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Number Picker Wheel – Pick Random Number by Spinning Wheel

1. What is Number Picker Wheel?

Number Picker Wheel is a random number generator, RNG tool which is used to pick a random number by spinning the wheel. This is another specialized spinner of Picker Wheel focusing on number generator.

There are five input types that you can choose for your application. By default, it is using the first input type (range numbers). This is useful when you only need less than 100 different numbers due to the size limitation of the wheel.

You can select the range of numbers you want to randomize. Based on the given inputs, the number randomizer will output a number after every single spin. By default, it is a 10 value spinner.

You can play around with two modes for this input type of RNG wheel which are normal mode and elimination mode.

[Updated on Nov 2nd, 2020] Due to many requests of needing a solution for more than 100 different numbers, we created the spin and combine input types. It is able to produce a random number from 0 – 99999.

The wheel produces a single digit (0-9) from each spin and combine all the digits together to become a final number.

2. How to Use the RNG?

There are five kinds of input types and they can be grouped into two main categories.

2.1. First Input Type (Range)

The wheel will produce a list of numbers based on the Min, Max and Interval values.

  1. Write the Min, Max and the Interval values. (There are only 100 portions allowed)
  2. The wheel will be updated with the latest inputs
  3. Click the spin button to start spinning the random number wheel.
  4. The random number is produced and displayed on a dialog.
  5. Choose one of the action modes towards the result.
  6. The result is then stored in the history.
  7. Choose to shuffle the available inputs of random number generator .
  8. Change the spin behavior, sound, confetti and color settings at Tool Settings section.

2.2. Second to Fifth Input Type (Spin and Combine)

It spins and displays digit by digit. All the digits are combined together in the end to form a final number.

  1. Pick the desired number of digits (at the input type) you want to show.
  2. Click the Spin button to start spinning.
  3. The digit result from each spin is displayed on these boards. You can tap on the board to spin that particular digit.
  4. Enable the automatically spinning by toggling this button, else you have to spin the digit one by one manually.
  5. You can reset the digits by clicking this reset button.

3. Types of Modes

For the range input type, two ßmodes are available in this rng for different use cases. For the spin and combine input types, there is only the normal mode available.

3.1. Normal Mode

If you have used core Picker Wheel before, this mode is similar. When you choose this mode for the result selected, it does not have side effect to the result.

Use Case 1

This rng can be used in a giftaway event. Where each of the gifts is assigned with a number. The eligible participant is able to spin the wheel to pick a number in order to get his/her gift.

Use Case 2

Teachers can use the default 10 value spinner to teach their students about the numbers. By using the wheel, the learning process will be more interesting.

3.2. Elimination Mode

This mode is again similar to original Picker Wheel’s elimination mode. The difference is it will permanently remove the result selected from the wheel if you select this mode.

Use Case 3

This random number picker application can be used also in a giftaway event. Where each participants are holding a number themselves, the gifts will be given one by one based on the number generated by this RNG.

4. How to Share the App?

Click the share button from the top right corner. You can copy the link’s address or click the Copy or Facebook or Twitter buttons to share this Random Number Generator to other people.

Please spread this application to your friends and family if you find this application is useful.

5. We Want to Hear Your Feedback

If you have any feedback or discover any bug on this random number generator. Please feel free to let us know. We may take your feedback to improve the number generator.

6. Need an Alternative Random Number Generator?

If you want a more customized inputs such as unsequential numbers. You can use the core Picker Wheel application. You can put in each of the inputs and finally also let the wheel to decide for you.

Number Picker Wheel is a specialized random number generator, rng tool which picks a random number differently by spinning a wheel. Free and easy to use.

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