number of tickets

How do I set a maximum for number of tickets purchased?

There is a slight theme modification you can make to prevent your guests from purchasing multiple tickets in one transaction. To prevent people from entering a value above 1 on your event page, you will want to set a maximum value for your rsvp field.

Look for the following code in your event page’s template:

Delete the liquid code, “<< ticket_level.form_quantity >>” and replace it with the source code that creates this field. There are two ways to find the source code.

1. Right click on your page and select Google Chrome’s Inspect tool:

OR 2. Right click on your page and select View Page Source:

Find the text “Will you come?” and below it, locate the code for each of your ticket levels.

Typed out, this code is the following:

To set a maximum value, you can add the following parameters after the value (within the angle bracket): “min=0 max=1”. The resulting code will look like this:

1. In addition to setting minimums or maximums for your tickets per RSVP, you will also likely want to modify the language above this line that instructs users to, “Enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase.”

If you are limiting the number of tickets per purchase there are a few theme tweaks needed.

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The time series shows the number of music tour tickets sold worldwide from 2011 to 2019.