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Posted by Captain Lotto on April 16, 2007 in Weblogs | Permalink


i really feel that the lottery should do
away with free tickets, $1,2,3,4. dollar amounts. this creates larger amounts per
win. thus, a real gain is won. it just does’nt do anything when my risk is not

Thanks for the great comment, Jimjam! Actually, since the Lottery’s early days, the prize percentages have gone way up – from an average of 45 percent to a current average of 68 percent. In the past couple of years, the Lottery has moved more prizes from the lower tier to the higher tiers. If you want to check out the prizes remaining for each game, go to the Scratchers page at –

Scratchers games continue to offer lower-level prizes to create more winning experiences. Players tell the Lottery they like to experience the thrill of winning. That’s one of the reasons the Lottery offers several Scratchers games with a variety of prices and prizes. Our players are a diverse group!

Keep looking – I’m sure you’ll find a game for you!

Hi,I play lottery for enjoyment and I’m also glad this blog has been developed I think having a blog was a great idea. Just a little advice for all you lottery players out there. You have to play responsible and play at your own risk thats how I think when I’m playing.If you can’t afford to play but a $1 play only a $1,if you can play more than a $1 then play what you can afford. I personally play that way and it also depends on my mood as to how much I want to risk losing if I don’t win.

I Love playing scratchers, but today for example I purchased $5.00 Merry Money.
I match a number & win a free ticket yeah!!
Then I scratch again and its a candy cane, which makes you think it is going to be something good and it ends up being another free ticket. Kind of a bummer.
Whats the idea with the candy canes if it is no better than revealing a matching number?
Just had to point that out.


I am unable to view drawings of LOTTO is it broke or something.

In another state I played like Show me Five
except there wasn’t any rollover on prize money. Usually 5 out of 5 was worth $225,000
4 out of five $500 and 3 out of five $25.
If no one hit 5 out of 5 then about half of that amount was filtered down to the other prizes. I once won a 3 out of five that worth $125. I liked that game.

I would love to see some different numbers come in on pick3 like 920,764,972,etc instead of the same numbers all year round. I also enjoy scratcher but they are cheap, and most of the time you have to buy at least 4or5 of the same ticket to win.

if and when i buy 5 tickets in a row and hit nothing ($2) thats pretty bad.. but as everyone says its gambling..

why are most lottery winnings mostly in far away states hardly any close to home.

I think that the Mo Lottery should include more prizes for the $10.00 and $20.00 scratcher games. Sometimes you win $5.00-$20.00 but, not often enough. Couldn’t there be more $100.00-$1000.00 winners? I can understand smaller prizes for the less expensive scratchers, but $10.00 and $20.00 is a lot to pay for a losing ticket.

I agree with other posters that winning a “free” ticket or getting the “symbol” and only winning a ticket or a buck is NOT FUN.
I’d rather lose, but have increased chances of winning “real” money, say $5 or so. Also, on the show me cash, skip the $1 winners & let 3#’s be $25 again and 4#’s should be at least $500. You could do this by maxing out the top prize at $200,000.
What does MO lotto say to that?!

It seems like most of the winning tickets in Missouri are won in Southern Missouri.

I don’t get it. I mean I know that there isn’t some kind of lottery fairy that distributes the “winning” tickets around our fair state.

I guess I’m just disappointed b/c I never win anything to speak of. Whoopie! a 3.00 ticket. Pretty selfish thinking huh? I mean when people do win big, I figure they need it more than I do and I am happy for them.

With regard to the actual question posed here and my answer: I think that the Missouri Lottery should make the prizes bigger (because if you do the math, they’re making insane money from us). In other words; “cut loose of the cash Missouri Lottery!”

Thanks for letting me vent!

I can’t find $1 scratchers like “wils 8’s” and “cool 7’s” in the wentzville area at grocers. Where can I find these? Also, who controls which sctatchers they sell: the retailer or Missouri lotto??

I was wondering how long should I retain my Show me cash free gas sweepstakes entries.I noticed that 9 prizes have not yet been claimed,will their be new numbers drawn,and if so when.Cliff

The Show Me Cash Free Gas Sweepstakes was issued like a game, meaning players have 180 days to claim their prize. There will be no additional drawing for unclaimed prizes.

