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Lucky Day App Review: How Lucky ARE YOU?

Last updated on January 16, 2020 By Nat 224 Comments This post may contain affiliate links. We appreciate you supporting Rags To Niches! Full disclosure here.

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Welcome to my Lucky Day review – this will be interesting!

Is Lucky Day legit? Google Play is full of free scratchcard Apps like this now, but they also receive a large number of complaints.

Many people have left comments at the end of this post, sharing their own experience, so feel free to add yours too.

Some people claim Lucky Day is a scam and just a fake App that doesn’t pay out.

In reality, while there are real winners... But the chances of winning big are shocking, (I reveal some of the true odds further down!).

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Can You Make Much Money With Apps?

Pretty much all of the apps I’ve reviewed online, have involved making a very small amount of money.

For example; some of the apps that I enjoy for fun, are Swagbucks Live and HQ Trivia.

But, these are just Apps where you can potentially win money from live trivia games.

Lucky Day runs along a similar vein, as this app is all about winning money too.

Except, you don’t need to answer questions to win. Nope, there is zero skill involved!

But can you actually win anything, that’s the question! Is Lucky Day the real deal?

I’ve had this app uploaded on my phone for months now – (update: since writing this, it was removed from APP store but is still available on android).

I will share with you what I have discovered so far!

What Is Lucky Day & How Does It Work?

Lucky Day is an app that you can download via Appstore or Google Play.

(Lucky Day are trying to return to Appstore at the moment….)

The idea behind this App, is that you have the opportunity to join FREE Sweepstakes, do free scratch cards, enter daily raffles and so on, with the possibility of winning cash.

Lucky Day will be supported by paying advertisers, which is how they’ll be able to give money away.

As a result, you will have to sit through some annoying Ads in order to play.

You will have a much, much higher chance of winning the Lucky Day currency – some virtual coins that you can use to join raffles and earn rewards, rather than cash.

However, you need millions of these coins to actually get anything.

For example; you need 5 MILLION coins just to get a $5 Itunes voucher.

I noticed one of the first scratchcards I did, I won $1 in real money. I imagine this happens to nearly everyone who first signs up.

You need $10 to withdraw, so you could have that $1 in your account indefinitely and not be able to take it out.

But for some people, seeing they have won $1, is enough to keep them playing on and hoping they get more.

*update: I signed up with a different email address and sure enough, did win that first $1 again. Did you win the first scratchcard when you signed up?

That was my only hint of actual cash though…… (let me know in the comments how much you have won!).

Stick with me and I will enlighten you with some of the actual odds of winning, further down in this post!

How Can You Win With Lucky Day?

Virtual Scratchcards:

You use your finger to scratch off the virtual layer on the scratchcard to reveal symbols – if you match three of the same you win.

There is always a bonus game at the end to win lucky day coins and this is what you will generally win.


Select 5 numbers and a lucky bonus ball to be in with the chance of winning cash, or lucky day coins. The jackpot is $100,000.


There is a Blackjack game here, but it looks like you can only earn extra Lucky Day coins with this one. If you enjoy Blackjack, it’s a fun enough game.


Raffles range from $10 to $1000. In order to play the raffle, you need to buy tickets with any Lucky Day coins you have accumulated by playing the other games.

You can then spin a wheel to win additional tickets in the raffle.

Earning Extra Credits:

It seems like one of the most straight forward way to get to rewards, (albeit, needing to earn millions) is by earning those Lucky Day coins.

So, how can you make the most coins?

Invite Your Friends:

By inviting your firsts to join Lucky Day, you can earn 100,000 lucky day coins.

By doing….any of the games on Lucky Day:

By doing the multiple scratch cards and playing blackjack, you can usually make coins pretty quickly.

Some people have mentioned Lucky Day had slots…

I don’t know if they just don’t have them now, or if they’re not accessible to me in the UK.

By completing offers:

Lucky day has various offers online you can complete for coins.

By watching videos:

Not a great way to make coins at all, you can earn 1,000 coins for every video you view, (not a lot when you need millions – you will often get more doing a scratchcard).

Lucky Day Winners:

In the past, when I looked at recent winners in the app – I didn’t see a list of recent wins. I just saw this image below….

As you can see – it was just a list of what people recently withdrew winnings, whether by opting for a gift, gift card or cash.

a majority seemed to have one “gifts…” (didn’t state what at the time).

However, I noticed that on the APP – they do now have a winners section!!

This seems to show every time a winner cashes out.

There weren’t tonnes of huge winners, but there did seem to be a selection of people in the last few days winning anything from $50 – to $500+

With a majority seeming to win between $50- $200.

As you can see below – someone has cashed out in the last 10 hours. There appear to be some people cashing out every day.

Have you won on Lucky Day? How long were you playing for? Let me know in the comments!

What Are The Odds Of Winning With Lucky Day!?

I couldn’t find the actual information anywhere on their website, or even on the actual Apps themselves about winning odds.

A reader has informed me about some of the odds, but I’m unsure where he actually found the link to the information, so I have emailed them to confirm the details for me and I am just waiting to hear back.

*update… they never replied to me*

However, according to the information I currently have; some of the odds of winning are quite enlightening!

Here are a few odds:


Chance of winning $5 – one in 20,277.82 games.

Chance of winning $50 – one in 5,461, 512.

Chance of winning the Jackpot – 1 in 175,223,510 game plays.

It goes without saying, your chances of winning the Jackpot in the lotto are pathetically tiny.

You only have one in 5 and a half million chance of even winning the $50!


