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New York reportedly willing to trade back from No. 8 slot in NBA draft

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Every team seems willing to trade back or down in a 2020 NBA Draft where nobody is completely sold on the players near the top of the board. The GMs of both the Timberwolves and Warriors — the No. 1 and No. 2 picks in the draft — have publicly said they are open to trades, and privately sources say are very open to offers. There just may not be any good ones.

All the way down at No. 8, the New York Knicks — one of the teams pegged as looking to move up in the NBA draft — are willing to trade down if their guys are not on the board, reports Marc Berman of the New York Post.

According to two league sources, the Knicks are seriously mulling trading back in the Nov. 18 draft unless big man James Wiseman or point guard LaMelo Ball fall back to the eighth spot…

One source senses the Knicks have Ball and Wiseman as two players they absolutely “love,” and haven’t been as smitten yet with any other prospect in a consensus weak draft.

At No. 8, the Knicks have staged internal talks about swapping back with a team in the Nos. 12-15 range to gain a young player in his rookie contract while still making a lottery pick.

Every team is blowing smoke right now with their draft intentions, so take everything with a grain or 12 of salt, including this report.

There is no chance Ball will be on the board at No. 8. He is one of those players on different places on different teams draft boards, but he would not fall out of the top five (and could go No. 1). Teams are more all over the map on Wiseman, but it is highly unlikely he falls to eight. Both of them could go in the top three and it would not be a shock.

The problem with this New York plan is seemingly every team is looking to trade back in the NBA Draft — including teams with higher picks — making the value of the Knicks pick fall.

It seems like there could be a lot of movement on trades on draft night… except who are the buyers looking to move up? Maybe a team falls in love with Ball or Wiseman or Onyeka Okongwu or Tyrese Haliburton. Maybe. But it seems most teams would be perfectly happy drafting in the teens in this draft rather than jump up the board.

With more than a month between the end of the finals and the 2020 NBA Draft on Nov. 18, expect a lot more rumors than usual to fly around. There is a lot of time still between now and the draft.

The New York Knicks reportedly only want LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman in the NBA Draft, but neither will fall to No. 8, so the Knicks might trade back.

NBA Trade Rumors: New York Knicks Ready to Sacrifice Their Draft Position

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The 2019-20 season has ended with Los Angeles Lakers as the champions. Now it’s time for the offseason and draft picks for the next year. There are rumors around New York Knicks giving away their eighth pick in the 2020 draft. Well, what could be the possible reasons?

Knicks finished 12th in the Eastern Conference standings this season with a 21-45 record. With a great hand in the NBA draft lottery, they earned the eighth pick. But guess what? There are rumors around the Knicks going down the ladder in the lottery.

“The Knicks are seriously mulling trading back in the Nov. 18 draft unless big man James Wiseman or point guard LaMelo Ball fall back to the eighth spot,” said a statement by the New York Post.

Both players, LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman, aren’t looking to fit in Knicks’ picking pattern. It’s unlikely that either of the two will find a spot in the eighth pick.

New York Knicks have an eye on Tyrese Maxey for the upcoming draft

It seems like the Knicks are looking for a late lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Those guesses are getting confirmed day-by-day as they are showing a great deal of interest in young boy from Kentucky, Tyrese Maxey. A source told New York Post that, “One player that’s been on their (Knicks) radar as a late-lottery guy is combo guard Tyrese Maxey, a one-and-doner from Kentucky.”

“You take someone at 8, you expect a home run. I don’t know if they think there’s a home-run guy there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make that pick.”

Tyrese Maxey is a 6 ft 3-inch point guard from Kentucky. He has his offensive strengths inside the paint and in the mid-range. Adding to that, he is great on the defense, a quality that is wary of the Knicks roster in general. Maxey may add something more to the team with his capabilities.

Well, we are yet to see how these draft picks go on for the next season. It will be interesting how the NBA teams build from here on.

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The offseason is here and trade rumors have begun. New York Knicks are looking to sacrifice their 8th draft pick for a lower lottery player. ]]>