odds of winning a raffle

What are the odds of winning and what are my chances?

Part of Raffle House’s mission is to make homeownership a genuine possibility for Generation Rent and to do so with odds that are more attractive than any other game of chance available in the market today, all whilst supporting good causes too.

That’s why we aim to keep our odds low and the chances of winning high.

In order to award the property, we need to sell 650,000 tickets, meaning that the odds of winning the jackpot prize at that threshold are more than 200x better than Euromillions! And that’s if you buy just one, £2 ticket.

More on why our threshold is set where it is can be found here.

Also, because we award weekly Lifestyle Prizes (with our top-tier Gold Prizes valued up to £5,000) and weekly £1,000 cash-prizes, there are even more chances to win with Raffle House!

Is it really possible for someone to become rent free this way or is it a pipe dream?