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Pennsylvania Pick 2 Day Numbers

Check your numbers with the latest Pick 2 Day results and find out if you’ve won a PA Lottery prize. This page is updated with the winning numbers minutes after the draw takes place every afternoon at 1:35 pm, so why not bookmark it and check back every time you play?

Pick 2 features draws twice a day, seven days a week. Visit the Pick 2 Evening numbers page for results of the nightly draw, which takes place at 6:59 pm ET.

Pick 2 is the Pennsylvania draw game with a $50 top prize and a variety of play styles to choose from. Try the Wild Ball add-on for even more ways to win. Check out the Pick 2 page for more information on how to play, play types, prizes, and odds of winning.

To see an archive of older results back to January 2015, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Past Winning Numbers.”

Pick 2 Day winning numbers from the Pennsylvania Lottery – check results for the most recent seven draws and archive of older numbers back to January 2015. Have you won a PA Lottery prize?

Pick 2

Pick 2 is a draw game from the Pennsylvania Lottery with a top prize of $50 and drawings twice a day. There are a variety of play types so you’ll never get bored, and the Wild Ball add-on offers even more ways to win.

The Day draw is held at 1:35 pm ET seven days a week. Sales close at 1:05 pm, so be sure to get your tickets before then to enter that day’s draw. The Evening draw takes place daily at 6:59 pm ET. To enter that night’s draw, purchase your tickets before sales end at 6:57 pm.

How to Play

You can play up to five times on your playslip – each panel is a separate play and costs $1.00. Simply choose two numbers from 0 through 9. You can also use Quick Pick to have your numbers randomly generated for the next draw. Quick Pick numbers are automatically a Straight play unless you choose another type.

Choose your play type: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Super Straight, Front Digit, or Back Digit.

Decide which drawings to play: Day, Evening, or both.

Advance Play lets you play your favorite numbers for up to seven consecutive Day and Evening draws.

Wild Ball

Add the new Wild Ball option for even more chances to win. A one-digit Wild Ball number is randomly chosen before each Day and Evening draw. The Wild Ball number can replace one of the winning numbers that was drawn to give you a winning selection. Wild Ball doubles the cost of your play type and the payouts are also different.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

If you match both the Pick 2 numbers drawn, you can win up to the top prize of $50. The table below shows the prize payouts and odds for each play style. Note that although the cost is $1.00 per play, the total cost for the Super Straight or Straight/Box play types is $2.00, because they are combined plays ($1.00 per play times two plays).

Scroll down to the second table to see Pick 2 prizes and odds with the Wild Ball option added.

PA Pick 2 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Play Type Match Pick Prizes Odds of Winning
Straight 2 digits, exact order Any 2 digits $50 1 in 100
Box 2 digits, any order Any 2 unique digits $25 1 in 50
Front Digit Your digit to the first number drawn Any 1 digit $5 1 in 10
Back Digit Your digit to the last number drawn Any 1 digit $5 1 in 10
Super Straight Both possible Straight plays Any 2 unique digits $50 1 in 100 (per play)
Straight/Box A Straight play & a Box play Any 2 unique digits $50
1 in 100
1 in 50
Each play costs $1. The total cost for Super Straight & Straight/Box is $2 ($1 per play x 2 plays).

Pick 2 with Wild Ball Prizes and Odds of Winning

Check the table below for the prize payouts and chances of winning Pick 2 with Wild Ball added, based on $1.00 per play.

PA Pick 2 with Wild Ball Prizes and Odds of Winning

Play Type* Pick 2 Base Game Prize Wild Ball Prize Wild Ball Odds of Winning
Straight $50 $30 1 in 50
Box $25 $15 1 in 25
Front Digit $5 $6 1 in 10
Back Digit $5 $6 1 in 10
Super Straight $50 $30 1 in 50 (per play)
*Pick 2 with Wild Ball, based on $1 per play.

Pick 2 Winning Examples

The table below illustrates more about how Pick 2 works with examples of winning plays and prizes.

The Pick 2 draw game from the Pennsylvania Lottery features Day and Evening draws every day and a top prize of $50 – add Wild Ball for even more ways to win. Learn how to play, the play styles available, and prizes and odds of winning.