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La Loteria Mexicana Bonus

Ready to play La Loteria Mexicana Bonus for real?

  • Withdraw up to $50,000 a month
  • Chat with professional support agents
  • Games independently tested for fair play
  • Games are made by the best software providers NetEnt and Microgaming.
  • 200+ Unique Slot Machines to choose from.
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  • Benefit from its generous bonus schemes

Ready to play La Loteria Mexicana Bonus for real?

Ready to play La Loteria Mexicana Bonus for real?

  • Withdraw up to $50,000 a month
  • Chat with professional support agents
  • Games independently tested for fair play
  • Games are made by the best software providers NetEnt and Microgaming.
  • 200+ Unique Slot Machines to choose from.
  • Games are compatible with Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices.
  • Free entry to tournaments
  • Bet on real and virtual sports
  • Benefit from its generous bonus schemes

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La Loteria Mexicana Bonus

When you get that urge to play something that’s a little different, take a look at the free La Loteria Mexicana Bonus. It’s based on a traditional Mexican lottery game that adds more than just a touch of retro style to a solid online bingo formula. It has a number of cards to wager on and with items to draw and match just like a regular bingo for fun game does.

There are up to 6 randomly generated cards to play which means there’s plenty of winning chances available to players. These are all shown in a clear pay table that is viewed on the main play screen to keep a close eye on all of the wonderful prizes. Zitro Interactive designers have exquisitely recreated the 54 picture cards with the focus on being as authentic as possible. It’s like playing with a well-loved piece of Mexican history.

Sounding Out

As the game initially loads, just like most of Zitro’s games, it asks players if they wish to play with sound on or off. If you are someone that normally goes for the silent approach, we would urge you to keep it on a while for this game. It’s almost an education that’s too good to miss. If later you decide you’d prefer the peace and quiet, it can be turned off easily in the game settings.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, betting is simple to place from the game settings. It can be tailored for coin value and then an amount is wagered per lottery card. If more than one is in play, each additional card is multiplied to give a total bet. So for example, if the wager is set at 5 for one card, playing all 6 will make it a total bet of 30. The complete betting range is from 1 rising up to 120 at the high limit when all 6 cards are active. Just like with a bingo card, the lottery cards can be changed for new pictures on them, as little or as often as desired after each play.

Mexican Items of Interest

For this lottery game, 54 picture cards are drawn and marked off against the pay table with beans! Players are given the opportunity to magnify any one of the cards and view a larger version of it in the centre of the screen. Just click on them at any time for a closer view. There’s never any fear of missing anything as the developers have included plenty of play hints of what might be close to winning to keep players informed. When the first 29 picture cards are drawn, if there’s a reasonable chance of making a win, an extra 10 picture cards can be played with a bet made on each one. This is where the sound comes in, as the announcer will speak the name of every card. It’s a great mini lesson in Mexican!

Besides the tasty payouts, with a possible 20,000 to play for, there is a really neat bonus game that has some high paying prizes to add to any other wins made. When it’s triggered, a Mariachi band will whisk you away in a combi van across Mexico to visit the best cantinas in the country. Pick a cantina and reveal a prize until the word ‘end’ is shown.

A Taste of the Wild West

With just 1 to 10 credits to bet per bingo card, the free Buffalo bingo game has some nice cartoon animated graphics, in addition to some good winning prospects to take advantage of. Players deciding to play all four 3×5 cards could expect one of 15 rewards with a bingo prize of 25,000 for a 40 credit top end bet.

There are also 5 chances to match a bonus round with 3 great games to play. Game 3 is a pick and reveal, 2 is a game of luck to pick the right path to a prize bush, and game 3 is a stampede of wild buffalo that reveal prizes as they crash into rocks. These are high paying bonus rounds that can really boost the balance well. It’s a game we can recommend lassoing and trying out.

Bingo Lottery

If a game has existed as long and has been as popular as the real Mexican Loteria, then this game has to be worth taking a shot at. Zitro Interactive have made it easy for us to play and not only does it look stylish on a big screen, but taking to mobile for play on iPhone, tablet or Android mixes old with the new as it brings retro to the small screen.