I just wanted to write in and say that I don’t agree with the way the promotions are drawn. I read where they pull a certain % from email entries and a certain % from mail or drop off entries to go in the final draw. I think it should be entry for entry. Some people may enter 30-50 $10 entries by email and not be chosen for the final drawing while someone else might just mail in or drop off 3 or 4 entries and make it in for the final drawing. If it weren’t for the people who spend the money to have 30-50 $10 entries or more the whole lottery system wouldn’t work very well. The more entries you submit the better your chances should be for winning, but the way it’s set up it really doesn’t help at all. If the lottery commission doesn’t feel that it is fair to those who don’t have access to email then maybe they should set up TWO different promotions- one for ALL email entries and one for mail in or drop off entries. Just a suggestion!!

OK, so one of the favorite things to do is give scratcher tickets for Christmas gifts, right? I mean MO Lottery provides all the fancy promotional stuff for doing this, and I know many, including myself do this at Christmas. but not so sure I will ever again. I had $200 and went to a local C-Store and bought the remainder of a packet of the $10 Blockbuster ticket. It was at #41 so up to and including #59, I got 18 tickets, or $180 worth.

As I gave them out to brothers, in-laws, etc. at family dinner, we all scratched them off, and to our amazement, there were only two winners. #49 won $15, and #58 won $10.

We all felt, but especially myself this was a huge ripoff. Sure every ticket can’t be a big winner, but one would think out of 18 tickets at $10 a pop, more than 2 would be winners! This is far outside average chances of winning on this game which is 1 in 3:33. Not exactly my idea of “fun” anymore.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. The odds you stated are the overall odds of winning. That does not mean that every 3rd or 4th ticket will be a winner. In order to generate those big top prizes, a lot people will, in fact, not win.
Lottery games on average return about 64 percent of every dollar as prizes. About 27 percent goes to fund public education. Keep that in mind when you play. There’s no guarantee that you will win, but it is certain that you are helping Missouri schools every time you play. Good luck.

I agree with Charlieh. buying those $10 tickets and $20 tickets suck overall. There has to be another way.

Hey, I heard today from a friend that owns a convenience store that there is a new 20.00 game coming out! Ok, want to know what the particulars are. Well. QUICK!!

You know, I have to agree with Sugar Maple..I have noticed that there are a huge amount of mail in entries that are chosen. It really seems odd that in this day and age, that the mailed in entries would be so great! I too, especially agree, that if I spent 2-3 hundred dollars and enter those as 2nd chance, I SHOULD have a better chance of winning !! ( Mr. well, I had a dollar left over from buying gas and bought a ticket) If one supports the lottery more then they should have a better chance. If this way you are doing it now stays the same, I will no longer play the selected games as much and waste my time entering online. That is a BOGUS way to draw and you know it!

Bill – there will be a new $20 game soon. watch for more info soon.
As far as drawings are concerned, if you have several entries you do have better odds of being selected, however not significantly. There were almost 250,000 entries for the third drawing this year. Even if you had 200 entries, while your chances of being selected were better than the player with just one, it’s still a relatively small number of the total.
The procedures we use to conduct drawings is the most fair way we can imagine. Everyone has equal opportunity, regardless of entry method.

On-line vs. mail in. In 1998 I broke my right wrist. Being right handed, I was pretty much immobilized. During my recoop I learned to write left handed. I filled out NUMEROUS entries LD’d that were delivered to the pick-up boxes MO lottery used at that time. Later I saw the lottery assumed “some” people had a staff filling out entries for them. Oh contrar!

I have participated every year in the Christmas holiday promotions, to no avail. Is there mischief afoot? Does the “computer” recognize certain names?

I talk to all the retailers I frequent, and there is one sentiment that comes from what I hear from them, prizes are few and far between lately. I also think the eastern side of the state has far more winners than the western border. Chance? Things that make ya go hummmmmm

Our security division sits around and dreams up scenarios of people trying to cheat. It might come across as annoying, but they are just trying to keep it fair for everyone.
Your inquiry is a common one. It’s natural for people to question the system when they are down on their luck. That’s why we work so hard to maintain the highest integrity.
When it comes to promotional drawings, or any lottery game for that matter, it’s important to remember the vastness of the operation. There are more than 6 million Missourians. I know 100 entries is a lot to any one individual, but it’s a fraction of a percentage of the total number of entries.
When it comes to where the winners are, it’s important to remember that about a third of our state’s citizens reside in the greater St. Louis area. Statistically, one would expect that more winners come from areas that have higher numbers of sales.
Thanks for the comment, and good luck!

Ok, Whats up with the scratchers tickets, there not paying hardly at all, This has been going on for the last 2 months, I have been buying scratchers for years and I have never seen it this bad on paying. Have you cut the odds of winning or what?

We appreciate you giving us feedback and participating in discussions here at We won’t make you register or use your real name if you don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean you can say anything and everything. We’d love…