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Bingo Night Fundraiser

Eyes Down Ready, Full House for a prize.
Everyone wins with a Bingo Night Fundraiser!

Bingo in various shapes or forms is popular all around the world. Its a really sociable game, lots of fun and easy to organise. This makes it a great fundraiser for churches, schools, sports clubs or any other non-profit organisation. What’s more it can also be a fundraiser parents do together with kids.

What is Bingo?

At its very simplest bingo involves someone calling a series of random numbers usually found on small tiles or balls selected from a sack or by a bingo machine. Players have cards containing a set amount of numbers. If a number is called which matches one on their card they can cross it off. The first to cross off all their numbers (called a full house) wins.

How to organise a Bingo Night fundraiser-

A bingo night is perfect for any organisation looking to hold a social event that will also raise funds. As with all the best fundraising ideas other money making elements can be added around the basic idea.

Find a suitable venue for your Bingo Night

This of course depends on how many people you think you will attract to your event. Church halls, school halls or social clubs are ideal. Most bingo nights will include some form of refreshment so you need to factor in catering facilities and a bar if you require one.

Tip: If you are using a school hall venue do please ensure that there are plenty of chairs the right size for adults!

Bingo Night food

This can take many forms depending on the culinary abilities of your group and the facilities at your venue. It is good to include some form of refreshment however to make a real night of it. Often tickets for the Bingo Night can be sold to include some kind of meal.

Things that can be cooked by volunteers in advance and then reheated at the venue are ideal. How about:

  • Curry
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Bolognaise
  • Soup

If the location allows however you may like to be a bit more adventurous or combine the bingo with something else such as:

  • Barbecue
  • Harvest Supper
  • Fish and Chips
  • Chicken Fry
  • Pizza

If your bingo night fundraiser was related to a certain day or festival you could of course include that theme, for instance Irish Stew on St Patrick’s Day or something related to sports tournaments such as Supper Bowl for the Super Bowl etc

Drink -You will need to offer some form of drink be it soft drinks, alcohol or simple teas and coffees. With alcohol sometimes its easier to perhaps offer food but allow the venue to supply the bar. Another simple option is to have a BYOB (bring your own bottle) system; this also can get you around licensing requirements. Don’t forget to state this on your tickets and advertising.

The Bingo cards

Bingo cards can be easily purchased online or from charity supply companies.

It is not too difficult however to make and print your own using a simple grid system. 10 – 14 numbers per card is normal. Most bingo sets use numbers 1 to 100.

Choose your numbers carefully to include a good spread over the card. It is normal to keep things in numerical order as you move either across or down the card. Some people like to purchase extra cards and will be marking off several at once so this keeps things easy.

For a very cheap and easy version you could also simply supply players with a blank grid and a pen. They can then fill in their own lucky numbers before each game starts.

Tip: If you do this its fun to get people to swap cards at least once during the evening. Helping or confounding your neighbour with lucky or unlucky numbers results in plenty of good natured banter!

Whatever cards you use have plenty of pens on hand for people to use.

Bingo Equipment

Of course all you need is also available on Amazon

Check the prices of bingo equipment by clicking the link for your store

Eyes down for a fantastic Bingo Night Fundraiser. All you need to know to make your event go Clickety Click!