It’s a joy to play for free, and lucrative enough to play for real money. We enjoyed it because it felt special and allowed us a glimpse into part of a great countries culture to play along with. This might not be a game for everyone, but we hope it provides many years of enjoyment, just like the original Loteria.

A part of Mexico is brought to your screen in La Loteria Mexicana. Learn the lingo as you play the bingo with cool prizes and a fun bonus to take you on your travels.


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Slotomania is the most rewarding slot game there is. You can collect free coins every three hours in addition to special bonus gifts that are given to players on a daily basis. You can even get coin gifts from your friends and return them a favor by gifting them back. We’re not just saying that Slotomania is a social game – it really is.

There’s so much more to Slotomania. To make the most of your spinning experience, check out the features that are unique to Slotomania below Slotomania Unique Features section below.

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Slots for Fun: Slotomania Unique Features

SlotoCards – Get amazing rewards when you collect cards as you play and the chance to win big prizes! This is one of Slotomania’s most exciting features. Cards are collected by receiving gifts from friends, spinning any game, making purchases and progressing to special level ups. acquiring special level ups.

SlotoQuest – An adventurous quest where you follow a mission trail on different slot machines. As you complete the different missions you win bonuses and prizes along the way in hope of reaching the treasure chest with the ultimate grand prize at the end!

SlotoClub – SlotoClub is on of our premium experience features. Get access to the newest games, unique linked-Jackpot-slot machines and daily cash back, as well as special bonuses. SlotoClub is such a luxurious experience that gifts are multiplied!

Snakes & Ladders – We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to play the beloved Snakes & Ladders game for fun! Available only once in a while, when it comes you’ll get to roll the dice to play and advance onto different S&L boards – climb up (and be careful not to drop!) and win lots of coins.

Boosters – Maximize the way you play and use a booster that suits you! Boosters are game enhancers and are especially valuable since they provide you extras to help you benefit even more from the game. In most cases you’ll need to purchase them, but if you’re lucky enough, you might just get some for free.

Piggy Bank – Collect coins in your piggy bank just like you used to! Whenever you take a spin on any of the free slot games we drop a few coins into your piggy. That’s totally nice of us, isn’t it? You decide when to break it and get the amazing value accumulated inside. Having a piggy bank has never been more fun!

Lotto Bonus – When you collect your Special Bonus 4 days in a row you’ll be able to play the Lotto Bonus! The Lotto Bonus is a lottery of Flying Balls where big coin prizes with multipliers are up for grabs.

Gifts from Friends – Partake in our strongest social feature by sending coin gifts to your Facebook friends. You will be able to send and receive thousands of gifts a day, which are multiplied depending on your tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond, Black Diamond). Get on board and meet new friends today on Facebook!

Daily Dash – Daily Dash is all about how good it feels to get things done and a fun way to spin and win. Everyday players are challenged with new missions to complete. Once you reach your daily goal you’ll get freebies (Boosters, Game Manias, Coins and more!)

SupeRaffle – Your chance to become an instant TRILLIONAIRE! Get your SupeRaffle ticket with any in-game purchase and enter the raffle for a chance to win 1,000,000,000,000 coins. That’s a whole lot of zeros!

Gold SupeRaffle – Our premium lottery with an even bigger prize! Gold raffle tickets are rare so your chances of taking out the enormous prize are even higher!

Tournamania – Win big coin prizes by participating in Tournamania – LIVE competitions between Slotomania players for the most wins on a slot game.

Head to Head – Tournamania Head to Head is a battle-type feature between you and another player of equal level and status, so that the odds of winning are even. Place a bet in order to participate and those coins will be used to determine the prize pool. Winner takes it all in this exciting battle!

Ca$h Link – Partake in our massive jackpot that links all of our Ca$h games together! Take a spin in any of our Ca$h games by placing a minimum threshold wager. Then, you’ll need to qualify for participating in the Ca$h Link Jackpots that tie all the spins from the various Ca$h games to create an incredible pool prize of hundreds of millions of coins! Again – so many zeros! The games are: Vegas Ca$h, Pharaoh Ca$h, Eastern Ca$h, Chili Ca$h and more games added all the time.

