missouri pick 4

Missouri (MO) Pick 4 Evening Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play Missouri Pick 4?

Pick four numbers between 0 and 9 and mark them on a Pick 4 playslip. Then, select the play amount.

Quick Pick: Use Quick Pick (“QP”) to allow the computer to choose your numbers randomly.

Decide the order of your number match :

Straight: Match your numbers in exact order as drawn.

Box: Match your numbers in any order.

Straight/Box: Match your numbers in exact order or any order.

Front Pair: Match the first two digits in exact order.

Back Pair: Match the last two digits in exact order.

Front Three: Match the first three digits in exact order.

Back Three: Match the last three digits in exact order.

Combo: Gives the player all possible four-number combinations of the chosen numbers for an exact order win.

Midday, Evening Or Both : Select “Midday,” “Evening” or “Both” depending on the drawing(s) for which you want your play to be eligible.

Multiple Draws: Play the same numbers for up to 15 consecutive drawings by selecting “MULTI DRAW.”

Give your playslip to the retailer to process your ticket. Check your ticket to confirm that the numbers and date are correct. Sign your ticket and store it in a safe place. Check the next Pick 4 drawing to see if you’ve won! – Lottery Winning Strategies,california lottery,florida lottery,texas lottery,Prizes, Winning Numbers Statistics, Jackpots & more