mega picks

Mega picks

I’ve been making hand made guitar picks here in the US since the early 80’s and now I would like
to share my findings with you. The few materials that I use will give you a very large spectrum of tone and volume varieties, as well as easy to maneuver, good hand friendly playing picks. Superbitepicks provide you with the lightest, and fastest playing picks with the brightest, and cleanest tones on the market. My picks will also help aid against fatigue, that can possibly lead to CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). The larger the gauged pick starting from 1/8″, the easier it is on your whole picking hand from your wrist to your finger tips. You have to move a thin flat pick a lot of distance from string to string fighting it all the way, but when playing with larger gauges the movement is much smaller which makes for a fast playing, hand friendly pick that flies and glides across the strings with ease.
( see the pick to string diagram on the This and That page ) I also sell a line of picks called Mega’s , these picks will aid you in playing and controlling thicker picks as well as helping with hand fatigue . If you practice long lengths of time, more than one h our or so you can benefit by using one of these Mega picks . And if you like the high volume, high tone, and chirp you get from them you can use a Mega as your main playing pick, super fast playing picks with Mega tone.

I use seven different types of materials and a wide range of gauges and shapes.
I also will custom make a pick to your liking.

Through out many years of playing and using all types of materials making picks. I have found that there isn’t just one pick that does it all. The reason is different shaped tips, gauged materials, textures, size, all give you different resistances which gives you different tones and volumes, and handling preferences. For instance, a large rounded tip will give you a warm fat low end tone, good for rhythm, light melody leads, and bass. The smaller the radius the more high end tone and pop of the string . Pointed tip picks make for brighter larger tones with a pop , good for leads or playing melodies. The gauged materials and shapes make up the different tone values and also handling preference. Combining all of these factors will give you your own personalized Superbitepick, or just pick from the many stock picks with descriptions on site.

The feel your looking for, the sound quality you want, the action and speed you need,
all in a unique looking Pick.

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