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Who Can Apply for a Bingo Permit

Volunteer fire companies, veterans organizations, religious or charitable organizations, and fraternal societies that have been in existence at least two years may apply for a bingo permit, provided:

  • net profits from permitted bingo events are used solely for the achievement of the organization’s purpose as described in its by-laws.
  • at the time of application, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes the organization as a charitable organization as described in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

You must receive your Bingo Event permit before advertising or holding the event.

Do not apply for a Bingo Permit if you are applying for a Charitable Gaming, Instant or Sealed Games, Raffle or Texas Hold’Em Tournament permit.

Limitations on Bingo Events

  • Bingo events are limited to six hours. Games may not begin before 12:00 p.m. and must end by 1:00 a.m.
  • No games are to be conducted in any room or area where alcoholic beverages are sold or served during the progress of the game.
  • When a bingo event is conducted in conjunction with a bazaar, carnival, festival or similar affair scheduled for more than one day, but less than ten consecutive days, the function will be considered one licensed event.
  • No one under 18 years old is allowed to attend any Bingo game where the prize is money. No one under 16 years old is allowed to participate in any Bingo game nor to conduct or assist in conducting any Bingo game. However, persons who are 14 years old or older may act as waiters/waitresses in the handling of food or drinks at a Bingo event.
  • No more than 40 bingo games (excluding cookie jar bingo) may be conducted on a single occasion.
  • The maximum cash value of a prize awarded for a single bingo game cannot exceed $350.
  • The maximum cash value total of all prizes awarded for an entire bingo event cannot exceed $3,000.

Information on How to Apply for a License in DELPROS

Applications are processed in DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). The online license application process is simple and provides you with clear instructions throughout each stage of the application process. We strongly recommend that you understand what the requirements are for the license you are pursuing. Then, request and gather the documents you need before you begin the application process. Most of the information and forms are on this website. For further clarification of requirements, refer to your profession’s License Law and the Rules and Regulations.

In order to apply for a license or service request, you must have a DELPROS account. To create a new account or log into an existing DELPROS account, follow the instructions at the beginning of the application process. As part of the final steps of the application process, DELPROS instructs you to either “attach” or “upload” the required documents directly to your application and/or to “acknowledge” that you will either send them in yourself or make arrangements for “third-party” documents/forms to be sent to the Board office. Examples of “third-party forms” are transcripts from schools, employment verifications from a supervisor, and license verifications from another state. Official license verifications and/or transcripts are acceptable when received electronically directly from the State Board or school/institution. Note that forms requiring a signature, seal, or notary must be MAILED to the Board office directly UNLESS the document specifically indicates to UPLOAD the document. All documents received by mail are scanned and attached to the appropriate license records.

In DELPROS, you have the ability to save your application and return to it to edit/update information or upload documents for up to six months. However, if you do not submit your application within six months, you will have to restart your online application process. The Board office begins processing applications shortly after submission in the portal. You may check the status of your application in the DELPROS system throughout the whole process and we will correspond with you by email. The requirements for this license type are provided in the following section(s).


In addition to submitting the application and fee in DELPROS, you must submit:

  • A signed letter from the national or parent organization on its letterhead, specifically stating that your chapter is properly affiliated, and
  • A current copy of the parent organization’s IRS group exemption letter dated within the past 12 months if you are relying on a group exemption letter issued to a national or parent organization.
  • A letter from the premises owner (on owner’s letterhead) allowing your organization to hold its event(s) on a specific date, or
  • a copy of your lease or rental agreement if the event will be held at any location other than the organization’s physical Delaware address.

The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any application for the conduct of a function on specially leased or donated premises.

  • A letter on your organization’s letterhead designating the new Member(s)-In-Charge if a Member(s)-In-Charge has changed since your last bingo application. The letter, signed by the organization’s officer, must grant the Member(s)-In-Charge authority to submit bingo applications on behalf of the organization and to be responsible for all permitted bingo events.
  • An Addendum A:Bingo Games & Prizes Record for each proposed event date if you are applying for more than one bingo event, and the winning card arrangements and/or prizes will vary on different event dates.
    • Note that you must enter the retail cash value for each prize listed on Addendum A. Entering “varies”, “50/50,” “depends on the number of players” or any other indeterminate amount will result in a delay in processing and possible denial of your application.

First-Time Bingo Permit Applicants

In addition to submitting the application, fee, and supporting documentation required in the previous section, in DELPROS, you must also submit:

  • Documentation from the (IRS) dated within the past 12 months, showing proof of the following:
    • organization’s legal name
    • physical Delaware address
    • EIN or Federal ID Number
    • 501(c) IRS determination
  • A copy of your organization’s formation documents (e.g.Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Constitution, Charter, etc.). The documentation submitted must include your organization’s purpose and/or mission statement.
  • A notarized letter on your organization’s letterhead designating up to five Members-In-Charge of the bingo event(s). The letter, signed by the officer of the organization, must grant the Member(s)-In-Charge the authority to submit bingo applications on behalf of the organization and to be responsible for all permitted bingo events.

Application Review Process

The Board will only review applications that meet all of the following requirements:

  • The online application and fee is submitted in DELPROS at least seven to ten business days in advance of the Board meeting.
  • Your organization’s After Occasion Reports (AORs) must be up-to-date. AORs are due no later than 30 days after a gaming event. If your organization’s AORs for past events are overdue, the Board will not review your application for any future event.

If your proposed event date passes before the Board reviews and approves your application, you are not permitted to hold your event. If all event dates listed on your application pass before the Board reviews and approves them, you are not permitted to hold any of the events and you will forfeit the non-refundable processing fee.

You are not permitted to submit alternate event dates if all proposed dates pass before the Board reviews and approves it. You must submit a new application and processing fee for the alternate dates.

Learning about how to conduct a bingo event.