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Gold Hill Theaters to Show Film Version of Charis Bible College Musical “The Heart of Christmas”
Woodland Park Council Tightens Restrictions for Multi-family Lots and Mobile Homes

by Trevor Phipps

After more than a year of often heated debate, the Woodland Park City Council has taken a major step in changing zoning laws that deal with multi-family zoned properties. The council passed an ordinance at last week’s regular meeting that makes a move that could require more input from residents in approving certain development projects.

Teller County Commissioners Hit Red Alert Button Regarding COVID Surge

During last week’s meeting of the Teller County commissioners, the commission leaders emphasized the huge rise in coronavirus cases locally. They stressed that this is part of a national and state trend, but contended that this surge could have dire consequences unless residents exhibit more personal responsibility.

Woodland Park Panthers Lose Fourth Straight Football Game; Get Booted From Playoff Picture

by Trevor Phipps

Heartbreakers don’t count in high school football. If they did, the Woodland Park Panthers would be one rich football team. Last week, the WP Panthers’ football team fell again, this time in a close one against the Englewood Pirates. It is now official: The Panthers have lost four games in a row after they succumbed to the Pirates on the road by a close 12-10 score.

Denver Broncos Face Tough Challenge in Home Fight Against Miami Dolphins

The devolution of the Bronco offense continues. It’s not just winning or losing a game in the NFL. It’s winning Division games that count when the rubber meets the road. If you don’t win the Division games, you don’t play in the offseason. Last week against the Las Vegas Raiders the Broncos were completely unaware of what was going on. The offense was so bad, the defense couldn’t catch their breath in time to stop the Raiders.

Gillette Flats Spring Group Hits Hurdle In Obtaining Help From City of Cripple Creek

by Rick Langenberg

If the Gillette Flats Spring group is seeking a financial rescue package in an effort to craft a long-term water solution in preserving a historic well, then the city of Cripple Creek isn’t the answer. That’s the word of key city officials and leaders. “It is not a city issue,” blasted Interim City Administrator Ray White, in an interview last week. “I don’t know where this blame game started.

DDA Talks Money; Attempts to Fight Council Efforts to Slash Discretionary Spending

Last week’s monthly meeting of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was dominated by budget talks and the growing attempts by city council to eliminate the DDA’s discretionary spending. The meeting began with DDA Treasurer Tanner Coy giving a detailed accounting of last year’s profit/loss statement. But the thrust of the discussion focused on the city council’s attempts to limit the DDA’s discretionary spending to zero.

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Almanac for Nov. 17
Woodland Park To Serve as Home for New Film Documentary Series

by Trevor Phipps

Besides experiencing a taste of Hollywood in the past, Woodland Park is now in the spotlight as the home of a new documentary film. Over the past couple of years, a few movies have been filmed in the City Above the Clouds, but this time the filmmakers are specifically making a documentary about Woodland Park itself.

Cripple Creek Casinos to Remain Open

by Rick Langenberg

Cripple Creek casinos have been spared another shutdown order, following an intensive lobbying campaign by local leaders and business operators. In addition, state authorities played a key role in the casino savior action, as local gaming establishments will continue to operate at a reduced capacity level, at least for now.

Creek Casinos, City and Southern Teller Region Facing Shutdown, Again

by Rick Langenberg

Economic doom days may have arrived again for Cripple Creek and southern Teller, with the battle lines getting further drawn between local leaders and state health officials. As expected, the Cripple Creek city government went into a 25-percent in-person capacity level of government operations last week, following a special meeting. This impacts the city’s workforce of nearly 70-full-time employees.

COVID-19 Cases Exploding In Teller County and Across Colorado/U.S.

by Trevor Phipps

Communities across the country have been invaded by a continual surge of new cases of the COVID-19 epidemic, including Teller County. Local leaders and officials are doing what they can to avoid the closure of casinos after receiving the “Level Orange” designation last Friday, which is supposed to force gaming establishments to shut down and other businesses to drastically reduce their capacities.

Denver Broncos Take On Heated L.A. Raiders

Last Sunday, the Denver Broncos tried another miracle comeback in the fourth quarter. It failed. One thing this team needs to learn, (among a host of others) is they can’t count on miracles. This is the National Football League. This is where every team puts their big boy pants on and play like men. If your team is only able to score six points through 3-quarters of play, odds are you’re going to lose.

Charis Bible College announces national broadcast of ‘The Heart of Christmas’ musical in lieu of in-person performances
Woodland Park Panthers Fall Way short in Final Home Game of COVID-Season

by Trevor Phipps

Blame the tough loss on coronavirus-related rescheduling, a raging Troublesome fire or just bad football luck. In any case, The Woodland Park Panthers were dealt a fierce beating last week from an out-of-league team they never played before. It wasn’t the season’s home finale they wanted.

The Cripple Creek-Victor Pioneers Drama Program is proud to present “CC-V: After the Lights Go Out”
Teller County Slapped With More Coronavirus Restrictions; Enters Yellow Zone

by Trevor Phipps

With a rising coronavirus case count, Teller County has now entered a more dangerous COVID-restrictive “yellow” arena, but the area is not alone.

Teller County Wins Legal Fight Against Andrew Wommack Ministries Over COVID Restrictions

by Trevor Phipps

Teller County and Colorado health departments have emerged as the legal victor in a lengthy court battle with Andrew Wommack Ministries International (AWMI), located in Woodland Park. Still, a temporary peace pact has apparently occurred between both sides in a COVID-related skirmish that grabbed media headlines for weeks.

Almanac for the week of November 10th
Winners and Losers of 2020 Presidential Election

by Rick Langenberg

Beat the drums, toast the victors and lick your wounds. Here are some of the acclaimed winners and losers of Election 2020, based on a TMJ analysis. WinnersVoters of Teller County. No question about this and say good-bye to apathy. Regardless of your political views, the fact that close to 90 percent of the active voters partook in the grand election festivities represents quite a triumph in democracy. That’s absolutely amazing and may set a pace that can’t be matched.

Summer of Doom Looming Again!

by Rick Langenberg

The coronavirus epidemic has killed a popular tradition in the city of Cripple Creek, with the fiscal guillotine slashing all spending for special events and festivals for next year. The only sole survivor may be the igniting of fireworks on Independence Day.

A Veterans Day Special
Woodland Park City Manager Officially Calls It Quits

by Bob Volpe and Trevor Phipps

The head manager’s exit news is now official. After weeks of speculation, Woodland Park City Manager Darrin Tangeman announced briefly at last week’s regular meeting that he would be leaving his position by mid-December.

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