Mystery Gift – Send a free Mystery Gift to your Facebook friends where they can win one of 3 mysterious coin prizes! Find Lucy to win all 3 prizes with a multiplier! You don’t know who Lucy is? “Oh my,” she would say to that, “then it’s really time you do!” Check our YouTube channel to meet Lucy.

This section is perfect for players just beginning their path to free slots stardom!

What are Free Online Slots?

Free slots are online slot machines that are played without wagering. They are quite similar to casino slots in the way the game is played – reels are spinning, then stop and you either hit a pay line and win, or not.

Slotomania is the pioneer of free slots online, transforming slot games into a free-for-all, fun and engaging gaming experience – the #1 free online slots experience.

Guide for Types of Free Slot Machines

Classic Slots – Look like traditional land-based casino games, feature one pay line and 3 reels; also referred to as Vegas Slot Machines.

Did you know? Real classic slot machines, the mechanical kind, used to be called “one-arm bandits” for two reason. First, the mechanical lever used to spin the reels gave the machine the appearance of one-armed man. Second – bandits, because folks would attribute the machines the characteristic of a person who is out to deceive them.

Video Slots – The modern iteration of classic slots, originated in brick-and-mortar casino halls when screens took the place of mechanical reels.

The main difference from classic slots is the number of reels and pay lines. While classic slots stick with three reels and one pay line, video slots usually have 5 reels and multiple pay lines – sometimes up to 100 in a single game. Video slots, software-based, ushered in the era of feature symbols, bonus rounds and free games to play and opened up the slot game to infinite gaming possibilities.

Today, video slots are the heart and soul of the free online casino experience.

Fruit Machines – The British jargon for slot machines. Why fruits? Because traditional slot machines presented many fruits symbols, like the duo-cherry, orange, pear and half a watermelon.

Pokies – The Australian jargon for slot machines. Pokies is short for “poker machines”. We asked a few Australians how did the slot machine got a nick name of a poker machine but couldn’t get any meaningful answer. It’s one of these things that just happen…

3D Slots – Slot games with top quality 3D graphics and incredible soundtracks. 3D slots usually offer a storyline and tend to have an opening sequence, a shot intro to the animated world the games takes place in. They present amazing visual effects that along with the game features offer an interactive and engaging experience.

Mobile Slots – Want to take a wild guess? You guessed right! Mobile slots are slot games adjusted to be played on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, iOS, Android, Windows and Fire OS.

How to Play Free Casino Slot Games for Fun

The best thing about free online casino games is that they can be played anywhere, anytime! They are available on desktops and mobile devices alike, basically on any device that’s connected to the Internet. All you need to do is get online, choose a game, and you’re ready to go!

Slot games are super easy to play. You probably know the drill – you press a button (the online equivalent of pulling a mechanical lever), which makes the reels spin. From that point lady luck takes control. It is entirely up to her to decide when and how the reels will stop – and that’s a huge part of the fun. You can have good days or bad days, but playing Slotomania’s free slots guarantee that you’ll always have a fun day!

There are no universal rules for playing free online slot machine games except one – click, spin and win!

Slotomania games can be played online, or in our absolutely amazing App. If you haven’t yet, hurry up and download our app. It is the best way to enjoy the full scope of the Slotomania experience.

Features Review: How to Play Free Slots

Free Spins

Reel spins that are free of charge. They are usually triggered upon hitting scatter or free spin symbols on the reels.

Wild Symbols

Work as a substitute for a symbol that you are missing to get the payout.

Scatter Symbols

One of the highest paying symbols on slots. As opposed to Wilds, Scatter Symbols don’t even need to be on the payline for you to win free spins and other bonuses, but can appear anywhere on the reels.


As the name suggests, they multiply your winnings 2, 3, and even 100 and 1000 times, depending on the game.


Extra rounds with no extra cost that enable you to win prizes.

