popular keno patterns

Keno patterns

1. Keno numbers. How to find the pattern?

You have to know that Keno game uses an RNG system when extracts the numbers; this means is extracting random numbers, without any connection with previous or next extractions. Yet, as in any game, there are different patterns which can be observed after a long game monitoring. The keno algorithm creates some patterns to be followed by gamblers, which advantages are offered to those players who know how to identify them. If a gambler is able to understand the way in which program is generating those random numbers, then he can take advantage of the game and will easily win at keno. These patterns can be found only after careful study of various game sessions and they’re called in gambling terms -“pattern numbers”. These could be “hot” and “cold” numbers, mostly and can be found in the database of some casinos or in gambler archives. Keno statistics show that often between 5 and 8 numbers from the previous extraction are repeated.

2. Selecting Keno Patterns

Selecting patterns in a game are the most intriguing action, as request lots of patience and study. Choose consecutive numbers when you’re playing keno or bet on “hot” and “cold” numbers. Keno patterns involve mostly the way in which numbers extracted in different sessions and places are repeated. Keep looking for numbers repeated over and over, as these numbers offer a bigger chance of winning. Some players use their favorite numbers to bet, as family’s birth dates, ages or significant dates in their lives.

3. 4 card keno patterns

For the 4 card keno, the gambler will choose between 2 to 10 numbers, but playing on 4 tables at the same time. Playing 4 cards Keno is much better as your winning chances are higher; you can “hit” seven spots on half of these cards (2/4), which will offer you a pretty good jackpot. This is the pattern of winning at 4 card Keno: playing of various combinations of numbers, “reduced” from a bigger number. Actually is about overlapping numbers on the cards. Splitting the numbers among those 4 cards will offer a better chance of winning. Choose numbers in a quick succession like 20, 21, 22, 23; a total of: 26, 28 and a total of: 36, 37. It will be played at 3/3 (3 numbers of 3) with big chances to get out a single number.

4. 20 card keno patterns

Basically, the 20 card Keno is similar with the 4 card Keno, the only difference is related to the number of numbers played. Play up to 20 numbers on your cards, deduct combinations of number, and play on more than 3 spots. Actually, the biggest winner is starting with 5 spots, but this will make difficult the way in which the numbers are distributed. Working with 20 numbers split within 20 cards it is a little bit difficult, but as long as your winning chances have a better way of improvement, why not? After all, this is the best way of enjoying Keno! Share on three simple numbers vary between 63 and 70 (or others, depending on previous extractions). Find the combination of numbers that was repeated more often in the last 10-20 draw, then play 5 or 10 consecutive draws with a 4/6, 5/8, 6/10, but do not climb more than 6 / x (the more likely the smaller amount), i.e. calculating the minimum rate to win some (always keep you win).

5. Multi card keno patterns

As long as you’re playing with multiple cards, your chances if winning are balanced; even the odds are reduced, yet you will be able to open the path towards greater winnings. Choose to split the keno table into imaginary pieces to have a better view over it. Do whatever is necessary to keep your attention focused on all cards. These are the 5 hot numbers (often drawn): 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4.

6. Popular keno patterns

Keno gamblers really enjoy playing with various strategies or just following classic and popular patterns of the game. Either they’re playing using dates related to their families, either they’re using statistics and databases, observations by determining which numbers were often extracted, what is important in this game is to have fun. Focusing on the winning only, will have a negative result in this game. Just to combine fun and gambling, close your eyes and play with numbers randomly chosen.

7. Methods and patterns in keno

In a keno game, there is only one truth: the biggest prize is won with the highest number of picked numbers. In this case, a total of 20 numbers (which have been established that is impossible). From 6 to 10 picked numbers, any player has the opportunity to win at keno; up to 15 numbers can hit the jackpot. All keno gamblers (bingo and lottery too) have their own “lucky” numbers, on which they often play. You have to bet on big amounts if you want to win big rewards; playing on lower values will reward you with smaller gains. Here are according to statistics the hottest numbers in keno: 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78.

