powerball wheel

Powerball Wheeling Systems

Our wheeling system is a reduced form of the complete number combinations. It provides the most efficient coverage for the numbers you choose to play, and it gives you an assurance of winning for each wheel. You do not have to bet on all combinations of your chosen numbers, for example, in the following Powerball wheeling system, if you choose 10 numbers to wheel, instead of purchasing 252 combinations, you only bet on 14 tickets (add power ball to each combination), and if the winning numbers are among those 10 numbers, it guarantees you win a five-number prize and several three-number and four-number prizes. If you are lucky, you hit the jackpot. (If you want to use the complete wheeling combination system, please go to our Number Composer.)

Powerball wheeling systems allow you wheel white ball numbers and guarantee you win numbers.