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1 ‘he lives on a fruit farm and helps to pick apples’

2 ‘pick the time that suits you best’

3 ‘Beth only picked at her food’

4 ‘people were singing and picking guitars’

5 ‘he had taught them how to pick a lock’

6 ‘she was trying to pick a fight with him’

1 ‘please take your pick’

2 ‘the pick of the crop’


1 ‘the Japanese economy will soon pick up again’

2 ‘the wind began to pick up’

pick someone or something off

‘the soldiers were picked off by a sniper’

pick someone or something up

‘bend at the knees to pick up a bulky object’

‘why don’t you pick on somebody else?’

pick up the tab

‘the company picked up the tab for the meal’

pick something out

1 ‘it’s impossible to pick out any single painting for praise’

2 ‘it was difficult to pick out anything in the torrential rain’

pick someone up

1 ‘be sure to pick up Kirsty from school’

2 ‘he was picked up by the police for questioning’

3 ‘one night I picked up a stranger in a bar’

pick something up

1 ‘not the most obvious place to pick up a bargain’

2 ‘he picked up the story in the 1950s’

3 ‘Georgiana began picking up Spanish’

4 ‘she has picked up a virus’

5 ‘he was full of gossip picked up from the ships he visited’

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