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Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro – Diablo™


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    NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro – Diablo™

    Beauty outside, beast inside, the smoothness of the solid zinc 350Hz NSD engine as it spins, borders on surreal and must be experienced to be believed – this is easily the most powerful gyro we’ve ever built.

    Diablo is smaller than a regular Powerball but don’t let its size fool you.

    An advanced design & manufacturing process has allowed us to develop a new, thinner shell wall which helps reduce the ball size and allow it fit better in the hand while still managing to house the same size engine as seen in the previous [larger] 350Hz metal ball. This effectively allows you to get closer to the inertial action as the rotor spins and gives the new Diablo 350Hz over 20% more punch than available in the prior model.

    If youre searching for a product to keep your arm muscles in shape while away from the gym, then look no further than this monster – its power will take your breath away.

    Smoothest Powerball ever:

    • Computer balanced 350Hz rotor vibration free to 14000 rpm
    • Ultra-grip silicone band
    • Chrome plated stainless steel shell
    • Solid Zinc heavy weight rotor
    • Fitted LCD Speed meter
    • Weighs 357 g
    • Inertial resistance: 19 kg at 10 000 rpm
    • Torque: 47 kg-cm @ 10 000 rpm

    Perfect for increasing handlebar grip strength, musical dexterity or even relieving RSI and arthritic conditions!

    Sports that benefit from the Powerball:

    • Golf, Tennis, Squash

    • All forms of Biking!

    • Any sport that requires upper arm strength

    NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro – Diablo™