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What Happens When A Jackpot Hits $1 Million?

The Ohio Lottery’s EZPLAY® game Twenty 20’s did just that. The jackpot soared to over $1.6 million in February of this year. A jackpot of $1.6 million is not particularly remarkable in this day and age where lottery prizes from instant scratch games are frequently over $1 million and jackpots for games such as Powerball® and Mega Millions® start at $40 million and have reached over $1 billion!

What is remarkable, however, is that the odds of winning the jackpot prize for the Twenty 20’s game are 1 in 60,000! Just for the sake of comparison, the odds of winning $1 million in the Powerball game are 1 in 11,688,054 and for winning $1 million in Mega Millions the odds are 1 in 12,607,306.

It is also noteworthy that Twenty 20’s is an instant win game produced by all of the lottery terminals in Ohio and that the jackpot prize is available to be won by any player, in any location, on every play.

The same is not true for lottery scratch games where you must be in the location that physically has the top prize ticket(s) in its inventory, anyone not in that location does not have a chance to win the top prize.

In the case of Twenty 20’s the jackpot winning ticket was sold in a TrueNorth gas station in rural Ohio. The retailer had only sold two Twenty 20’s tickets that day but one was the jackpot winner sold to a woman who had never played the game before and said she was inspired to buy the game by a dream the night before!

Now for the details on sales when the jackpot for Twenty 20’s went to over $1 million. The jackpot run began at the starting jackpot amount of $25,000 and took 38 days to grow to over $1.6 million. Over the 38 days there were 317,568 $20 tickets sold totaling $6,351,360. Transfers to the state of Ohio for the support of public education totaled over $1.5 million just from the Twenty 20’s game jackpot run.

For those that like to compare sales performance based on weekly per capita sales, Twenty 20’s game sales averaged $0.10 weekly per capita over the 38 days of the jackpot run. Over the last three days when the jackpot was over $1 million, weekly per capita sales rose to over $0.50!

Retailers of all types benefited from the Twenty 20’s jackpot run. Sales were split between traditional retailers (convenience and grocery) accounting for 45% of total sales while 55% came from social retailers (bars and tavern). Those retailers that had a self-service vending terminal benefited greatly as 55% of all sales were generated by self-service terminals. The Ohio Lottery paid $350,000 in commissions to retailers for the sale of Twenty 20’s over the 38-day jackpot run.

Ohio was the first lottery jurisdiction to bring to market a $20 progressive jackpot terminal generated game. Twenty 20’s has become the best-selling game in Ohio since its launch in February 2017 generating over $35 million in sales. Retailers have received $2 million in sales commission and the Ohio Lottery has turned over $9 million to the state of Ohio in support of education.

INTRALOT’s Track Record

INTRALOT currently sells instant terminal games (ITGs) in eight jurisdictions. They are also known as hybrid instant win draw games. The Ohio Lottery leads the nation with gross ITG sales of $132.7 million in calendar 2017.

ITGs represent one of the fastest growing category of lottery draw games for U.S. lotteries. In calendar 2017, total ITG sales totaled $472.2 million, a 75% increase over $270.2 million in calendar 2016, according to La Fleur’s Magazine.

There were 18 U.S. lotteries selling ITGs in calendar 2017. INTRALOT’s ITG clients include: Arkansas Lottery, DC Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Montana Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery, New Mexico Lottery, Ohio Lottery and Vermont Lottery.

The progressive ITG games have been the most successful for lotteries because they feature larger prizes. Lottery marketers report that progressive jackpot features are proven to work and keep players interested in the game.

In addition, there have been discussions to launch a multi-state ITG designed by INTRALOT. This is a hybrid game that offers a progressive jackpot on a multi-state level. ITGs are popular because they offer a new growth product for the draw game category. In addition, they are easy to implement and promote. Big jackpots from progressive ITG games add to the category’s popularity.

“Imagine being able to generate jackpots of $1 million every couple of days with multi-state games. I think we will see this happen soon,” said Scott Hoss, Senior Marketing Manager, INTRALOT USA.

What Happens When A Jackpot Hits $1 Million? The Ohio Lottery’s EZPLAY® game Twenty 20’s did just that. The jackpot soared to over $1.6 million in February of this year. A jackpot of $1.6 million