pick 3 sum chart

Pick 3 sum chart

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Pick 3 sum chart

This can be used as a continuation of Edge18 SUM ROOTS and BASE ROOTS or on its own.

To start with look at the sums chart found in the Foundation section (and below)

Track only the 10 to 18 SUMs (highlighted in green) Close to 90% of all your number hit in this area, so its mainly a time saver not having to keep track of the others.

Now using your history file, track the sums and Mark off each of those SUMs when they hit (represented below using the gray boxes)

At the bottom of the tracking sheet count the number of times each of the SUM totals hit. In the chart above you will notice that SUM 15, SUM 16 & SUM 18 all only hit once. Having more numbers then SUM 18, SUM 15&16 are favored more likely to hit. Then the fact that SUM 15 is more due (last hit farther back then SUM 16) makes SUM 15 the HOTTEST SUM TO TRACK.

Now using your favorite method, simply eliminate all of the options that do not have a 15 SUM. Or if you feel the 15 SUM is going to hit, play all the options.

6- Way Box
069 078 159 168 249 258 267 348 357 456

3-Way Box
177 339 366 447

Using the History file, SUM 15 hit 2 days later.

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Pick 3 sum chart This can be used as a continuation of Edge18 SUM ROOTS and BASE ROOTS or on its own. To start with look at the sums chart found in the Foundation section (and below) Track