new york lottery prediction

New york lottery prediction


Visit my monthly Tip Sheets for the Daily Number, PICK 5 and
the New York Lottery. Free Quick-Hit System and more.

Key Betting can be a powerful way of trapping a three digit number while using some extra cash for extra Coverage. See the examples.
Sample Key Bets:
2 with 348 = 2 34, 2 38, 2 48
2 with 3418 = 2 34, 2 31, 2 38, 2 41, 2 48,
2 with 34180 = 2 34, 2 31, 2 38, 2 30, 2 41, 2 48, 2 40, 2 18, 2 10, 2 80

Each of these strings shows Digit 2 being Keyed with several other digits per line.
Basically a key over 5 digits costs $10.00. I advise 50st. and 50box betting.
The Number 2 Key Bet enhances your chances of hitting .. as long as number 2 pops!
Apply this angle when Digit 2 is either Hot or Cold!

NEW: In the Win 4 number game the objective is to capture
Double 22s
in the Midday and/or Evening drawing.
x22x with 10 selections at 50c/50c
XX = Your Favorite Numbers

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New York Lotto prediction.

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Wed 03 Jun 2020

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For most people, playing lottery games is fun. There are, however, a small percentage of people who have gambling problems. While lotteries rarely cause problem gambling, we want to remind you that does not guarantee that predictions made by or’s registered users in the Advanced Predictions, Users Predictions or Wisdom of Crowd sections are 100% accurate. Predictions are made by using pure Mathematical and Statistical methods and algorithms.

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