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About Massachusetts Numbers

The Massachusetts Numbers holds the honorable title of the oldest game of the Massachusetts Lottery Games that survived to this day. This long-lasting success had its first drawing in 1976, on April 10, just a few years after the birth of the Massachusetts State Lottery in 1972.

The Massachusetts Numbers is one of the three in-state games, the others being Massachusetts Megabucks and Mass Cash.

It works differently from other games in many ways. The Massachusetts Numbers is a daily game. There are two drawings every day at midday and at evening, 365 days a year. The midday drawing was introduced in June 2008 to increase revenues.

It is a very versatile game that gives a lot of freedom for the player to wager as pleased. The wage amount starts from $1 but is defined by the player and so is the number of drawings for each bet. The players also choose if they want to participate in the midday, evening drawing or both.

The Massachusetts Numbers game has been a steady case of success and a significant 7.8% of the Massachusetts Lottery revenues in 2011 were due to its ticket sales.

The first Lottery Games, such as the Massachusetts Numbers game were developed to fight illegal gaming and simultaneously gathering income for municipalities. Part of the ticket sales still goes to sustain development programs for the Commonwealth cities and towns. Throughout the years, educational, environmental and other improvement programs have been supported by Massachusetts Lottery, enhancing the importance of its role in society.

How to play Massachusetts Numbers

The Massachusetts Numbers Game allows for a variety of different plays.

Start by buying a betting slip in a Licensed Lottery Sales Agent and follow the steps below:

    In each Massachusetts Numbers betting slip there is a .PICK YOUR NUMBER. label. There are four columns each with the numbers from 0 to 9. You have to choose a four digit number and underline the digits corresponding to your choice in each column. (Note that the choice of numbers can also be done automatically if you ask the sales clerk for a Quic Pic. The Lottery Computer will then choose for you.)

In case you want to bet a 1, 2 or 3 digit number, you must mark only the columns needed for your numbers. Mark the first three or the last three columns for a 3-digit number.

The Massachusetts Numbers game allows you different types of bets so mark the one(s) you want in the appropriate section .MARK YOUR BETS.. There are three options: .EXACT ORDER., .ANY ORDER. or .COMBO. which give you different odds to win (see the .How to win. section for a more detailed explanation). As for the amount wagered, use a horizontal line for the amount you are betting in one or more columns. However, it is compulsory to indicate a single amount box for each column. 1- and 2-digit numbers bets must always be of the .EXACT ORDER. type.

The next step is to select whether you want to play the midday, the evening draw or both as well as indicating how many draws you want your Massachusetts Numbers slip to be valid for. You can use the same betting slip for up to fourteen draws. This is done by marking a horizontal line in the proper box for the number of draws and also for the draw schedules.

  • When you have completed your slip, hand it to an online Licensed Agent so that the bet can be processed in due time. He shall give you a receipt that must have the exact same betting options that you have made.
  • Never forget to double-check your Massachusetts Numbers ticket to ensure that what you are playing is what you wanted to, sign it and keep it safely as there is no other proof of your betting.

    Note that you will have an active bet for all the Massachusetts Numbers drawings you chose but only on the selected drawing times.

    How to Win Massachusetts Numbers ?

    From the total amount of revenue from the bet, 63% goes directly to the prize pool. The prizes in the Massachusetts Numbers game are pari-mutuel, meaning that there is no fixed prize amount, varying from drawing to drawing.

    In case of more than one winner, the prize is split and all winners have one year to claim their prize.

    Massachusetts Numbers drawings take place at 12:55 pm every day and the Evening drawing is at 7:57 pm except on Sundays when it is at 6:57 pm and the betting pools close only about 10 minutes before draw.

    The payouts for the Massachusetts Numbers vary greatly.

    Exact Order

    If the player made a 4-digit, exact order bet then a prize of about $5000 for a $1 wage will be awarded only if there is a perfect match in the digits and order on the bet and on the drawing. The player will win nothing if the order is different, even if the digits are correct.

    For the same bet but only 3-digit, the player wins about $500 for a$1 bet if the numbers appear in the same order and in the same location of the drawing results. For example if the bet was on the first three digits, then the match must be on the first three digits of the Massachusetts Numbers drawing. The last digit will not be important.

    The same logic applies to the two digit and one digit exact order and the prizes at stake are approximately $50 and $5 for each dollar waged, respectively.

    This is valid only for 3- and 4-digits bets.

    If you make a bet of all four digits and choose the Any Order type, then it will not matter if the positions of the numbers in the columns of your Massachusetts Numbers bet slip match the order of the drawing.

    The prize depends on whether some numbers repeat and range from about $200 for no repeats to $1200 for three equal numbers (for $1 bets).

    As expected, if you bet four equal digits it can only be an Exact Order bet.

    For the 3-digit Any Order bet the placing of the numbers is not important either, as long as all three digits show up in the final number. For $1 wages, the prize is close to $80 if all digits are different, and if one digit is present two times, then the prize doubles.

    The Combo option allows you to make an Exact Order bet for all the combinations of a 4-digit number. It will allow you to win $2,500 and will require a $2 bet.

    The 3-Digit Combo allows you to play an Exact Order bet for all the combinations as first or last three digits, giving a total of six combinations for a non-repeating digit and 3 for a number with a repeated digit.

    More about the Massachusetts Numbers

    When it first showed up in 1976, before the internet and connectivity took its central role in our way of living, the Massachusetts Numbers game and the other existing games at the time had no supporting online network. So every day, a widely distributed team of couriers collected the betting slips from nearly 1800 sales points scattered across the Massachusetts state. The slips were then microfilmed and recorded in Braintree, the location for the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters.

    It was only in 1981 that the Massachusetts Lottery boldly invested in the most advanced wagering terminals to the time and these lasted until 1997, transforming the way Lottery games were managed.

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    Numbers Game – Massachusetts Lottery

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    How to Play the Massachusetts Numbers Game Lottery

    The Massachusetts Lottery’s Numbers Game has draws twice a day (midday and evening). Prize amounts vary depending on the overall number of bets placed and the number of winners for each prize tier.

    To play, you must pick 1 to 4 digits, each from 0-9. Then you must select playstyle, a bet amount, a draw schedule (midday or evening), and how many draws you wish to play. You win the jackpot when your combination matches the winning draw numbers in exact order.

    When you choose to play 3 or 4 digits, you can choose from the following playstyles:

    • Exact: Your chosen 3 or 4 digits must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
    • Any: You can match the winning numbers in any order. Available for 3 and 4 digit bets.

    Massachusetts Numbers Game Drawing Schedule

    Numbers Game draws are held twice a day at 12:55 PM and 7:57 PM Eastern Time. Ticket sales close at 12:45 PM for the midday draw and 7:45 PM for the evening draw.

    Massachusetts Numbers Game Odds of Winning

    The Massachusetts Numbers Game doesn’t have a set prize amount for any prize tiers. Instead, the prize money changes depending on the playstyle you choose, your bet value, the numbers you pick, and the overall ticket sales for each draw.

    Everything you need to know about Massachusetts’ Numbers Game lottery – its latest and past results, winning numbers, payouts, odds, and more.