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Step 1
Click the week & Print the 2020 NFL Pick’em Cards Below.

Step 2

Pass out a copy of the current week’s schedule to family, friends, and co-workers. Each participant should circle the team they think will win each game, they should also write down what they think will be the total number of points scored in the Monday Night Football game. This will be used as a tie breaker if two or more participants pick the same number of games correctly.

Step 3

Be sure to have all entries turned in before the first game of the week begins.

Step 4

After all of the week’s games are complete, tally up the games each participant picked correctly, the player with the highest total wins. You can also keep a running total of the total games picked correctly for the entire season.

Parlay Cards Now Home of the FREE Parlay Card **FREE NFL PICK EM SHEETS** Step 1 Click the week & Print the 2020 NFL Pick’em Cards Below. Step 2 Pass out a copy of the current

What is a pick sheet report?

A Pick Sheet report provides you with a list of items that are required to fulfill each Order within a specified date range. **You will not see a Pick Sheet for an order if it is not assigned to a Mobile Unit on the Calendar** It is possible that Pick Sheets have a different label in your store; Load Slips, Service Slips, Work Sheets, Packing Slips. Either way, you will find them by clicking on the Reports tab on the left side, and it will be under the Inventory sub heading.

The Pick Sheet will include all item types (rental, retail, and service) making it a dynamic report for both the warehouse as well as on-the-job. The Pick Sheet report also gives the user the ability to define the search results through the Smart Filter found in the upper right-hand corner (in the shape of a funnel).

The filter allows you to define the search by Date Range, Product Type, Product Class, Status, and/or Picker/Technician (Filters are inclusive).

Each pick sheet within the report can be viewed by clicking on the Order Number along the left side of the report (or anywhere right of the Order Number), which will drop down and display all items to be picked/preformed. The drop down will also display the Asset (i.e. which mobile unit to be loaded), the employee/driver assigned, and the picker/technician assigned.

The user can indicate when the items have been picked/preformed by filling in the field below “Picked”.

Printing Options

The Pick Sheet report provides a wide range of printing options along with the ability to jump directly into any of the Orders to quickly change any of the information. By clicking on a drop-down arrow along the right side of the report, you have the ability to:

  • Navigate into the Order (as mentioned above)
  • Print the Invoice directly
  • Print a Delivery Slip/Service Slip
  • Print the Pick Sheet/Work Sheet

You also have the ability to choose whether or not the pictures and or 0 quantity items are included on the Delivery Slip /Service Slip and/or the Pick Sheet/Work Sheet by clicking the check-box next to “Remove Qty 0” and/or “No Image” in the upper right-hand corner of the print page.

Furthermore, you can choose to print everything within a date range by clicking the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner of the report (next to the filter icon).

Also, where to find it!