8. Keno winning patterns

The game of keno is based on a high dose of unpredictability, as it is the result of an RNG; random numbers are hard to be predicted, especially they’re the result of computer choice. Some players like to observe, determine and play with those numbers called “hot” numbers while others prefer to use complicated software programs, which they like to call “computer predictors”.

9. Lucky keno patterns

In a Las Vegas @#Casino#@, a player hit the biggest keno jackpot ever using the age of his wife, children, and his own birth date. The total value of the prize was $6.4 million and at the press conference, the winner said did not use any strategy, juts followed his favorite numbers, which in this case was “keno lucky numbers”.

10. Most common keno patterns

As it might see, there are different types of patterns used by the keno gamblers when they’re betting. When they’re playing using various dates related to their families, they should replace date of birth with the year of birth, as this offer a better option (the date of birth is only up to 31). Or can play using other dates related to themselves or their families as driver license number, passport dates, address’s numbers, etc.

11. Best keno patterns to play

The best way to win at Keno is by playing using verified numbers, as “hot” numbers. Or just play with the dates you like or use every time. Also, a better option is to use computer algorithm, which is able to make proper calculations and offer an increased chance of hitting big prizes. You have to figure out which is the best option for in the Keno game and used on a long time run. And do not forget to have fun, as Keno is before all, a game made to offer relaxation. Play on keno using these numbers, as they’re among the best: 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78. As long as you will follow these keno patterns, your chances of winning will be at the highest rate.

You have to know that Keno game uses an RNG system when extracts the numbers; this means is extracting random numbers, without any connection with previous or next extractions. Yet, as in any game, there are different patterns which can be observed after …

Numbers Most Drawn for Keno

Keno Numbers Most Drawn gives an insight into what comes out most often, so you can decide whether to risk including these regulars in your selection, or to steer clear of them.

The table below provides a unique insight on which balls are drawn most often. The Keno Numbers Most Drawn tool gives you the data to see the draw frequency of any given Keno number.

Number Frequency Drawn
27 4944 25.67%
35 4937 25.63%
3 4931 25.60%
50 4928 25.58%
12 4927 25.58%
32 4912 25.50%
40 4912 25.50%
49 4897 25.42%
65 4894 25.41%
69 4889 25.38%
33 4885 25.36%
2 4883 25.35%
52 4880 25.33%
59 4877 25.32%
31 4876 25.31%
63 4875 25.31%
39 4869 25.28%
10 4866 25.26%
78 4865 25.26%
9 4860 25.23%
30 4856 25.21%
43 4853 25.19%
42 4852 25.19%
34 4851 25.18%
46 4848 25.17%
7 4845 25.15%
26 4844 25.15%
13 4844 25.15%
60 4842 25.14%
58 4841 25.13%
47 4837 25.11%
6 4836 25.11%
80 4836 25.11%
67 4834 25.09%
75 4832 25.08%
22 4831 25.08%
55 4829 25.07%
25 4828 25.06%
53 4826 25.05%
71 4820 25.02%
16 4818 25.01%
73 4817 25.01%
19 4812 24.98%
45 4811 24.98%
23 4805 24.94%
29 4804 24.94%
5 4804 24.94%
4 4800 24.92%
37 4799 24.91%
68 4799 24.91%
38 4798 24.91%
14 4797 24.90%
1 4797 24.90%
41 4795 24.89%
48 4792 24.88%
72 4790 24.87%
21 4789 24.86%
8 4788 24.86%
24 4787 24.85%
62 4786 24.85%
64 4779 24.81%
61 4777 24.80%
77 4773 24.78%
15 4770 24.76%
70 4767 24.75%
18 4763 24.73%
76 4763 24.73%
20 4755 24.68%
28 4754 24.68%
56 4748 24.65%
74 4746 24.64%
44 4746 24.64%
51 4734 24.58%
57 4720 24.50%
79 4717 24.49%
54 4697 24.38%
11 4693 24.36%
66 4673 24.26%
36 4615 23.96%
17 4590 23.83%

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