Odds of winning the scratchers is going to vary depending on how many people are actually playing the app.

Each year, they have a set amount of prizes to give away, in varying amounts.

They have 1,000,000 $1 prizes, (explains why everyone seems to get that initial $1 win).

You can see a list of the different prizes below.

So, there is one 10,000 scratchcard that can be won over a 12 month period.

Complaints About Lucky Day Online:

The worry here is that people have complained about not being paid by Lucky Day.

This is always a bad sign and things can tend to go down hill once the word gets out.

As well as not being paid, some people have claimed to have coins disappear, but maybe this was just an issue that sorted out.

Have you been paid recently by Lucky Day? Let me know in the comments.

On the App store, they have over 15 thousand reviews and 4.5 stars.

So, that’s not bad at all is it? It’s really good for an App like this to have maintained such a high score.

(At the time of writing, Lucky Day are taking a short break from the App Store, but will be back soon!).

They also have a decent rating via Google play.

As you can see… At the time of writing, over 45,000 people have rated and there are 4.5 stars!!

Lots of people enjoy playing this App, (even if they aren’t winning!!).

Beware: Scammers Pretending To Be Lucky Day On Social Media!

A problem people seem to be facing, is some people are being contacted by scammers who are pretending to be Lucky Day…

They send them a message an tell them they’ve won a big prize, but that they need payment upfront, like a processing fee.

If you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be Lucky Day and you feel they’re trying to scam you, it’s best to contact Lucky Day directly here: [email protected]

Some people also claim to have won money and then for that money to have disappeared from their account.

This may have simply been a glitch issue.

Lucky Day have been working on correcting any bugs.

There seems a shortage of people talking about winning a decent prize from Lucky Day…. so, if you won big here, please do share your winners story below!

Is Lucky Day A Scam, Or Legit Way To Win Cash Online?

Does Lucky day really pay? Well, it would seem that you can win. Even though your odds are very low, (see the comments for some examples).

I don’t think Lucky Day is a scam, from what I can see they have paid out to many winners.

I do think the chances of winning anything are very slim though, (crazy slim in the case of the bigger prizes!).

Buy hey, people play the lottery every day and the chances of winning that are ridiculous too. Right?

While the odds of winning for low… ultimately, this app is completely free to use.

So, if you enjoy it, there’s no harm in it.

While you can earn rewards by collecting their coins too, you need millions before you can even redeem a $5 voucher.

Although, if you play regularly, you can earn thousands and thousands of Lucky Day coins very easily.

So, it may not take all that long to make millions and cash out.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money online however, there are better ways to earn $5.

All being said, if you enjoy doing scratchcards, blackjack, or lotto…without splashing out on real cash… then you may still enjoy this app.

There is no doubt that tens of thousands of people online enjoy this app, some of the direct reviews online demonstrate this.

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That concludes my Lucky Day App review for today – but feel free to leave a comment, if you have anything to share!

Reader Interactions


Jim Johnson says

no one will ever get more than $9.75 after the first month been playing for every day for the last two years, still trying to get 25 penny’s, everyone will be the luckiest people and win money everyday for the first month then you’ll never receive another penny until the end of the world or your just the luckiest person for the first month and then never again, when they ask to rate the app I told them the same and they just replied that if you just keep playing you’ll win . so there computer that gets people hooked from the first month and then blocks the lucky day, they should have to rename it as “lucky first month” and then it has to be changed to “Sucky Day” I’ll talk to everyone again next year after I play all this year and still don’t get 25 cents, everyone have a wonderful year just make sure you download all other apps except this one.

Sucky Day lol…. has a ring to it! Thanks for your comments Jim.

Hello there my name is Rick from Toronto and have been contacted 3 times in the last 10 days by 3 different people saying that I’ve won 250000 plus a 6000 Amazon card,but because they’re based out of California and I’m in Canada I have to pay the first time was 299.00 the 2nd time was 199.00 this time right now today Feb 18th I need to go to Walmart and pay 99.00 to somebody and that my prize would arrive in an hour or so.How does that work a win is a win no? Not supposed to pay to win has anybody ever heard of this.Do I report them to play store or facebook or the message platform they contacted me on please help me to do the right thing.P.S the person who contacted me has a badge of verification Conundrum 2020

Rick there are lots of scammers claiming to be Lucky Day and they ask for money etc. Do not ever pay money for a prize. Report them to Lucky day directly, by emailing them. The scammers contact people via social media. You should also notify Facebook.

?CONGRATULATION? ??You Won the solitaire sweeps ??
On The Behalf Of The luckyday Giveaway Page We Are Pleased To Announce that You Have Been Selected As A Random Winner For Our Grand prize winner of $250,000 Dollars and a $1,000 Amazon GiftCard. Reply For Claiming Info

I received this 2 days a go and they said because live out of United State I have to pay $257.06 to western Union

You need to contact Lucky Day about this directly – you can find them on Facebook, via email, or on Twitter @luckydayapp – they need to be informed of all the scams circulating claiming to be luckyday.

Carrie Helton says

Same thing happened to me in fact I got them on a recording

First time ever using app my bf did win 2,000 bucks and did receive his money it’s a legit app it’s honestly all about luck I guess

Hey Kayla – those must have been some crazy odds, but congratulations to you BF!

Lucky Day App, legit or lies? This mobile app claims to give you FREE chances to win via lotto, raffle, blackjack and virtual scratchcards. But can you REALLY win? Or is this just a scam. My Lucky Day App review reveals all.