Bonus Games

Free slots with bonus games are unlocked during your gameplay, after you hit some specific combinations on the reels.


A non-progressive jackpot which is fixed at some specific amount.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that’s not fixed, but increases gradually until someone hits it, after which it goes back to its initial value.

Tips about Free Slots with Bonus Games

A bonus game is a game within a game that gives you an additional chance to win extra coins. The bonus games sometimes follow a similar pattern to the slot game itself, but other times they present a completely different experience that departs from the traditional spin-the-reels.

Slotomania’s online slot games offer much more adventurous and exciting bonus games. You can collect items or complete a challenge to win a big prize.

Every free slot has its bonus game and a unique way to unlock it. Usually, a bonus game is triggered by a combination of scatter or wild symbols, or even dedicated bonus symbols. The best tip for unlocking bonus games – trust lady luck, she’s on your side!

Slotomania’s top slots with mini-bonus games are: Cartel Royal, Crazy Train, Civil Treasures, Civil Treasures 2, Mammoth Stampede, Sorcerer Elements, Grande Phoenix, and Get Me a Prince. Good luck!

FAQ about Slotomania

What’s makes Slotomania the #1 Slots game?

In one word – everything. In many words – the incredible selection of free slot games and free video slot games, our amazing community, the never ending gifts, bonuses and prizes, our unique features, the social nature of the game and… Lucy! On top of all that, Slotomania is mostly free! Can it get any better than that?

Is there more to Slotomania than just Slots?

Of course there is. In Slotomania you don’t just play individual free slot machines, you progress through the slot-levels, unlocking new slot machines as you complete each level. Think of it as a journey, an incredibly fun, exciting and challenging journey.

Slotomania has developed an entire social universe around casino slot games. You not only get rewarded for your achievements, but you are also a part of the Slotomania community of millions of players from all around the world that share with each other experiences, gifts and even compete against each other in specialized tournaments.

So yes, Slotomania is definitely more than just slots.

Where can I play Slotomania?

The beauty of Slotomania is that it’s all played online. You can play free slots at your desktop at home or in the office (at your discretion!) as well as on the go on your mobile devices (smartphone and tablet), during your morning commute or while chilling in your neighborhood cafe. Slotomania is super quick and convenient to access and play, anywhere, any time.

Is Slotomania a social game?

Slotomania is a very social game! We have a lively Facebook community moderated by the one-and-only Lucy – if you haven’t met her yet, it’s your loss but it’s not too late! There’s also a SuperGroup on Facebook that was created and operated independently by the Slotomania players. In this group you are able to share your wins and questions with fellow Slotomania players as well get technical support.

Here’s a link to our Facebook page

And here’s a link to our SuperGroup Page

How many Slot Games does Slotomania offer?

Slotomania offers over 160 different kinds of free casino games to play, from video slots to basic free slot machine games. Within these categories there are hundreds of different game options, catering to different preferences and interests.

What happens if I run out of coins?

There are at least 15 different ways to collect coins every day, through Special Lotto and Mega Bonuses, our Facebook fan page and email gifts. If that’s not enough for you, get this – you can collect free coins every three hours all day long, seven days a week, all year long! Slotomania offers free coins and the opportunity to purchase coins amongst different platforms enabling you to come back every day and play and play and pay!

Watch this video to learn about the 15 ways to collect coins daily.

General FAQ about Free Slot Games

Can I win money playing free online slots?

In a word – no. You can win virtual coins, but not actual money.

What is my incentive to play free slots?

Free online slots a great stress-reliever and loads of fun, same as any other online game.

Are free slots considered gambling?

If there is no money involved, in a legal sense, playing free casino slots for fun is not considered to be gambling.

Is there a strategy for winning at slots?

As disappointing as it may sound, online slot machines (as well as the traditional ones) use RNG – a random number generator – so everything boils down to just how lucky you are. However, having a broad knowledge about different free casino slot games and their rules will certainly help you understand your chances of winning.

Welcome to Slotomania – the #1 free social slot game online. Join over 100 Million players who enjoy the world’s best casino and slot machine experience!