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Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life gives players the chance to win an astonishing amount of cash for many years to come. Originally launched in March 2012 in Connecticut, it was quickly revamped to add bigger prizes, including a second-tier prize of $25,000 per year, in September 2013. Lucky for Life drawings take place in Connecticut every Monday and Thursday.

The Oklahoma Lottery became the latest and 26th state to offer Lucky for Life when tickets went on sale on February 25th 2018.

How to Play Lucky for Life

Players pay just $2 for one game and select five numbers from 1 to 48 and one Lucky Ball from 1 to 18, or they can choose a Quick Pick and have their numbers randomly generated for them. Drawings are held on Monday and Thursday evenings, and if you match all five main numbers plus the Lucky Ball, then you’ll win the jackpot!

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes:

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
Match 5 + Lucky Ball $1,000 a day for life (Cash option $5.75 million) 1 in 30,821,472
Match 5 $25,000 a year for life (Cash option $390,000) 1 in 1,813,028
Match 4 + Lucky Ball $5,000 1 in 143,356
Match 4 $200 1 in 8,433
Match 3 + Lucky Ball $150 1 in 3413
Match 3 $20 1 in 201
Match 2 + Lucky Ball $25 1 in 250
Match 2 $3 1 in 15
Match 1 + Lucky Ball $6 1 in 50
Match Lucky Ball $4 1 in 32
The overall Odds of winning any Lucky for Life prize are 1 in 7.8 based on a $2 wager

Lucky4Life States

Lucky for Life is a regional game offered by the following states and districts:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Washington D.C.
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

Buying Lucky for Life Tickets

Want to play Lucky for Life? All you need to do is visit an authorized retailer for your state lottery.

If live outside the participating states but are curious about this great game and want to join in on the fun, then why not take a road trip and buy a ticket from an authorized retailer?

Claiming a Prize

Smaller Lucky for Life prizes can usually be claimed from any authorized lottery retailer in your state. If you’ve won bigger prize, you should get in touch with your state lottery to find out how to claim your winnings. You may have to present the winning ticket in person. Deadlines for making a claim can vary between states, so try to contact lottery officials as soon as possible after a drawing has taken place.


Lucky for Life is great game that offers incredible, life-changing prizes, but you’ll need to be at least 18 years old before you can join the fun.

Lucky for Life is played every Monday and Thursday in 26 different states. Find out everything you need to know about playing Lucky for Life here.

Lucky For Life – Ohio Lottery

Lucky for Life Ohio Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

Cold Numbers

Lucky for Life is a multi-state lottery game. To play, you must pick 5 numbers, each between 1-48, as well as a Lucky Ball number from 1-18.

Similar to Cash4Life, matching all 6 draw numbers means scoring $1,000 a day for life. Matching just 5 numbers (instead of all 6) gets you the second prize, which is $25,000 a year for life.

Ohio Lucky for Life Payout and Odds of Winning

Numbers Matched Prize Odds
5 + Lucky Ball $1,000/day for life 1 in 30,821,472
5 $25,000/year for life 1 in 1,813,028
4 + Lucky Ball $5,000 1 in 143,356
4 $200 1 in 8,433
3 + Lucky Ball $150 1 in 3,414
3 $20 1 in 201
2 + Lucky Ball $25 1 in 250
2 $3 1 in 15
1 + Lucky Ball $6 1 in 50
Lucky Ball $4 1 in 33

If you win the jackpot or second prize, you can choose to receive your money as an annuity or a lump-sum payment. Here’s what you’ll get for each:

  • Jackpot annuity option: $1,000/day for life, paid either weekly ($7,000/week) or annually ($365,000/year)
  • Jackpot lump-sum option: $5,750,000 one-time payment
  • Second prize annuity option: $25,000/year for life
  • Second prize lump-sum option: $390,000 one-time payment

Ohio Lucky for Life Drawing Schedule

Lucky for Life draws are held every Monday and Thursday at 10:35 PM Eastern Time. Sales close at 9:30 PM.

Everything you need to know about Ohio’s Lucky for Life lottery game – its latest and past results, winning numbers, rules, payouts, odds, and more.