have some problems and issues.

One of the issues with Lucky Day is that there have been a lot of complaints from people that it seems impossible to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Some people experienced problems when they tried redeeming their tokens for rewards.

I also noticed that there are just too many video ads on the app that you need to watch after playing a scratch card game.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of the Lucky Day app.

Who Uses the App?

The Lucky Day app is designed for two groups with one group being brands and organizations that are looking for platforms where they can post their advertisements. The other group are people who love playing gambling games like lotto and scratch cards.

For brands and businesses, the app provides them with a platform where they can place their ads. After playing 3 scratch cards, Lucky Day will usually show an ad before the scratch card is played. Then it will reset and the same process will be followed. This ensures that advertisers’ video ads will be viewed by the app’s players.

For people like you, the app offers an opportunity to win money or tokens playing scratch card games, the lottery, or sweepstakes.

The best part about all this is that you don’t need to pay for anything to play these games, you just have to watch video ads here and there to continue playing.

It’s free and easy to become a member and start playing the available games. I’ll discuss in more detail the registration process and how this app works in the next section.

How Does It Work?

The Lucky Day app offers several gambling games for you to play and earn money or tokens. You can play a scratch card game, the lottery, or participate in the sweepstakes.

The money you earn can be withdrawn after reaching the minimum cashout threshold. Tokens can be redeemed for various rewards as long as you have enough of them.

To start playing, you need to become a member first. Signing up is free and easy to do so, you just need to download the app at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Then you can sign up via your Facebook account or through your email address. If you use your email, you need to add your name and set a password.

Once done, you can start playing. The first thing that the app will do is to enter you into their daily Lottery game. You will be asked to select 5 numbers and 1 lucky number from a list of 59 numbers.

Then, you just have to wait for the draw to know if you win. If one of your numbers is drawn, you win 50 tokens. Two numbers will win you 250 tokens, while 3 will get you 500 tokens.

If you are lucky and 4 numbers were matched, you win $5. If you get 5 matches you win $50 and getting all 6 numbers will win you $100,000.

Lucky Day also has a scratch card game where you can either win cash or tokens. The cash amount can be as low as $1 to as high as $50,000. Tokens can be as low as 1,000 to as high as 200,000.

To win the grand prize on the card, you need to match three of the given symbols. Not getting the matching icons will still win you 1,000 tokens or whatever token amount is mentioned on the card.

It is important to remember that you will need to watch a video advertisement after every three scratch cards that you play. The video will be played before you start scratching the fourth scratch card.

The app usually has about 15 to 25 scratch cards a day. It is actually easier to win tokens than cash, especially the big cash prizes. So don’t get your hopes up that you might be lucky and win a lot of money.

The Lucky Day app also has a daily and monthly raffle draw. The daily raffle will allow you to win $500 if you’re the lucky winner. Winners are announced 10pm PST daily.

The monthly raffle will allow you to win $5,000 if your ticket is the one that is drawn. The draw is usually held at the end of the month and winners are announced at 10pm PST.

You get 1 free ticket to both raffle draws every day. You will also have a chance to double, triple, or get more tickets through the spin game. Raffle tickets can also be bought using tokens.

The daily raffle costs 10,000 tokens, while the monthly draw costs 5,000 tokens. Lucky Day also has opportunities to earn tokens through offers, surveys or watching videos.

The offers usually involve downloading a game app and playing it for a while. Some apps requires you play it for a certain duration while others require you to achieve a certain level. The tokens earned depend on the game.

Completing surveys can also earn you tokens and the number of tokens you earn will depend on the survey you complete. Lastly, watching videos will earn you 1,000 tokens.

Now, the money you earn can be withdrawn via PayPal. You just need to reach $10 to make a withdrawal. Tokens can be redeemed for various rewards, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Best Buy gift cards.

You can also redeem for PayPal gift cards. Just remember that gift cards are limited so they run out pretty fast. The app, though, replenishes their gift card stock daily.

What People are Saying about it?

Lucky Day app’s ratings at the Google Play Store is 4.6 stars, while its Apple App Store rating is at 4.5.

You might think that a lot of people are happy and satisfied with the app. That is likely the case, especially in the beginning.

Recently, though, there have been a lot of complaints about Lucky Day, particularly about how hard it is to reach the minimum amount needed to withdraw your money.

People are complaining that their money earnings have been stuck at $6 – $9 for several months. It’s like winning cash became non-existent to prevent them from reaching the $10 cashout threshold.

There are also complaints from people that the option to redeem tokens for PayPal is also missing. Others are having a problem redeeming their tokens for gift cards.

And of the people who were able to redeem them, the gift card code given to them turns out to be invalid.

The funny thing about this is that a lot of these people complaining still gave the app a rating of 3 to 5. It seems they really enjoy playing the scratch card game or lottery game and the rewards are just secondary.

What I Like

Now that we know what the Lucky Day app is and what it can bring, let’s discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Lucky Day app is that it is free to use and play. Playing the lottery or scratch card game is usually fun and addictive, which is why a lot of people spend money daily playing it. The lure of instant money is something that is really hard to ignore. So it’s a big plus that these two addictive games are offered for free so you don’t have to risk your own money just to play.
  • I also like that Lucky Day app provides options when it comes to getting rewarded or paid. Some people prefer to get paid in cash while others prefer gift cards. So it’s good that the app offers both options.

What I Dislike

As appealing as this opportunity sounds, there are also things about the Lucky Day app that I don’t really like.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about the Lucky Day app is that it seems like they are making it hard for people to make money. There are a lot of complaints coming from members that winning money usually stops once you reach a certain amount. Though this could just be a coincidence, it is a bad look for the app since it appears they don’t want people to reach the withdrawal amount.
  • I also don’t like that there are also complaints coming from some members that Lucky Day app now shows more video ads. Though my experience is that it allows me to play three scratch cards first before I need to watch a video, some members seem to need to watch videos more frequently. Hopefully, this is just a glitch from the app.

Do I Recommend this App?

After learning more about what the Lucky Day app really is and what they can offer, I would say that this is not an opportunity for everyone.

If your goal is to make money online, then this app is really not for you. Not only does the app seem to prevent people from really making money, but the opportunity they offer is also not consistent.

Making money here is really based on luck so you cannot rely on this for your regular earnings. But if you are just looking for a fun app to waste some time, then this app is for you.

It’s also a good app to have if you like playing scratch cards but don’t want to spend any money.

Lucky Day App Review: Lucky Day is an app that gives you a chance to win money playing lotto or scratch games. But is this really a legit or a scam?